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Key CI/CD Pipeline Trends to Watch in 2024

CI/CD Pipeline Trends
Posted On: 29 March 2024

CI/CD pipelines are preferred by those wanting to accelerate application delivery and release cycles, contain costs, and reduce development risk.

Accommodating user feedback, increasing responsiveness to market changes and business priorities, and elevating competitiveness depend on application quality. CI/CD emerges as a valuable enabler of development velocity.

As the new year begins, it is time to examine the trends that promise to influence the CI/CD pipelines in the year ahead.

In this blog, we take a look at the top 7 CI/CD trends to watch out for in 2024.

How ACCELQ Can Help

CI/CD promotes a continuous feedback loop involving customers and stakeholders throughout development. Reducing cycle times and streamlining the software delivery process allows developers to bring new features, updates, and bug fixes to market more quickly, gaining a competitive advantage and accelerating time-to-market

As such, teams need to ensure that they can set up comprehensively tested, reliable, CI/CD pipelines fast. However, setting up test automation suites, writing automation code, and then testing the same can slow down the process.

ACCELQ’s comprehensive, no-code, AI-powered test automation suite comes to the rescue and enables development teams to infuse agility, flexibility, and scalability into their CI/CD pipelines.

The ACCELQ test automation platform allows development teams to automate all aspects of the quality lifecycle, starting from test design and extending to test planning and execution.

The platform is fit for CI, enterprise-ready, and secure. It offers industry-first virtualized abstraction for functional testing while enabling early, and in-sprint automation.

It provides development teams with a design-first approach with inbuilt modularity, removes the need for custom frameworks, and seamlessly integrates into the existing ecosystem of tools such as Jira, TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI, TeamCity, Azure pipeline, Github, etc.

Continuous integration testing and building a robust continuous delivery pipeline are emerging as enablers of high-quality software. Connect with our experts to leverage the ACCELQ advantage for your CI/CD pipelines.

Nishan Joseph

VP Sales Engineering

Nishan is a tech strategist with expertise in Test Automation and roles at giants like TCS, Microfocus, and Parasoft. At ACCELQ, he champions Strategic Alliances, cultivating global tech partnerships. Educated at Leeds University and Symbiosis Pune, he also possesses an engineering background from Bangalore.

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