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What is nCino? Benefits and Test Automation Challenges

What is ncino?- ACCELQ
Posted On: 30 March 2024

In a time when going digital is important, nCino stands out as a top cloud-based tool that will change the way banks work. Based on the strong Salesforce platform, nCino gives banks a set of tools that make tasks easier, get customers more involved, and make sure they follow the constantly changing rules. This blog post talks about how nCino uses technology to change the way traditional banks work and how its combination with test automation makes these features even better, ensuring that updates go smoothly and the system runs at its best.

What is nCino used for?

nCino is a cloud-based software system that transforms financial institute operations. It is specifically designed to improve the operations of banks and credit unions. By streamlining the financial procedures enables them to function more efficiently and effectively in the ever-changing digital technology.

NCino is a comprehensive banking operating system that helps financial institutions enhance their operational efficiency, transparency, and profitability. From automating and optimizing client and loan-originating procedures to account openings and deposits. It is an all-in-one solution for banking excellence.

Key nCino Benefits

nCino's platform offers a range of powerful benefits designed to modernize and streamline banking operations. They not only enhance the efficiency of financial institutions but also greatly improve the customer experience. Below are some of the critical capabilities of the nCino system:

Loan Origination

Automating the loan origination process and optimizing every step beginning from application to funding. By introducing this feature, banks can process loans faster with minimum errors. By utilizing automated underwriting, integrated credit checks, and risk assessment, it enhances the transparency for both customers and also bankers. All along with providing real-time updates with a status tracking option.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With nCino's CRM tool, banks can easily navigate customer data, track interactions, and understand customer requirements. This leads to more effective cross-selling opportunities and personalized service offerings, which ultimately increase customer loyalty.

Deposit - Account Opening

Financial institutions can streamline and provide user-friendly processes for opening deposit accounts. nCino platform allows customers to initiate and complete the process online, eliminating the in-person visit. It gives convenience and accelerates the account opening process. Which in result, helps banks increase their customer base.

Analytics and Reporting

nCino's powerful analytics and reporting tools give banks information about their processes that they can use. These tools give you thorough reports on many things, like how well loans are doing, how risky they are, how to divide customers into groups, and how profitable an investment is. Banks can use these insights to make smart choices, change their strategies, and make their operations run smoothly.

Compliance and Risk Management

This is a business with a lot of rules. nCino provides complete compliance and risk management tools to make sure banks follow the rules without slowing down or losing customer service. When rules change, the system automatically updates to reflect those changes. Its built-in compliance checks help stop violations, lowering the risk of fines and damage to the company's image.

Why Test Automation for nCino?

Maintaining system integrity and performance is crucial as nCino continuously evolves with new updates and features. Test automation in this scenario ensures new functionalities integrate seamlessly with no disruption existing processes. Automated testing helps in detecting issues early, reduces the risk of defects in production, and accelerates the new feature production in the end.

Impact of nCino Test Automation

Implementing nCino brings transformative benefits to banking operations, significantly enhanced by the integration of test automation. This section explores how test automation, particularly with platforms like ACCELQ, amplifies the benefits of nCino across various banking processes.

Streamlined Deployment and Faster Go-Live Times

Test automation is crucial for deploying complex systems like nCino quickly and efficiently. By automating the testing processes, banks can significantly reduce the time from software implementation to go-live. This rapid deployment allows banks to benefit from nCino's features sooner, improving their operational capabilities and customer service without prolonged disruptions.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

With test automation, the quality assurance process for nCino implementations becomes more robust and reliable. Automated tests provide consistent, repeatable testing scenarios that ensure every feature of the nCino system functions as intended before it goes live. This thorough testing reduces the risk of errors and bugs that could impact customer service and operational efficiency.

Increased Agile Responsiveness

nCino’s frequent updates and new feature releases can pose challenges for continuous manual testing. Test automation supports agile development practices by allowing banks to quickly adapt to and adopt these changes. Automated testing frameworks like ACCELQ can dynamically adjust to changes in the application, ensuring that tests remain valid and comprehensive even as the underlying system evolves.

Cost Efficiency in Long-Term Operations

Although initial test automation setup for nCino may require some expenditure, the long-term advantages far surpass the costs. Automated testing decreases the need for substantial manual testing resources, which lowers continuing operational costs. Furthermore, the effectiveness and speed of automated tests allow banks to run more tests in less time, hence increasing cost efficiency.

Challenges of nCino Test Automation

Using test automation for nCino has a lot of benefits, but it also has some unique challenges. These problems happen because the platform is complicated and it handles important business tasks.

Complexity of Customization

Challenge: nCino can be changed in many ways to meet the needs of different banking institutions. This freedom is a big plus, but it makes automation testing harder because custom workflows, user jobs, and connecting to other banking systems can be very different.

Solution: Set up a modular testing system that allows test parts to be used more than once. This method can be changed to fit different needs without having to be rewritten in great detail. Using data-driven testing methods can also help you easily keep track of all the different test cases and setups.

Integration with Salesforce

Challenge: Since nCino is built on top of the Salesforce platform, testers have to deal with all of Salesforce's features and issues, like the fact that it changes often and has a lot of security measures. These things can change how stable and reliable automatic tests are.

Solution: Use test automation tools made for Salesforce systems. These tools are better able to handle Salesforce's changing features and UI changes. The automation tools need to be updated regularly to work with Salesforce's release cycle.

Data Dependency and Management

Challenge: To test nCino properly, you need to be able to handle a lot of data representing real bank transactions. It can be hard to ensure that the data is correct and that it is set up correctly for each test case, especially when working with sensitive financial data.

Solution: Use strong data management strategies, like developing tools that create fake data and using data hiding methods, to make sure security and compliance. You can automate the creation and cleanup of test data by using test data management tools. This cuts down on the work that needs to be done by hand and the chance of making mistakes.

Problem with Continuous Integration and Delivery

Challenge: Adding automatic tests to nCino's continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines can be challenging because the tests need to be quick, reliable, and able to run simultaneously without problems.

Solution: Choose an automation tool that works well with your current CI/CD tools and lets you run multiple tasks simultaneously. It's important to make sure that the framework for test automation is strong and gives clear input for any errors so that they can be fixed quickly.

Scalability of Test Environments

Challenge: As banks use nCino more, testing needs to be done on a bigger scale. This ability to grow can be hard to manage, especially when trying to make sure that test environments are very similar to production settings so that results are correct.

Solution: Use test automation tools in the cloud that can grow or shrink based on the testing requirements. These platforms enable creating one-time test settings that can be quickly set up and taken down after use, saving money and time.


The cloud-based platform from nCino is changing the banking industry by making it more efficient, giving customers a better experience, and making sure that banks follow the rules with its new features. As it adds new tools and grows around the world, nCino keeps setting new standards for how banks work. Adopting nCino and ACCELQ's advanced test automation features together is a smart move for financial institutions that want to do well in a digital world and give their users better service.

Nishan Joseph

VP Sales Engineering

Nishan is a tech strategist with expertise in Test Automation and roles at giants like TCS, Microfocus, and Parasoft. At ACCELQ, he champions Strategic Alliances, cultivating global tech partnerships. Educated at Leeds University and Symbiosis Pune, he also possesses an engineering background from Bangalore.

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