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Revolutionary approach to Digital Assurance for Cloud and Enterprise Apps

Instant release alignment of Live Codeless Automation assets in a multi-cloud environment

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is Transformational

Digital Assurance

Business Users

Continuous Delivery

Real Time Release

Deep vendor alignment with live cloud link that auto-updates automation assets

Pre-built Codeless
Test Assets

Business process modeled no-code automation assets with real time vendor release alignment

Multi-cloud Integrated
End-to-end Automation

One-stop approach to Test Automation across all Enterprise Apps and technology stacks

Q-Live Marketplace for Industry’s best ready-made solutions

Platform approach to bringing partner SME delivered via ACCELQ live technology

Deep Vendor Alignment with Cloud
& Enterprise Apps

Instant new-release
Automated Change impact analysis
with Push notifications
Inbuilt support for validation
across multiple releases

Pre-built Process flows emulating
the underlying App behavior

Ready-to-use Automated Process flow assets

100% reusable Test Assets designed with best-in-class modularity

Process builder studio with behavior-driven approach

Native support for complex technical architecture & dynamic front-end frameworks

End-to-End Automation across Enterprise Apps & Technology Stacks

  • Single unified automated test cutting across multiple ERP/Package-apps
  • Integrated flow with custom applications, microservices and back-end automation
  • Omnichannel solution with validation across multiple devices on Web & Mobile

Your Apps are going low-code, no-code.
Shouldn’t your Testing be the same ?

  • Business Process focused automated Scenarios with direct traceability to application use cases.
  • Cloud-native and no-code with the power and flexibility, just like the platform you are testing!
  • Empower your Business Users on complex automation tasks, without the need for programming.

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