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Top 5 Salesforce Automation Testing Tools

Top 5 salesforce automation testing tools
Posted On: 2 January 2024

In the dynamic landscape of Salesforce, ensuring excellent performance and functionality of your CRM system is not just a necessity but a continuous challenge. With Salesforce's robust capabilities and frequent updates, testing becomes paramount to maintaining system integrity and user satisfaction. Manual testing, while essential, often needs regular development cycles due to the intricate nature of Salesforce environments. However, automation testing tools bridge this gap, providing better solutions to test applications quickly and repeatedly with minimal human effort.

Salesforce automation (SFA) helps teams save time by automating repetitive manual tasks. SFA is an integrated application of customizable customer relationship management (CRM) tools that automate repetitive business processes in Salesforce, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Salesforce Automation Testing tools are designed to automate and validate the testing of business processes, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

However, the abundance of testing tools in the market poses a new challenge: selecting the right tool that aligns with your specific Salesforce setup and business requirements. This blog will explore the top five Salesforce automation testing tools and their features.

Salesforce automation testing tools comparision

5 Best Salesforce Automation Testing Tools


ACCELQ is a leading continuous testing platform, deeply aligned with Salesforce to significantly accelerate and improve the quality of your Salesforce releases. It is a collaborative cloud platform to automate, manage, execute, and track Salesforce testing. ACCELQ accelerates Salesforce test automation with pre-defined Codeless Salesforce test assets with real-time Salesforce release alignment. This platform easily automates end-to-end flows in an integrated Salesforce environment from Web-API-Mobile and Manual. ACCELQ has achieved 3x acceleration in release testing of Salesforce implementations across hundreds of customers across industry verticals.


  • Salesforce Release Alignment: Being an ISV partner, ACCELQ is aligned to Salesforce releases to ensure smooth Salesforce upgrades with robust Automation testing
  • Codeless Salesforce automation of Web, Mobile & API: AI-driven no-code test automation on cloud optimized for Salesforce-specific Dynamic technology
  • Used by Internal Salesforce Teams: ACCELQ is used by internal Salesforce teams like the Pre-release Business scenario testing team.
  • On Salesforce AppExchange: ACCELQ is the only cloud-based Continuous testing and automation platform on Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Seamless Support for Salesforce Technology Stack: ACCELQ seamlessly automates Salesforce classic, lighting, and lightning web components.

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2. Copado

Copado salesforce automation testing tool

Copado is a DevOps platform designed specifically for Salesforce. This platform aims to improve the quality and speed of Salesforce applications through CI/CD tools. One of the key benefits of using Copado is the ability to maintain version control. The platform checks the changes to see whether the Salesforce environment is appropriately tracked and managed.


  • Copado supports Git-based version control to record changes made to Salesforce code.
  • This platform can deploy and track configuration data across various cloud services, including Financial Services and Commerce.
  • The QForce library by Copado (a Robot Framework library containing Salesforce keywords) simplifies functional testing automation.
  • This platform provides Salesforce Metadata Intelligence to monitor and maintain your organization’s health by offering change alerts, automated conflict detection, and resolution strategies.
  • The Copado Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool that allows development teams to develop and deploy top-notch Salesforce applications.
  • Copado provides detailed compliance and governance features, making this platform a choice for organizations with severe security needs.

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3. Eggplant

Eggplant Logo

The Eggplant Salesforce tool is an AI-assisted test automation solution that addresses the complexities of testing. This tool extends with other Salesforce testing tools that rely on verifying the scripts. The following is how the Eggplant tool can help organizations with their capabilities.


  • Eggplant offers a single model-based approach to auto-generate user journeys that span different devices, browsers, and operating systems.
  • This tool can interact with text or images on a screen to validate the UI. When validating the UI, testers can use the same test snippets across versions of Salesforce.
  • AI-assisted automation enables intelligent testing to create crucial user flows across Salesforce.
  • The AI engine monitors how Salesforce generates tests based on user journeys.
  • This tool enables anyone in your organization to easily create test flows by clicking through a model to design a user journey.

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Salesforce Test Automation in Shifting Landscape

A Beginners’ Guide

4. Provar

Provar salesforce automation tool

This tool offers integrated quality management and test automation solutions for Salesforce. Its primary objective is to maintain a high level of quality for your Salesforce system and catch any potential issues early on. With its advanced features, this tool can ensure your Salesforce system functions optimally.


  • The Provar Automation tests stay compatible with every Salesforce release and the latest web browser updates.
  • Testers and developers can instantly begin and build a test case in minutes with a simple, user-friendly design. The low-code interface allows teams to use an intuitive test-building approach.
  • Provar Automation reduces risk to your organization due to poor environment setup, loose password management, and insecure storage of test cases and business logic.
  • Salesforce users can utilize this tool to test their complete business flow from beginning to end.
  • Provar Automation enables the automation of various systems, including Apex, message queues, APIs, websites, email, and databases. It provides a detailed solution for automating your testing process.

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5. Tricentis

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis, a test automation tool, allows software development teams to create UI tests for Salesforce applications. This tool provides end-to-end testing for a smooth CRM and integrated app operation after updates. Tricentis' Test Automation for Salesforce is a cutting-edge tool designed exclusively for testing Salesforce.


  • Configure and customize stable tests that include API steps to extend scenarios beyond the Salesforce app while using this tool.
  • Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce enables you to create test cases using pre-built actions tailored to your environment.
  • End-to-end testing of Salesforce is supported by this tool, including third-party apps.
  • Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce works with any version of Salesforce. Teams can scale testing, orchestrate automated testing, and develop and release applications.
  • The tool provides easily readable dashboards that allow quick problem identification based on test results.

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Salesforce undergoes multiple updates to constantly improve its functionality; the underlying code therefore keeps changing and will need to undergo regression testing. These regression tests can be mundane and hence the chances of errors climb. Test automation is excellent to handle regressing testing as it is accurate and can save a lot of time and resources. Further the number of customizations, integrations as well as user journeys can make manual testing of the Salesforce environment cumbersome. Rushed testing on the other hand can increase the incidence of bugs hampering user-experience and functioning of the business.

ACCELQ can automate your Salesforce testing journey through a no-code approach and help in better performance of the Salesforce environment. As a continuous testing and automation platform for Salesforce, ACCELQ drives fast test automation on the cloud. The AI-driven automation optimized for Salesforce Specific Dynamic Technology can:

  • Support Lightning and Classic Salesforce architectures for their customers.
  • Reduce maintenance costs to seventy percent.
  • ACCELQ provides algorithmic and automated test case generation with Salesforce data models.
  • The platform can seamlessly automate without coding. It can handle Salesforce dynamic elements and iframes.

ACCELQ has partnered with Salesforce to bring about the Salesforce Prerelease Business Scenario Testing (BST) Program. BST offers early release insights and collaboration with Salesforce R &D while providing a Sandbox Preview testing in a sandbox environment before a significant release. To get started with your Salesforce Test Automation journey, talk to the ACCELQ team right away.

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