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How to accelerate salesforce as carrer-ACCELQ
Posted On: 27 February 2023

As a global CRM leader, Salesforce helps organizations connect with customers in a whole new way. The increased adoption of Salesforce across enterprises has led to an increased demand for Salesforce professionals.

Salesforce As the Driver of Business Transformation

Salesforce business transformation-ACCELQ

Technology advancements have been instrumental in changing customer expectations. At the same time, these advancements have also become the enabler and influencers of customer loyalty.

Increasing customer satisfaction, elevating customer experiences, and improving collaboration capabilities, have become pressing enterprise goals today as they directly influence revenues. Salesforce has been instrumental in helping enterprises worldwide meet these goals and write their growth story by creating meaningful connections across different departments. They do this by creating a single, shared view of the customer and providing a framework to drive digital transformation success.

While Salesforce started as a CRM company, it has grown in scope. Today, it empowers companies across industries and sizes to digitally transform their business and get a 360-degree view of the customer. The Salesforce platform is extremely flexible and stands out for its endless possibilities. From integration or customization options to efficient training, Salesforce meets the exact needs of businesses.

Given the benefits, it is hardly surprising to see the Salesforce market share growing by leaps and bounds. The global Salesforce services market size is projected to reach $32.59 billion by 2028, up from $12.85 billion in 2021.

Why Look at Salesforce as a Career

Owing to Salesforce's increased adoption, the demand for Salesforce professionals has surged. To that end, here are some of the key reasons to look at Salesforce as a career:

High earning potential and great scope for job opportunities

Salesforce technology professionals are highly sought after and are some of the highest-paid professionals in this space. Platforms like Salesforce are at the heart of a thriving business and need skilled professionals — making the Salesforce job market a candidate's paradise.

Salesforce is a leading CRM platform with an average year-on-year growth of 25% and allows professionals to work with a technology that's dominating the world. The scope for job opportunities in this area is also increasing manifold as digital transformation accelerates, propelling the need for expert professionals. Those with experience in developing one of the most popular CRMs are naturally sought after.

Specialized skills which are now amongst the most wanted in the enterprises

Salesforce has infinite customization and integration capabilities and can help enterprises meet their specific business needs. Salesforce professionals have the specialized skills to help enterprises navigate complex business processes. They further help create seamless experiences that drive collaboration and transparency.

Salesforce is also proactive in upgrading its product and rolling out new features to help enterprises stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, it's at the forefront of new advances and trends. As a result, enterprises need professionals with specialized Salesforce skills, as they can:

  • Take advantage of the new feature sets and the customization capacities of the platform, and
  • Create applications and processes that augment enterprise capabilities

Great training opportunities to elevate your job profile

Salesforce is also well known for offering some of the most comprehensive training programs. It allows Salesforce professionals to upskill and elevate their job profiles and advance their Salesforce careers. These training programs are readily available and can be self-paced. Accelerating the career graph with the right certifications in place is easy.

Along with this, Salesforce also has a thriving community that provides support and guidance to professionals. The community consists of internal employees, those who work for customers, partners, or ISVs, and freelance Salesforce professionals. Professionals can turn to this inclusive community to drive their careers and identify opportunities to make their job profiles more lucrative.

Salesforce Test Automation in Shifting Landscape

A Beginners’ Guide

Accelerating the Career with Salesforce

Salesforce professionals can accelerate their careers quite easily since there are multiple routes into this ecosystem. Salesforce applications are also increasing and touching more parts of the enterprise as customer service becomes a crucial business driver. Digital transformation and cloud adoption are further propelling the need for Salesforce professionals.

Indeed, this domain continues to expand and find applications across a range of functions — from Customer Relationship Management to Mobile Marketing. It offers qualified Salesforce professionals an extraordinary range of opportunities to fast-track their careers.

Apart from this, Salesforce releases updates and rolls out innovative new features thrice a year. It also offers developers the chance to work on an innovative and exciting platform with new tools that are at the forefront of new advances and trends. Since Salesforce is hyper-focused on addressing customer needs, developers can be sure that the platform incorporates all the recent trends. Salesforce developers, as such, are always front of the line when it comes to accessing these cutting-edge developments and can capably put them to work in their organizations.

It also offers a diversity of career options. Since Salesforce is extremely useful and in demand across all sectors, professionals are not boxed into a specific industry, department, or role.

How To Accelerate Your Salesforce Career?

Salesforce is a niche. However, contrary to what might seem, it is not available only to a chosen few. A career in Salesforce is far more accessible than it seems, owing to the plethora of training programs available. Landing technical roles like developers or architects are not too difficult with the right certification in place.

There is a wide variety of roles ranging from end-user roles like Salesforce Admin or marketers or Consulting roles like those of Salesforce Business Analysts, architects, developers, functional consultants, etc. Implementation experts, testing, and support roles are also in demand, as every application developed on this platform needs implementation.

However, to accelerate your Salesforce career, hands-on, practical experience with the platform does play an important role. Additionally, it helps if professionals:

Gather Implementation Experience

Salesforce implementations can be complex and business-impacting. As such, gathering more experience in Salesforce application development and implementation is immensely helpful. Working on these projects allows professionals to understand the nuances of implementation and all the dependencies involved and makes implementations seamless.

Build Development Experience

As mentioned above, Salesforce releases updates and rolls out innovative new features three times a year. Professionals need to adopt a business-led approach to developing solutions to drive more significant impact. As such, working on multiple projects across verticals and developing a business understanding can accelerate Salesforce careers.

Build Testing Experience

Testing Salesforce applications can often be complex. Along with QA, professionals also need to ensure release alignment and smooth Salesforce upgrades.

As it stands, professionals need to augment their testing experience and leverage AI-powered test automation to accelerate the pace of testing, make it continuous, and shift testing left.

A fresh supply of talent is always in demand as the Salesforce economy booms, giving those in the tech sector a fantastic opportunity to accelerate their careers. All in all, a lucrative career is almost guaranteed with the right hands-on, practical experience with the Salesforce platform.


Director, Product Evangelist at ACCELQ.

Geosley is a Test Automation Evangelist and Community builder at ACCELQ. Being passionate about continuous learning, Geosley helps ACCELQ with innovative solutions to transform test automation to be simpler, more reliable, and sustainable for the real world.

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