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Accelerate nCino Releases with Codeless-AI Test Automation

Official nCino and Salesforce ISV partner

What makes us the Leader in
nCino & Salesforce Test Automation

nCino & Salesforce
Release Alignment

ACCELQ is used by nCino internally and is an exclusive testing partner. nCino and ACCELQ have created pre-built assets that are automatically release-aligned to significantly accelerate releases

Codeless Salesforce
automation of UI & API

AI driven no-code test automation on cloud. optimized for nCino & Salesforce specific Dynamic technology

Q-10x-speed empower-buss-user infinite-continuous-delivery

Leader in
Forrester Wave

ACCELQ holds its position among the top-tier CAT platforms
ACCELQ is a strong enterprise testing choice, especially for Salesforce customers.
ACCELQ’s AI-infused vision powered by pseudo natural language understanding is differentiating.

Pre-built Automation across the complete nCino platform

Small Business


Treasury management
& Sales Onboarding



Asset Finance
& Leasing


Reliable Automation with
matching Low-Code Power
Just like nCino

  • Business Process focused automated Scenarios with direct traceability to application use cases
  • Cloud-native and no-code with the power and flexibility, just like the platform you are testing
  • Empower your Business Users on comples automation tasks without the need for programming

AI based Codeless Object interaction
& self-healing

Simple no-code handling of nCino objects like embedded iframes, trees etc.
Self-healing object identification provides robust automation
Comprehensive codeless approach to validation logic for nCino objects
ACCELQ object library updates with automated nCino releases

End-to-End Automation across
Enterprise Apps & Technology Stacks

  • Single unified automated test cutting across multiple ERP/Package-apps
  • Integrated flow with custom applications, microservices and back-end automation
  • Omnichannel solution with validation across multiple devices on Web & Mobile

ACCELQ has the depth to handle automation of end-to-end business
process across technology stacks with a comprehensive no-code
approach in its cloud platform.

Chris Fernandez

Head of Quality Engineering

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