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Testing MS Dynamics 365 with ACCELQ

Test Ms Dynamics 365
Posted On: 10 May 2024

Dynamics 365 is a robust integrated solution that combines Dynamics AX, ERP, and Dynamics CRM. This is an all-in-one solution that can easily adapt to changing business needs and without the compulsion to pick and choose from the varied existing options available. Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing ensures the quality, performance, and compatibility of the Dynamics 365 application always. It can identify and resolve any issues or bugs arising from the updates. Dynamics 365 testing also ensures that new features are verified, and enhancements work as expected, and meet business requirements.

Understanding challenges of manually testing MS Dynamics 365

Testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is critical as it helps check and cross-verify that the platform meets business objectives. It is also essential to first locate disparities in application implementation and address major loopholes. Now this can get cumbersome due to the following reasons.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite comprises of web applications including deep object trees, dynamic object IDs, and nested iFrames. Manual testing involves creating scripts that test these elements on the object layer which can be fragile.
  • Differences in navigating around Dynamics applications bring changes in UI and markup language; this may bring broken tests.
  • Changes in UI functionality across different applications in the Dynamics 365 suite demands testing resulting in wasted resources in the process of fixing them with new scripts.
  • To ensure that the business functions are intact, continued upgraded versions and maintenance upgrades within product suites/core applications require extra effort from testers.
  • Compatibility and integration problems can also occur with some web browsers such as Firefox and IE also creating issues.
  • With system upgrades there is a high risk of losing data or being migrated by error thus impacting business processes.
  • Regression testing is critical and needs to be executed each time there are changes introduced to the source code (for new functionalities can bring bugs) If performed manually, regression tests can be extremely burdensome for the testing team as they may cover 100% of system functionality.

Test Automation for Dynamics 365 can handle the complexities of the implementation process while offering a sizable scope of use for testing various related Dynamics Operations. It also confirms if the Dynamics platform can exchange critical data across other Microsoft services through end-to-end testing.

What is ACCELQ MS Dynamics test automation?

The right MS Dynamics testing platform offers an array of modern QA capabilities that aid in efficient testing. Let us examine features of ACCELQ as an effective MS Dynamics 365 testing platform:

  • CI alignment with ongoing MS Dynamics Releases and version changes, enabling in-sprint automation for shift-left testing, enhances test coverage, risk and defect based testing planning and tracking and finally integrates with the CI pipeline for automated regression executions.
  • The ACCELQ MS Dynamics test automation platform is driven by AI codeless objection interaction capabilities and is self-healing. (it enables automated tests to detect and can self-correct issues)
  • Pre-configured test assets via ACCELQ Dynamics Universe offers ready-to-go regression suite with best practices and templates.
  • AI-based Object handling is specially designed to handle elements of MS Dynamics elements such as nested iframes, dynamic objects, and more.

Testing MS Dynamics 365 with the ACCELQ tool is easy and enhances the efforts of testers establishing continuous testing with minimal maintenance.

Why test MS Dynamics 365 with ACCELQ?

  • The visual, model-based approach accelerates testing while letting testers clearly understand bugs and issues.
  • Codeless approach to automating testing of the Dynamics 365 suite and Microsoft Power platform.
  • The Dynamics-365 Universe provides a business process representation of test assets, providing much-needed visibility into the testing process.
  • ACCELQ’s reusable assets directly relate to the Dynamics-365 application flow, making it easy for testers to adapt and introduce changes.
  • AI-based codeless object interaction and self-healing make the maintenance of automated tests across all dependencies quick and easy.
  • The tool’s comprehensive codeless approach to validation logic for Dynamic objects enables testers to quickly set up test suites and carry out end-to-end testing – without any complex coding.
  • Since object library updates are automated with every Dynamics release, organizations can be sure to have the latest and most up-to-date version of the MS Dynamics platform.
  • The ACCELQ MS Dynamics tool also ensures CI alignment via Continuous Testing of Dynamics 365 releases. It enables in-sprint automation for shift-left and continuous testing
  • The tool offers detailed coverage analysis and traceability for intelligent test planning and tracking, as well as risk or defect-based Dynamics test planning.

Summing Up

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MSD 365) is a powerful suite of business applications designed to streamline processes and enhance organizational efficiency of an organization. With the already explosive growth in adoption of MSD 365 the need for robust testing mechanisms becomes imperative. ACCELQ MS Dynamics 365 Test automation platform is a highly reliable and scalable solution that ensures stability of MSD 365 implementations.

Choose the ACCELQ MS Dynamics tool today to keep pace with changing business scenarios and drive continuous transformation using your MS Dynamics 365 platform. Reach out to us right away to understand how ACCELQ can help you keep pace with changing business scenarios and drive continuous transformation using your MS Dynamics 365 platform.

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