Cloud based Continuous Testing Platform for Functional & API Automation

accelQ Product overview
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Achieve Continuous Delivery with quality centric approach

Move from Testing to Improving Quality with accelQ’s innovative Quality Driven Development (QDD) approach. Application Universe drives entire quality lifecycle with business process focus and help build high quality software from the get-go.

Kick start Quality right when the first line of code is written. A cognitive core with application abstraction and change bots truly enable Quality assurance at the pace Continuous Delivery.

Zero-code test automation for enterprise platforms

The Autonomic Automation

Eliminate programming complexity with Natural Language "code" to automate test assets; simple yet powerful to handle latest and ever changing technology and platform landscape.

An extensive array of self-healing heuristics and change bots keep your test assets always current, ensuring you break out of the endless maintenance cycles and realize undisputed ROI.


Collaborate, Participate and take informed decisions

Adopt true Agile Quality with Actionable reports giving you the intelligence to make informed go/no-go decisions. Track Development, Test and Quality readiness on a continuous and actionable basis.

accelQ's App Universe and analytic based algorithms ensure coverage with risk based analysis coupled with application hot spots.

Fits into your ecosystem
Seamless integration to present a unified view of your Quality Lifecycle.

Accelerate Quality, Reduce Cost

accelQ’s innovative approach to automating entire Quality value chain multiplies the through-put and increases QA team productivity. Achieve faster time-to-market and release software that meets the needs of your business and customers.

Achieve over 3X acceleration in test asset development.
Cut down ongoing test maintenance cost by over 70%.
Deliver software with confidence and stay one step ahead of the competition.