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Holistic view to
Codeless philosophy

Simple codeless approach to automation, with
the power and flexibility of programming platforms

The only tool in the market with a holistic view to codeless philosophy

Most codeless test automation tools in the market today are over simplified, and take a narrow view to testing complexity. Black-boxed approaches don’t go too far.

ACCELQ brings the discipline, flexibility and the power of conventional code-based setup into codeless world.


Codeless With a Difference

Here are some of our key differentiators


ACCELQ allows tester to freely develop test logic without worrying about the programming syntax. Complex test logic can be developed without losing the simplicity of natural language.

We are not a black-box approach where you are just assembling high-level blocks. Such a model will be unsustainable, as test automation needs fluidity to develop complex workflows.


With the design-first approach, ACCELQ softly enforces modularity and reusability in the development of test assets. Change management is facilitated through built-in best practices.

Other codeless tools focus on creating individual testcases rather than incorporating a sustainable design. If proper modularity and reusability are not built in.. no matter how simple the test assets are, you will soon find the test cases unmanageable.


ACCELQ codeless is not just limited to writing test logic with natural interface. Same, simplified approach is applied for every significant aspect of test automation. Element identification is visual and intuitive, with an ability to handle iframes and other dynamic controls. Data definition is completely functional, test case generation is automated, test plans are logical and business-driven.

Other tools narrowly focus on test logic development!

For Real World

In ACCELQ, codeless is designed to support advanced interactions and logic development capabilities. Dynamic web pages, database validations, API verifications and middleware automation are included with same, simple and natural interface.

Other codeless tools oversimplify testing challenges and avoid addressing real world complexities. It becomes impractical once you go past the happy path scenario.


Test assets are completely natural without imposing any rigid language semantics. Anyone with functional knowledge can develop and understand test automation.

We are not limited by a subset of English keywords you can use. You are not building a parallel system of regular expressions for each English statement. Such a system would create hard dependencies between “English” and “code” and thus not sustainable.

No Vendor Locks

ACCELQ’s natural language abstraction generates a properly readable and readily executable java code; just like a well-designed and programmed code-based approach. With industry standard Runtime that includes Selenium, you are not vendor locked!

Sign up with the confidence that you are not stuck with proprietary custom technology.


ACCELQ codeless platform is completely extendible, and the extension capabilities are as natural. Extension interface is consistent, with a simple annotation-based system, thus making it impossible to differentiate extension capabilities vs. native capabilities.

In other tools, extensions are heavy weight and external. This usually creates a disparate sub-system within the main tool.

Explore Our Exciting Product Features

Focus on Business Process

A visual blueprint of your application which becomes the center of universe, driving entire Quality lifecycle.

API Testing

Ensure 360° quality coverage by seamlessly embedding critical server-side API validations along with your front-end testing.

Continuous Action Dashboard

Enable agile delivery with Continuous Action Dashboard which provides an integrated view of the entire SDLC status.

Automate the Automation

Automation in an integral aspect of test authoring in ACCELQ. Develop scripts in plain, natural English.

Change Bot

Manage test assets across multiple revisions of application-under-test with the Smart View Analyzer.

Integrated Data Designer

Capture the structure of test data based on business semantics. Test case generation is automated.

Get started on your Codeless Test Automation journey

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