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One for All - Web, API, Mobile & Manual

Next-gen Agile Quality Management platform to help you achieve Continuous Delivery

  • Get started with Functional Testing

    Write and manage manual test cases for the functionality that may be too fluid for automation. Kick start your agile cycle with a UX focused test designer and execution engine.

  • Validate your API Layer

    With APIs serving as your application architecture backbone, bring Regression level maturity to Microservices testing. And combine API testing with mainstream QA, so you get a wholistic validation across all layers.

  • Accelerate with Automation

    Accelerate your testing cycle by seamlessly automating your functional tests. With AI driven test development and maintenance, everyone in the team can participate in test automation. Programming skill is not a barrier.

  • Unified Test Management

    Integrated test management that not only brings various types of testing together, but seamlessly integrates with the Jiras’ and Jenkins’. Manage your continuous delivery with a consistent approach across all forms of testing.

Sean Magennis

President & Chief Operating Officer, YPO

It has been amazing to see our transition to true Continuous test automation. ACCELQ has driven this transformation for us by shifting left and enabling in-sprint automation.

The most powerful test automation tool for web, desktop, file & more

  • Automates all aspects of quality lifecycle
  • Design-first approach with in-built modularity
  • Enables in-sprint automation with virtualized abstraction
  • Scalable and secure for your enterprise
  • Seamlessly integrates in your eco-system

Design, Automate, Execute and track API regression test plans

  • Zero code API Test Automation on cloud
  • API & UI test automation in the same simplified flow
  • API test case management, planning, execution & tracking governance
  • CI driven regression suite execution
  • API testing with regression maturity

ACCELQ is the only true no-code Mobile Test Automation Platform

  • Design, develop and execute mobile test automation with zero setup and no coding
  • Integrated Device Cloud Labs for cross-device testing in Plug & Play model
  • Mobile, Web, API, backend and full stack automation in the same unified flow
  • Codeless Mobile Automation that handles real-world complexities
  • AI-powered Mobile Object handling eliminates Test Flakiness


The all new next-gen manual testing tool

  • Next-gen test management designed for agile teams
  • Manual test designer with power of automation
  • Smooth & fast test execution with Q-Runner
  • Reporting that helps you take actions and make decisions
  • Tightly integrated and embedded into your favorite tools


Fits Into Your Ecosystem

Seamless integration to present a unified view of your Quality Lifecycle.

Get started on your Codeless Test Automation journey

Talk to ACCELQ Team and see how you can get started.

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