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Top 14 Codeless Test Automation Tools in 2024

14 codeless test automation tools
Posted On: 29 November 2023

Many automation failures in the past were due to heavily relying on a specific tool and not undergoing continuous integration, resulting in feedback delays such as product efficiency and speed. Developers or testers must check the test scripts because testing might sometimes pass or fail. Another reason for traditional test failures could be not updating the tests, leading to high maintenance costs. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is attempting to overcome testing challenges through automation apart from traditional practices.

Further, AI and ML technologies help to perform functional, performance, and regression tests. These technologies can even become the most influential factors of codeless automation testing in the future. The Future Market Insights predicts that the revenue of the codeless testing market will grow from two billion in 2023 to 8.6 billion by 2033.

The shift towards codeless tools is due to their ability to efficiently evaluate code and reduce the time spent on recurring test cases. Here are the top ten codeless automation testing tools that are revolutionizing the software industry.

codeless test automation tools comparision

14 Best Codeless Automation Testing Tools



It is the most potent codeless test automation on the cloud powered by AI. This platform can automate web, API, mobile, and manual into one next-gen agile quality management to achieve continuous delivery. While other tools rely on test logic development, Accelq focuses on data definitions that are entirely functional, and generated test cases are automated.

In addition, test plans are logical and business-driven. Using this platform, we can manage test cases through multiple revisions of application-under-test with the Smart View Analyzer. Accelq's codeless approach uses advanced interactions and logic development capabilities for real-world use cases.


  • AI-powered No-code Test automation on the cloud
  • Embedded frameworks for faster application development at lower maintenance costs
  • Easy-to-use API integration with smoother workflow
  • In-sprint test automation with continuous integration (CI)
  • Secure and scalable tool for enterprise-level use
  • It has improved visual testing designs for an application blueprint
  • This platform makes test automation development faster with low maintenance efforts.

Website Link:

2. Katalon Studio

Katalon Logo

Katalon Studio offers a range of testing across web applications and APIs. This tool is easy to use for new and experienced software testers. Testers can import external libraries and perform the test execution.


  • This tool has object repositories and test case libraries.
  • This tool will be better for agile teams with integrations with Slack, GitHub, and more.
  • This tool allows technical users to create advanced automation scripts using Selenium or JavaScript.
  • Katalon supports native plugins for continuous integration.
  • This tool has comprehensive reporting features.

Website Link:

3. Mabl

Mabl is a codeless test automation tool to automate the entire software development lifecycle. This tool provides test coverage with automation tools like Selenium Web driver and Selenium IDE. With Mabl, testers can perform non-SDETS testing across the most popular browsers.


  • This tool has an advanced user interface and design.
  • Mabl exports actionable insights through Jira and BigQuery.
  • This tool manages bugs using tools like Jenkins and more.
  • It has a faster configuration of a functional testing environment for mobile apps.

Website Link:

4. Perfecto

Perfecto Logo

Perfecto, or TestCraft, is another codeless testing platform for mobile and web apps. This cloud-based testing platform supports multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers. This platform has advanced reporting functionalities to capture errors and analyze fixes early in the application development.


  • This platform enables continuous testing using SDLC automation.
  • This platform supports security and scalability.
  • Perfecto has AI-based maintenance capabilities.
  • This platform generates Selenium test scripts automatically.

Website Link:

5. Tosca

Tricentis Logo

Tosca is a model-based test automation tool. It supports technologies with ninety percent automated tests. With features like UI and API scanning, users can create a repository of reusable test assets with automatic version control.


  • Integration with test management, GUI, CLI, and API
  • Model-based approach suitable for business users
  • Simplified UI for writing automation test cases without any programming skills
  • Reusability feature for testing the core components

Website Link:

6. TestRigor

testRigor Logo

testRigor is a no-code automation testing tool that enables manual QA testers to create complex automated tests using plain English commands.

With the support of Web UI - Native, Hybrid Mobile apps, Mobile browsers, and APIs, this versatile tool allows testers to create tests faster than Selenium. testRigor uses more than ten signals to match elements on the new and old screens. This tool eliminates the need to record recent user actions when functionality changes. Autonomous regression testing of this tool discovers new potential user flows and creates tests to cover them.


  • TestRigor’s no-code commands and tests make it easy for everyone to understand and use
  • Integrations with CI/CD and Test case management help to streamline the testing process
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser support
  • Ability to run thousands of tests and receive results in under 30 minutes

Website Link:

7. Tricentis TestIM

Testim is an end-to-end AI-based testing platform that helps teams automate tests in a simple, stable, and collaborative way.

With dynamic and smart locators, Testim captures application changes to generate and execute tests automatically. In addition, this platform utilizes machine learning to create, run, and manage tests. Using ML technologies, testing can be significantly reduced in time to develop and execute tests by performing thousands of tests simultaneously.


  • Testim’s smart and dynamic locators generate tests automatically, making it easy for teams to keep up with fast-paced releases and UI changes
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing CI/CD and collaboration tools
  • Testim’s visual test editors make test creation easy, even for non-technical team members
  • The platform offers exhaustive test reports and bug checkers for overall test analysis

Website Link:

8. Leapwork

Leapwork Logo

Leapwork is a cloud-based automation testing platform that doesn't require coding skills. It supports various types of application testing, including SAP, Windows, and Web. With its smart recorder, users can click on elements to capture and define them and then watch as their test cases become flows.

This platform can automate across different technologies, including web, Windows, and virtual desktops, allowing for broad test automation scalability. With Leapwork, your agile project team can quickly develop and implement an automated testing procedure.


  • The platform supports cross-browser testing and parallel runs
    Integrates seamlessly with your current DevOps toolset
  • The platform also offers a smart recorder that captures test steps and runs them automatically, reducing manual effort

Website Link:

9. Testsigma

Testsigma Logo

Agile teams often face the challenge of shipping quality releases at speed. In such a scenario, codeless test automation platforms like Testsigma come in handy, allowing users to write, run, debug, and analyze self-healing tests in simple English. Testsigma is a comprehensive solution that enables teams to set up and scale codeless test automation easily, without requiring coding skills.


  • Easy test creation using natural language
  • Self-healing tests with intelligent algorithm for detecting and fixing page elements
  • Comprehensive test reports for identifying quality trends
  • Built-in integrations with popular tools like Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, and Slack
  • Visual testing for identifying visual changes across different browsers, devices, and operating systems

Website Link:

10. Virtuoso

Virtuoso Logo

Virtuoso is an AI-powered platform that allows you to automate your end-to-end testing process without code. Even for the most dynamic applications, we can test on any device, browser, or operating system in the cloud. Anyone can create API calls and store them for use in functional tests. In addition, Virtuoso provides snapshot testing to find every Visual Regression with baselines and understand the root cause of test failures.


  • Functional test creation using Natural Language Programming
  • Intelligent Object Identification for self-maintaining tests
  • AI-driven self-healing capabilities to minimize test maintenance
  • Cloud-based test execution on any device, browser, or OS at scale

Website Link:

11. Functionize

Functionize is an intelligent software testing platform with human insights, ML, and other AI-based technologies. This platform offers a suite of AI-powered testing tools for enterprise applications, emphasizing ease of use and integration into agile workflows.

Functionize's Cognitive ML models how our UI works using multiple machine learning approaches. This platform allows tests to heal when changes occur automatically and provides single-click fixes using the platform root cause analysis if the tests fail. Functionize's Architect lets the test flow while its advanced ML backend recording identifies and relates elements to the next testing steps.


  • Utilizes machine learning to create tests automatically by learning from data and user interactions.
  • The Functionize ML engine is trained on extensive testing data to provide accurate and extensible testing capabilities.
  • This platform offers advanced visual testing capabilities that go beyond simple pixel matching to understand the visual appearance of applications.
  • Functionize integrates with continuous integration tools to facilitate agile development and testing practices.
  • The tests designed using this platform adapt to application changes, reducing the need for manual test maintenance.

Website Link:

12. Kobiton

Kobiton Logo

Kobiton is a mobile-first platform to solve the unique challenges of mobile development and testing. This AI-augmented platform empowers teams to automate the testing. The platform captures visual discrepancies across devices without additional tools.

Testers can effortlessly capture visual discrepancies across devices through no-code validations and identify and highlight visual differences in your application. Or mobile website output, guarantee consistent visual excellence across all platforms. Kobiton accelerates the delivery of mobile app testing with the fastest and most intelligent automated mobile testing.


  • Kobiton converts manual tests into automated scripts with cutting-edge AI.
  • The scripts can be rerun across devices, leveraging features like assertions, data injections, and integration with DevOps.
  • This platform enhances accuracy and coverage without the need for writing any code.
  • With Kobiton’s Scriptless Automation, handling OTP in tests is simple. Start a manual test, follow the standard OTP steps, and Kobiton manages the OTP bypass in automation.
  • This platform guarantees smooth multi-device tests without obstacles. It offers the flexibility to input dynamic data for specific test needs.
  • Kobiton supports transitioning from scriptless to script-based testing (Appium scripts) when required.

Website Link:

13. Test Complete

TestComplete has an intelligent object repository and support for over five hundred controls. This tool ensures that GUI tests are scalable, robust, and easy to maintain. Testcomplete can automate UI testing across desktop applications and physical or virtual iOS and Android devices.


  • Testcomplete has scriptless Record and Replay or keyword-driven tests to create automated UI tests easily.
  • With property-based and AI-powered visual recognition, create and maintain tests by accurately identifying dynamic UI elements.
  • Run automated web or mobile UI tests with different input data sets to increase coverage.
  • This tool can easily connect with popular defect-tracking tools such as Jira and Bugzilla for feedback.
  • Get real-time information on the progress and status of the desktop, web, or mobile UI tests from a single interface.
  • Testcomplete creates automated functional UI tests without any programming language.
  • This tool can handle complex scenarios like accessing database information with simple point-and-click actions.
  • Execute mobile and web tests in parallel across multiple physical and virtual machines using TestExecute. Get one master summary report across all test runs.
  • Test cases written using the Gherkin syntax can be easily converted to automated UI functional tests. These tests can be maintained without additional integrations with object recognition and record-and-replay technology in TestComplete.
  • With VisualTest, leverage advanced AI to highlight changes in your web application not caught by functional tests.

Website Link:

14. Worksoft

Worksoft platform allows organizations to visualize and optimize their processes for complex custom and packaged applications. As a result, QA teams can reliably deliver flawless applications faster and more efficiently. The platform's ability to reuse test automation assets gives accurate and resilient automated business processes in production.


  • This platform automates end-to-end testing for complex packaged apps and beyond.
  • Schedule and run user-interface-driven tests simultaneously across multiple devices if using this platform.
  • This platform executes tests on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment.
  • Worksoft prioritizes testing with automated risk reports.
  • The continuous test management of this platform lets testers run consistent, automated tests to detect errors, prioritize solutions, and accelerate project timelines.

Website Link:


The present and future demand for codeless automation testing tools is on an upward trajectory, driven by the need for efficient, reliable, and minimal technical testing solutions. Other benefits of using codeless testing tools are -

  • Testers can easily create reusable test automation throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • The codeless tools can assist developers in editing code for complex test scenarios, including end-to-end system tests.
  • The no-code tools add scalability, speed, team collaboration, and security to save developer time.
  • The AI-powered codeless tools can automatically identify page elements and their relationships, creating a reliable and efficient automated test suite.
  • As technology advances, the demand for codeless testing tools in software testing and quality assurance will increase.

ACCELQ's innovative approach to Quality Lifecycle Automation brings definitive ROI to every phase of your test cycle as follows -

  • Achieve 3x productivity with ACCELQ’s industry-first autonomics-based automation platform.
  • Forty percent of savings through codeless logic editor and business process-driven scenario designer.
  • Accelq saves about seventy percent of your investment to run tests through automated lab management and distributed test executions.

To get started with codeless test automation for significant application development. Book now for a free product demo.

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