ACCELQ is the only true no-code Mobile Test
Automation Platform

AI-powered cloud platform Automates & Executes Tests across OS & devices

Lifecycle Mobile Test Automation – Setup, Design, Dev, Execute & Track

Design, develop and execute mobile test automation with zero setup and no coding

Integrated Device Cloud Labs for cross-device testing in Plug & Play model

Mobile, Web, API, backend and full stack automation in the same unified flow

Seamless support across Mobile Dev Frameworks

Codeless Mobile Automation
that handles real-world complexities

  • Automation flow recorder, coupled with powerful Natural Language no-code editor
  • Automation that executes across Mobile OS and agnostic of Development frameworks
  • Design-first approach with inbuilt modularity; no need for custom frameworks
  • Robust and sustainable Automation that’s significantly low on maintenance
  • Enable Manual testers to Automate without need for programming skills



Mobile, Web, API, Desktop Apps – Automation all in the same flow

Unified approach to Mobile automation enables your entire team to automate, without the need for specialists.

AI-powered Mobile Object
handling eliminates Test

Powerful & intelligent Mobile element identification technology
Unified, OS agnostic approach with central object repository for iOS & Android
No coding needed, no matter how complex and dynamic the mobile app is
Algorithmic formation of element selectors for robust & maintainable automation
Self-healing element identification drastically enhances reliability

Execute, Debug & Track - Intuitive & Fast


Cross Device across iOS and
Android executions with
integrated device cloud
or on-premise device labs

Parallel executions supported
for quick turnaround

Runs can be scheduled,
recurring or be triggered by CI

Dynamic live results views with
actionable reports to trigger

Email notifications and more, to
fit into your process and enable
quick decision making

Fits Into Your Ecosystem

Seamless integration to present a unified view of your Quality Lifecycle.

Smart Test Management With
Automated Test Planning

  • Test asset management & inbuilt traceability with requirements
  • Full blown Version Control, branching & merging all in unified Collaborative cloud platform
  • ACCELQ’s app universe and analytic based algorithms drive automated Test Planning ensuring coverage
  • Referential integrity across test assets hugely reduces maintenance and upkeep
  • Automated Change impact analysis and alert management


Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true
continous testing automation.