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As test automation is becoming the new norm in the field of software testing and everyone is talking about it, one of the most common questions that haunts software testers is whether automated testing will replace the manual testers?

It is true that with the onset of automation, the roles which involve pure black-box checklist based testing may go extinct, but manual testing requiring functional knowledge is an integral part of QA. Automation would not affect those roles which require critical thinking, deep business understanding of the application, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving skills and these will prevail in the future.

It is crucial to leverage the power of both manual and automated testing and automate the manual efforts wherever possible in order to thrive in this competitive agile world. Breaking the silos between manual and automation test platforms will help achieve continuous test automation.

In order to embrace automation and use it to your advantage, you can couple it with a test automation tool that is codeless and easy to write and execute test scripts. After all, automation is all about teaching a robotic system to help you accelerate your testing.

By going codeless, QA teams can fill the gap between the rising demands of product delivery and the skill set of the team members. With the CI/CD approach, the organizations have to think about making test automation solutions accessible to not only those who have good coding skills but to those as well who don’t know how to code.

Codeless Test Automation

There is a need to understand that testers are not programmers. Hence, expecting them to learn coding to use automation tools based on a programming language is unrealistic. Coding takes a lot of years to master, which moves testers away from the prime objective, which is to test software and not to code.

Codeless automation is the future of software testing, and with time, these tools will become smart enough to eliminate the need for test script coding completely and allow the testing instructions to directly pass into the system in a codeless package. So, ultimately a manual tester with the business knowledge of the application becomes a primary contributor to QA.

Codeless testing allows you to create automated tests without writing a single line of code which reduces the manual testing efforts and time spent on repetitive and redundant test cases significantly with zero coding efforts.

Codeless automation approach is evolving continuously with the use of new technology and innovation to reduce the syntax-based coding process and make it more user-friendly. Codeless automation tools solve the problems of simplifying testing for QA teams at multiple levels.

There are several automation tools in the market that claim to provide a codeless automation testing experience, but not all of them are comprehensive or user-friendly.

ACCELQ is a modern and most comprehensive manual testing automation tool that uses the power of AI to give the best results. It is a friendly automation tool that provides you with robust test tracking, traceability, and seamless integrations. It is best suited for manual testers who want to harness the potential of automation with a codeless automation platform. It makes QA engineers more efficient and productive with smooth test executions and dynamic reporting.


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