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The all new next-generation manual testing tool
with test tracking, traceability & integrations

Only platform with Manual & Automation testing under the same hood

Next-gen Test Management
designed for Agile teams

Sean Magennis

President & Chief Operating Officer, YPO

It has been amazing to see our transition to true Continuous test automation. ACCELQ has driven this transformation for us by shifting left and enabling in-sprint automation.

Manual Test designer with
power of Automation

  • Fluid test creation scenario designer
  • AI based Test Management with wholistic view to QA progress
  • Power of parameterization and automated test case generation for data-driven testing
  • Asset sharing & version control
  • Automated migration from traditional test management tools

ACCELQ Automate enables Manual testers to become
Automation engineers with a Codeless automation platform

Smooth & Fast test executions with Q-Runner

  • Most efficient manual test runner
  • Run & record test results at step level for batch executions
  • Inline screenshots during test execution
  • Organize test runs, both at test and suite level
  • Seamlessly create defects for failed runs

Reporting that helps you take
actions and make decisions

Dynamic reporting with perspectives to easily slice & dice reports

Track test run configurations and run across configurable environments

Video style slide show recorded for execution results


Fits Into Your Ecosystem

Seamless integration to present a unified view of your Quality Lifecycle.

It’s free... for life!

Next-gen manual test designer, execution engine, test management and more. No credit card required!

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