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What Is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie-ACCELQ
Posted On: 15 December 2023

The secret to scaling your business and enhancing customer satisfaction lies in the depths of your customer data. Every click, conversation, and preference is essential in your business strategy. The challenge, however, is getting through this ever expanding data, which grows and shifts with every passing moment.

That's where Salesforce Genie steps in. More than just a tool, it's a visionary platform crafted to redefine how you interact with customer data. Salesforce Genie isn't about incremental changes but a complete transformation, turning your scattered data into a strategic powerhouse.

Stay with us as we explore the capabilities of Salesforce Genie and how it's set to revolutionize your approach to customer experience.

Keep reading to learn how Salesforce Genie can transform your customer experience.

What Is Salesforce Genie?

According to Salesforce, any average business executes around 1,000 applications across all its operations. This means that these applications collect valuable customer data from its operations. According to industry estimates, customer data globally doubles every 12 hours.

That is a wealth of customer information accessible to every business. However, most of this customer data is “siloed” and not widely accessible across the organization. This leads to poor customer experience.

Salesforce Genie is a real-time platform that harmonizes real-time customer data, thus enabling organizations to meet their customer requirements as and when they change.

Effectively, Salesforce Genie is the first-time real-time CRM tool that delivers customer “magic” by:

  • Connecting and integrating all customer data originating from any device, application, or real-time stream.
  • Harmonizing all customer data automatically into a single customer graph.
  • Empowering the various departments (or functions) with a single and unified customer profile, which can adapt to real-time activity.
  • Creating customer experiences in a matter of milliseconds.

To that end, let’s discuss how the Salesforce Genie platform is built.

How Is Salesforce Genie Built?

As a real-time data platform, Salesforce Genie is similar to a data lake that ingests data from the Salesforce platform. Moreover, it can ingest data from external sources, including data lakes.

How does the Salesforce Genie platform work? Using built-in connectors, it can retrieve data from practically any channel, including mobile apps, web applications, and APIs. It can also ingest historical data from traditional proprietary data lakes.

Here are the four essential building blocks of the Salesforce Genie:

1. Flow

Built on the Salesforce metadata model, Salesforce Genie obtains real-time data inputs, which are fed into the Flow component. Flow eliminates manual updating of Salesforce records. As a result, it saves 100 billion hours of manual work for organizations.

2. Einstein

Einstein is the next component that Salesforce Genie uses to make real-time predictions. Currently, the Salesforce Einstein engine makes around 175 accurate predictions daily.

3. Genie

This is the hyper-scalable data platform that can ingest and store real-time data streams from data lakes and combine them with Salesforce data.

4. Hyperforce

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure that ensures data storage, security, and regulatory compliance. It also features built-in data ethics and governance, which can elevate customer trust.

How does Salesforce Genie compare with Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP)? Let’s discuss that next.

Comparing Salesforce Genie with Salesforce CDP

Salesforce GDP-ACCELQ

Historically, customer data platforms (or CDPs) integrated siloed data into a single unified view. Salesforce Genie also does this and much more. In essence, it extends CDP functionalities by funneling large data volumes to provide a 360-degree view of the customer data.

Effectively, Salesforce Genie taps into the Salesforce CDP system to find a target customer (or customer group) using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Later, it connects the customer data to the Flow automation to initiate the next action.

Salesforce Genie is also faster than Salesforce CDP with its zero “data copy” architecture. This means that Genie can “read” data sources without having to migrate (or duplicate) the data into Salesforce. With this level of “integration,” Genie can perform the required action in a matter of milliseconds.

To that end, here are some capabilities where Salesforce Genie scores over Salesforce CDP:

  • Use of AI technology to update data outputs every millisecond
  • Automated workflows to instantly respond to any new data
  • Accurate data analytics

Next, let’s discuss some of the features of Salesforce Genie.

Features of Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie is part of the Salesforce suite of products (or platform). With its addition, Genie democratizes real-time data access across every cloud platform. Salesforce Genie is also open and extensible, meaning it is easily integrated with other data-related tools like Snowflake, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon Ads.

Here are some of the best features of the Salesforce Genie platform:

1. Customer Graph

The customer graph is a set of data models that harmonizes and syncs all customer data streams into a unified customer profile. With the customer graph feature, organizations don’t have to worry about the origin of the customer data.

2. First-Party Integration with Advertising

Using integrations with online advertising platforms, Salesforce Genie enables improved ad insights and activation. As a result, businesses can deliver personalized and efficient marketing to the customer. Currently, Genie is integrated with Amazon Ads and Meta.

3. Tableau Data Connector

With this connector, organizations integrate real-time data from Genie into the Tableau platform. This is extremely beneficial for companies using both Salesforce and Tableau.

4. Integration with Amazon SageMaker

With this integration, organizations can directly use Salesforce Einstein (with the Genie platform) to design real-time AI models.

Why ACCELQ Is Most Suitable to test Salesforce Genie

Named as the leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave report, ACCELQ is the preferred solution provider among Salesforce customers. Our cloud-powered no-code test automation platform is the only platform for continuous testing and automation for Salesforce.

Additionally, the ACCELQ test automation platform is embedded with UI, Functional, and API testing capabilities, thus making it easier for you to test Salesforce Genie.

Here are some reasons why companies regard us as the leader in Salesforce Test Automation:

  • Aligned to every Salesforce release
  • AI-based no-code test automation optimized for Salesforce.
  • Support for the complete Salesforce technology stack, thus delivering a 3x faster testing cycle and 70% lesser effort on test automation.

Here is why you should consider ACCELQ for Salesforce Test Automation.

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Nishan Joseph

VP Sales Engineering

Nishan is a tech strategist with expertise in Test Automation and roles at giants like TCS, Microfocus, and Parasoft. At ACCELQ, he champions Strategic Alliances, cultivating global tech partnerships. Educated at Leeds University and Symbiosis Pune, he also possesses an engineering background from Bangalore.

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