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How to achieve guarnteed roi with salesforce testing-ACCELQ
Posted On: 16 August 2022

Some of the world's best organizations have Salesforce at the core of their business. This includes everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. In fact, as per Salesforce data, more than 150,000 customers employ the solution. Hence, Salesforce testing is undoubtedly a high-profile activity within their enterprise technology landscape.

Salesforce began its roots as a cloud-based CRM solution and became an enterprise software giant. Through its SaaS pricing model with nearly unlimited features for every customer segment, Salesforce asserts its dominance in the global CRM market by a considerable margin.

However, from a business perspective, Salesforce testing is a critical initiative that needs high focus, especially when different Salesforce offerings penetrate deep into the enterprise's digital offerings.

What Is Salesforce Testing?

In simple terms, Salesforce testing refers to the set of QA activities that validate different functions and features of the Salesforce platform once it has been implemented in a business.

Why Is Salesforce Testing Important?

Salesforce deals with customer relationships. For every business, customer experience is the biggest asset. Therefore, every step taken to improve the customer experience is a critical investment the business makes. Salesforce is no exception in this regard.

The cloud-based CRM connects to nearly every major business system for smooth and efficient operations. Nevertheless, with such a large footprint in the business's digital experience, Salesforce CRM presents unique challenges and approaches. An enterprise must navigate these to ensure better ROI from the platform.

Everything from back-end functionality testing to front-end user experience testing must come into play when a business migrates to or adopts Salesforce as its primary CRM tool.

Salesforce Test Automation in Shifting Landscape

A Beginners’ Guide

How Can Enterprises Achieve Guaranteed ROI From Salesforce Testing?

To enable maximum ROI from Salesforce testing, enterprises must keep up with the best practices. Let us explore them in detail:

Involve QA From the Start of Salesforce Planning and Implementation

The decision to move into Salesforce for CRM activities takes an extended evaluation. So ideally, there will be a list of objectives and business outcomes that the leadership expects after Salesforce has gone live.

Therefore, testing and QA engineers must be a part of the initial planning phase after selecting Salesforce as the vendor. They must be clear about the expected business outcomes, benefits, and envisioned objectives correlated with the platform's use once it goes live.

When the testing team is involved from the beginning stage, it will be easier to draw up a test plan for Salesforce testing and improve the test coverage significantly. This will be more useful as more functionality of Salesforce is planned for implementation over time.

Have a Strategic Plan and Roadmap for Salesforce Testing

As Salesforce interacts with several business systems, any impact can quickly escalate into chaos in the business. To prevent this scenario, enterprises must have a strategic action plan for Salesforce testing.

Enterprises need to come up with a plan or roadmap outlining detailed execution steps for the Salesforce testing. It should account for testing activities that span multiple departmental systems developed with a plethora of approaches like microservices.

Furthermore, it should cover how dependent systems are covered, how end-to-end regression and integration testing are to be done, and much more.

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Leverage the Right Tools and Platforms

While undertaking Salesforce testing activities, it is vital to ensure that the right Salesforce testing tools and platforms are chosen. The right platform will have the insights to cover end-to-end facets of the CRM solution. It can identify hidden workflows, enable smooth collaboration between different teams, and speed up testing activities considerably.

Additionally, selecting the right tools and platforms will ensure faster and more tailored end-to-end automated testing of all Salesforce modules used in the business.

Just as how Salesforce specialists can help your business plot custom CRM capabilities from the Salesforce implementation, there is a need to leverage specialized Salesforce testing skills during implementation or planning.

5 benifits of salesforce test automation-ACCELQ

Be Knowledgeable About Cloud Testing

Salesforce is an exhaustively SaaS solution. Hence, Salesforce testing requires evaluation and execution from a cloud-testing perspective. This requires test engineers to develop test cases for performance testing, check for availability, and scale on demand. In a traditional on-premises solution, such diverse requirements rarely transpire.

Diagnose Integrations Diligently

Salesforce is a central system that interacts with various other business systems in the organization, including their ERP, HRM, finance and administration, and marketing platforms.

While Salesforce exists as a cloud solution, other platforms may exist in their preferred modes. As a result, it is essential to ensure smooth integration between different systems so that there is a unified customer experience being delivered by the business.

It is vital to run integration testing across the entire landscape of technology systems integrated with Salesforce to discover any defects and fix them at the integration level itself. In later stages, the defects can prove quite costly to rectify and require a larger QA exercise for verification after making fixes.

Summing Up

With the growth in Salesforce adoption seeing no indication of slowing down in the CRM space, there is a massive potential for Salesforce testing activities to help businesses uncover untapped value.

From deep insights into customer relationships to flexible SaaS pricing, Salesforce is one of the most trusted CRM platforms in the world. However, it is equally important to pick the right test automation platform to accelerate and improve Salesforce testing quality.

This is where ACCELQ can be a game-changer. Explore and learn how ACCELQ streamlines end-to-end automation testing Book a demo today.

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