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Top Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Testing Interview Questions-ACCELQ
Posted On: 17 March 2023

Across business organizations, we are seeing an increasing demand for workers with automation testing skills. Here are some common automation testing interview questions to expect during job interviews.

Through this article, we shall answer the following most commonly asked interview questions:

So, let’s get started with each of these questions:

Automation Testing Interview Questions-ACCELQ

1. What Is Automation Testing?

In essence, it automates the process of software testing. Using test automation tools, QA teams can now write test scripts and execute them on the target application. In other words, automation testing enables testers to run their test scripts (or cases) automatically instead of executing them manually one after the other.

Effectively, it reduces the need for human intervention as test cases (once created) can automatically run to test various product features. This form of testing can shorten app development time as development teams receive faster test results.

2. When Should Automation Testing Be Performed?

Automation testing is most effective when used for the following:

  • Non-functional testing like load or stress testing of an application, which is challenging for human testers.
  • Regression testing – QA teams perform it multiple times for any new product feature or bug fix.
  • The same test cases executing repeatedly for different data inputs or on different system configurations (hardware configuration, operating systems, and other software configuration).
  • Complex product testing scenarios prone to human errors.

3. Which Tool Should You Use to Implement Automation Testing?

To identify the right automation testing tool for your organization, first, understand the project requirements and identify the scenarios fit for automation. Post that, determine the cost of investing in automation tools. Based on the budget, search and shortlist the tools that fit your product requirements. Some of the best test automation tools include ACCELQ, Selenium, and Cypress.

Besides the cost of automation tools, organizations must determine the cost of hiring (or training) skilled resources for automation testing.

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4. What Is an Automated Test Script?

An automated test script is an integral part of test automation. In essence, it is a short script program (written in any programming language) that can automatically execute a set of instructions on the target application. Automated test scripts verify if the application (or a particular feature) performs as expected (or defined in the product requirements).

Automated test scripts can run multiple times and deliver either a “Pass” or “Fail” test result. This indicates if the application or component is performing properly.

5. How Is Automated Testing Different from Manual Testing?

The main difference is that automated testing uses an automation tool (or framework) and requires minimal human intervention. On the other hand, manual testing requires a “human” software tester who executes test cases one after the other.

Automation testing is effective for regression or repeated testing to ensure the application does not break down after a new added feature. Manual testing works for effective usability and accessibility testing (that requires the end-user perspective).

6. When Should You Go for Cross-browser Testing?

Web application users can access your application on a variety of popular browsers, devices, or platforms. It is difficult to predict if the user will use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari browsers on any personal device. Under such circumstances, cross-browser testing ensures that your web application works across all browsers and devices.

With cross-browser testing, you can provide a consistent user experience irrespective of the device that they are using.

7. What Is a Test Automation Framework?

A test automation framework has emerged as a global standard for software testers to achieve the automation testing goals. These frameworks provide testing consistency along with a stable code for automation testing. In short, test automation frameworks comprise various tools, processes, and protocols to execute various types of tests.

With a proper automation framework, QA teams can maintain & reuse their code and test scripts. It also enables testers to create and implement test cases easily using simple statements.

8. When Should You Avoid Automation Testing?

Automation testing is not preferable in all instances. In fact, there are some scenarios when manual testing is preferable over automation testing. Here are a few of them:

  • When testers update their automated test scripts frequently. This is due to constant changes in the product feature under test.
  • For exploratory testing, which is better suited for human testers.
  • For UI testing where human testers can better detect UI-related design flaws and inconsistencies.

9. How Should You Get Started on Automation Testing?

Automation testing requires detailed planning and designing.

  • First, you need to plan the goals (or objectives) of automation testing and the types of tests to automate.
  • Next, define the scope of test automation and the test cases to automate.
  • Then, create the automation test scripts and choose the automation tools that work best for your organization.
  • Finally, execute the test scripts using the selected tool and generate the test reports containing the test logs and actions performed.

10. Is It Possible to Achieve 100% Automated Testing?

No, 100% automation testing is not achievable in any software company. For instance, test cases like checking the color of a dialog box or panel require a lot of time and preparatory effort for automation. In these cases, manual testing takes much less time and effort.

Here are some bonus questions to help you be better prepared

1. How should I prepare for an automation testing interview?

To prepare well for the interview, know the working of your test automation tool in detail, along with the programming language that you will use for creating test scripts. Additionally, learn about test automation frameworks and their components.

2. What are the common automation testing interview questions asked to experienced testers?

As an experienced professional, you could face questions like whether automated testing is replacing manual testing. Moreover, technical questions could revolve around Selenium and its components, Protractor, and test automation platforms.

3. How many test cases can be automated daily?

This depends on the complexity of the test cases. You can easily automate 5-6 test cases (with limited complexity) each day. On the other hand, you can automate only 1-2 complex test cases in the same time.

4. What is the Selenium tool?

Selenium is a popular open-source automation tool used to automate web browsers. With Selenium, you can write automation test cases using programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.

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