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Keep pace with
MS Dynamics 365 Releases

ACCELQ Codeless Test Automation for Microsoft
Dynamics is on cloud with AI based self-healing

MS Dynamics Live
Universe is

Digital Assurance

Business Users

Continuous Delivery

Official Microsoft Partner and
Release alignment

ACCELQ Test Automation for Dynamics Is aligned with ongoing MS Dynamics Releases and version changes

Pre-configured Test assets
Dynamics Universe

ACCELQ Dynamics Universe is a ready-to-go regression suite with best practices and template project

Seamless Dynamics
Object handling

ACCELQ AI based Object handling is specially aligned to handle Dynamics nested iframes, dynamic objects etc

Comprehensive Alignment with
complete MS Dynamics Power Products

Codeless approach to automation of Dynamics 365 Suite and Microsoft Power Platform.

Support for evolving technologies

Visual model-based approach enables Super-fast test development & minimal maintenance

  • Easy and Low maintenance with automated change impact across dependencies.
  • ACCELQ alignment with ongoing Microsoft Dynamics-365 and updates.
  • Microsoft Dynamics-365 Universe provides a business process representation of test assets.
  • Reusable assets directly relating to Microsoft Dynamics-365 application flow

AI based Codeless
Object interaction & self-healing

Simple no-code handling of Dynamics objects like embedded iframes, trees etc.
Self-healing object identification provides robust automation
Comprehensive codeless approach to validation logic for Dynamics objects
ACCELQ object library updates with automated Dynamics releases

CI alignment with Continuous
Testing of Dynamics 365 releases

  • Enables In-sprint automation for shift-left and continuous testing
  • Coverage analysis and traceability for Intelligent Test planning & tracking
  • Risk based and Defect based Dynamics test planning and Test suite tracking
  • Integrates with your CI pipeline for automated regression executions

Leading Financial Services Company

Helping MS Dynamics business users speed up their software engineering, innovation, and business transformation efforts.

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