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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: What, Why, Who & Benefits

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Posted On: 15 October 2023

As customer needs get increasingly varied, delivering relevant, consistent, personalized journeys across channels and devices has become imperative for businesses.

Since any customer journey is a lifelong experience a customer has with the brand, businesses must deliver carefully crafted content across all touchpoints. These touchpoints encompass everything right from the interactions the customers have with the employees to visits to the website, the experiences with the products, and more.

But how do you craft tailored customer experiences? How do you assimilate data from different sources to get a single, comprehensive view of your customers? How do you use this data to deliver the right message at the right time?

Furthermore, it helps teams guide the customer journey like never before with cross-channel marketing strategies. By combining digital and real-world experiences, the platform aids in creating highly personalized and relevant content at scale.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

What is salesforce marketing cloud?

“Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform offered by Salesforce that enables organizations to build and manage personalized customer journeys”

Using the different products of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, teams can gather all relevant customer data from all possible sources and craft campaigns and content catering to their unique needs and preferences.

Large enterprises, non-profits, and SMEs can all use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to develop and nurture real relationships. Using a single, centralized platform, teams can create data-driven, personalized, omnichannel customer journeys. To that end, they can deliver a consistent and cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints. In essence, driving customer success is what, in turn, allows them to boost their revenue and increase ROI.

Moreover, by connecting discrete interactions from different channels, teams can unite real-time customer data with customer behaviors and curate intelligent interactions that respond to and anticipate customer needs. Since every interaction drives personalized 1-to-1 communications, the platform helps customers move seamlessly along their unique journeys.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Used For?

Customers are drawn to brands that offer personalized experiences. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) stands at the forefront of this, providing a comprehensive marketing automation platform tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern marketing.

Email Marketing:

Craft and send targeted emails to engage your audience effectively. Content Management and Creation: Design and manage emails, landing pages, forms, images, and more.

Mobile Engagement:

Send SMS, push notifications, and even in-app messages to stay connected with your audience on the go.

Social Media Marketing:

Schedule posts, monitor engagement, and derive insights from rich analytics.

Customer Journey Management:

Visually map out campaigns, integrating multiple channels for a holistic view.

Advertising and Web Personalization:

Target online ads to lookalike audiences and dynamically tailor webpages based on user interests.

Data Analysis and Management:

Make use of the data power with segmentation, ETL activities, and multi-step automated workflows.

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Why Choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers businesses to elevate their customer engagement strategies, seamlessly integrating channels from digital, advertising, email, and web, to social. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can execute targeted campaigns such as email marketing, SMS marketing, social media outreach, and display advertising. The platform's strength lies in its ability to deliver tailored messages, ensuring that your audience always receives relevant content.

Designed to cater to both B2B and B2C sectors, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers intelligent solutions that allow businesses to customize channels, integrate diverse datasets, and evaluate campaign outcomes. The true advantage of this platform is its capability to foster communication at every stage of the customer relationship, ensuring a holistic approach to marketing.

Which Businesses Should Consider Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

While Salesforce Marketing Cloud is renowned as an enterprise-level solution, its versatility makes it suitable for businesses of varying sizes, from startups to large corporations and even nonprofit organizations. Any business aiming to comprehensively understand its customers to drive targeted engagement and craft unparalleled experiences should consider this platform.

The adaptability of SFMC ensures it evolves with your business needs, making it a lasting tool in your assets. Beyond its cost-effectiveness, the platform boasts features that support intricate data models, seamless integrations, data migrations, and robust analytics.

When contemplating the addition of a tool to your technology stack, it's essential to weigh its long-term benefits. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can anticipate a positive shift in organizational structure, enhanced training modules, measurable ROI, and, most importantly, an enriched customer experience that aligns with desired business outcomes.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Cloud in Salesforce?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a bunch of modern capabilities from journey builder and audience builder to personalization builder and content builder to drive the right results from the marketing efforts. Using this solution, businesses can:

  • More easily achieve their primary objectives
  • Set new goals, and
  • Turbocharge their customer experience initiatives.

Let’s look at the top benefits of marketing cloud in Salesforce:

Benefits of salesforce marketing cloud

1. Act on the Right Data

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketing teams to gather information from different sources and curate a single and comprehensive view of each customer. They can uncover new and hidden insights about customers via rich reporting and intuitive dashboards. Further, they can power personalization by delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time and place.

2. Enable Seamless Customer Experiences

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can craft unique customer journeys across email, mobile, advertising, and website. By triggering consistent messages across channels, they can deliver one seamless experience. This is regardless of the device, channel, or position in the customer journey.

3. Deliver the Right Messages

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can manage all content and assets in a single location. More so, they can easily handle assets with advanced search and tagging capabilities. Further, using the right data, they can target specific audiences and segments across the customer journey, deliver the right messages, and strengthen relationships.

4. Improve Performance of Campaigns

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also allows for monitoring and measuring the performance of campaigns and journeys. Updated access to all customer-related information means enterprises can adapt their strategies and campaigns to evolving needs. To that end, they can optimize the performance of their marketing efforts.

5. Scale Seamlessly

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses no longer have to worry about scalability. The fast, flexible, and scalable platform delivers all the real-time insights they need to move at the speed of their customers. Moreover, it allows them to scale as they target new audiences and enter new markets. In essence, actionable intelligence means businesses can engage audiences in ways that make the most sense along their unique journey.

How Does ACCELQ Support Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

As a Salesforce ISV partner, ACCELQ can help your business implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and allow you to reap continuous benefits. Since ACCELQ constantly aligns to Salesforce releases, you can ensure deployment of the latest Marketing Cloud features and capabilities and enjoy smooth upgrades via robust automation testing.

We offer seamless support for the Salesforce technology stack and can speed up your implementation via a 3x faster test cycle. By lowering effort on test automation by almost 70%, ACCELQ’s AI-powered codeless approach to Salesforce testing paves the way for end-to-end Salesforce process validations.

As the only continuous test automation and management platform listed on Salesforce App Exchange, we can help automate all aspects of Salesforce testing and deliver quality Salesforce implementations. Our tool can seamlessly integrate within your existing tech ecosystem and present a unified view of your quality lifecycle. As a result, you can ensure your Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation is accurate.

ACCELQ’s AI-driven automation is optimized for Salesforce-specific dynamic technology, allowing us to handle various elements and iframes in a streamlined manner. ACCELQ offers Lightning and Classic support for all Salesforce customers and uses self-healing automation capabilities to reduce maintenance. Moreover, its algorithmic and automated test case generation with Salesforce data models means you can make the most of cutting-edge test design, development, planning, and tracking capabilities, via a powerful cloud-based platform.

Transform Into a Customer-centric Company

Having a 360-degree view of customers is a great way to enable personalized experiences for each and every customer. And that’s what Salesforce Marketing Cloud does. It allows teams to act on relevant customer data and offer content and campaigns in a way that leads to deeper, more meaningful relationships. Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud today and transform into a customer-centric company.

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