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Everything you need to bring Quality to the Center

Flexible Pricing Plans designed to fit your needs


The most powerful test automation tool for Web, Desktop, Packages Apps, mainframes & more


  • No-code logic editor
  • Business Process Scenario Builder
  • Autonomous Self healing
  • In-Sprint Automation
  • Cross browser testing
  • Cloud or On Prem Execution
  • Email and file system automation

Industry first No-code, No-setup, cloud-based Mobile Automation across OS & Devices


  • Native, Hybrid and Web Automation
  • Portable for iOS and Android
  • Real Devices & Simulators
  • No-code logic editor
  • Business Process Scenario Builder
  • Autonomous Self healing
  • Support for Device Farms, or in-house

Most comprehensive automation tool for API, SSH, Microservices, MQ, Backend, ESB & more


  • Rest, SOAP and Graph QL
  • API Test Management
  • No-code logic editor
  • Business Process Scenario Builder
  • Relational & No SQL DB testing
  • ETL Automation
  • SSH, Middleware, System Testing

Next-generation manual testing tool with tracking, traceability and integrations


  • Scenario Designer
  • Parameterization and data driven testing
  • Automated test case generation
  • In-built automation traceability
  • Requirements & Defect integration
  • Configuration, User Roles and privileges
  • Dynamic Test Suites

Platform support includes

Test management & planning
Reporting & analytics
CI/CD Integration
Inbuilt version control
Change reconciliation
ACCELQ Unified
AI based Unified platform for Continuous Delivery
Full-stack Automation & Test Management
Automate Web + Mobile + API + Desktop & more

ACCELQ gets even more powerful with Enterprise Plan

Achieve agile quality across your testing needs, with a plan tailor-made for your enterprise

ACCELQ Cloud Lab

Now execute all your tests on ACCELQ’s on-cloud Execution Labs. No more need to have expensive test infrastructure at your premise.

  • Local Agents provisioned with 24×7 access, optimized for ACCELQ workflows.
  • Secure connection to your intranet based applications.
  • Parallel executions and cross-browser test capabilities.

Execution Lab for





Transformational approach for
Cloud and Packaged Apps

for Enterprise Apps

Real Time Release Alignment

Pre-built Codeless Test Assets

Multi-cloud Integrated End-to-end Automation

Enable Business users with 10X productivity

for Industry Apps

Top recognition from the Community

The framework enables to kick
off the automation within no time
& Seamless integration

Sr. Manager Quality Assurance
in the Services Industry

Simple to use with intuitive UI.
Expansion of the test cases with
minimal effort.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
in the Manufacturing Industry

  • SoftwareSuggest Award

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cloud and On-Premise offering ?

With ACCELQ Cloud, we host and setup your ACCELQ Software on our cloud. We manage the operational aspects of setup and maintenance. With ACCELQ On-Premise, you host ACCELQ Software on your own server and manage upgrades and operational aspects. On-Premise requires a minimum 10 licenses subscription.

What is included in the cloud hosting option ?

Cloud hosting option is designed to free you up from day-to-day operational management hassles.

  • Hosting on ACCELQ cloud accessible from your network environment.
  • Private Schema with data separation and security across multiple tenants.
  • System maintenance including data migration and application of patches.
  • Upgrades and new releases and associated data migration.
  • Environment configured for optimal ACCELQ performance
  • 30 days backup and recovery at functional level

How secured is the Cloud hosting for my data ?

ACCELQ hosting is secure for your enterprise needs. We follow industry standard safety protocols and implement rigorous process driven framework.

  • Application access is restricted via Oauth 2.0 based security and tenant group access policies.
  • Data is segregated into tenant specific schema and backed up on regular basis.
  • Hosting environment is secure on amazon AWS service and ACCELQ restricts access to the hosted environment via secure
  • IAM/Resources/capabilities policies
  • IP restricted security groups
  • Access audits

What is the pricing for customer support ?

We made it simple and inexpensive, all included in your annual subscription.

Is there an option to host on private cloud of my organization choice ?

Yes absolutely, we have customers who are using the software on private cloud. It works out the same as the “On-premise” option in terms of pricing. And If you need, ACCELQ can help with operational administration.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing Your account will remain active until the end of your current subscription period and further renewals will be stopped.

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