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Make a successful migration from oracle ebs-ACCELQ
Posted On: 26 January 2023

Increasingly, Oracle customers are migrating from Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud. Let’s understand why and how.

Benefits of Migrating from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

Benefits of migration of oracle ebs to oracle cloud-ACCELQ

Globally, companies are considering migrating their applications from on-premises to the cloud. The high cost of ownership is a major challenge for companies working with the Oracle E-business suite (or EBS). Moreover, additional benefits of the Oracle Cloud include higher business agility, efficiency, and lower operational costs.

However, most Oracle Cloud migrations have been traditionally problematic due to customization requirements. Additional problems with Oracle migration from EBS include:

  • Time-consuming and expensive manual migration process
  • The presence of customized objects that cannot be managed, tracked or updated
  • Outdated or aging IT infrastructure that adds to the complexities of cloud migration
  • Low-quality or disconnected enterprise data that is difficult to leverage for business insights
  • Inadequate reporting and analytics capabilities that often depend on third-party solutions

As companies migrate from Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud, continuous testing is necessary at every stage of the migration process. Next, let's discuss the need for Oracle testing during the cloud migration process.

The Need for Oracle Testing

On average, 70% of Oracle customers have coverage of only 30% of their business processes. Process-to-process mapping is a lengthy and time-consuming task due to its high scale. Why is this required? To map business processes to operate on the Oracle Cloud.

Without an automated Oracle Migration testing strategy, organizations can often slow down their migration process, thus exceeding their cloud migration duration, costs, and allocated resources. Moreover, Oracle customers end up testing "too early or often" due to a lack of prioritization.

Therefore, an efficient Oracle testing strategy is necessary to prevent any disaster in the migration process. In essence, continuous testing is the "need of the hour" to ensure that, on completion, all the Oracle apps and infrastructure are operating efficiently on the cloud platform.

The need for oracle testing-ACCELQ

With an efficient test strategy, organizations can embed testing at every stage of the Oracle migration process. This enables them to detect and resolve any issues early in the migration process.

CIDER is among the effective testing strategies adopted by Oracle customers. CIDER is short for Configuration, Integration, Data, Extensions, and Reports. With the CIDER-based strategy, organizations can implement continuous testing to execute a stable migration. However, the challenge with this approach is that any Oracle Cloud migration involves more than one CIDER cycle or process. This approach often leads to integration and security issues along with incompatibility between various systems.

Next, let's look at what ACCELQ recommends as an efficient Oracle testing strategy.

3 Essential Oracle Testing Strategies

Organizations need a holistic approach to Oracle testing. This ensures that both functionality and performance of business processes are not impacted during the migration.

Furthermore, an Oracle testing strategy must focus on the following key areas:

1. Hosted (or cloned) environment testing

  • Includes technical tests for hardware, software, operating systems, and database objects
  • Addresses any network IP (or MAC) address conflicts
  • Includes operational readiness tests

2. Network application performance

  • Includes emulation operations tests for each application cluster
  • Facilitates recording and testing performance of critical applications

3. Different types of testing

  • Smoke tests for point-to-point interfaces
  • Integration testing for all integration points
  • End-to-end functional testing for both data and applications

Based on these focus areas, Oracle testing comprises three distinct phases:

1. Pre-migration

In the pre-migration testing phase, configuration test suites can test the migrated customizations. This can include both configurable and non-configurable Oracle Cloud components.

2. Migration

In this phase, testing can include configuration testing and data validation testing.

3. Post-migration

In the post-migration phase, Oracle testing can include forms of testing like functional testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, and security validation.

What form of testing is helpful at what stage of the migration process from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud?

  • Functional testing (or validation) enables organizations to determine the cloud readiness of migrated applications. This is crucial for them to determine if migrated applications perform according to the defined SLAs.
  • Integration testing is useful in post-cloud migration to ensure that all applications are smoothly integrated with the cloud infrastructure and third-party applications.
  • Security testing enables enterprises to confirm the security of their enterprise data and network environment post-cloud migration.
  • Performance testing ensures that customers and end-users receive the same level of performance as before the cloud migration process.


Every Oracle customer needs an efficient Oracle Migration testing strategy to perform migration from Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud.

With its codeless test automation platform, ACCELQ has enabled its customers with no-code test automation of the Oracle Cloud. Read our blog for the top 10 reasons to automate the Oracle Cloud.

Looking for a reliable technology partner to help you with the testing for your Oracle Cloud migration? Contact us with your business details.

Nishan Joseph

VP Sales Engineering

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