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Top 10 Oracle Cloud Testing Tools 2024

Top 10 oracle cloud testing tools
Posted On: 2 July 2024

Oracle Cloud is crucial in many organizations due to its scalability and cost-efficiency, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software. However, without effective testing tools, your team can face challenges like frequent application updates, performance issues, and security vulnerabilities. The blog introduces the top 10 Oracle Cloud testing tools that help mitigate challenges to ensure the efficient management and test automation of Oracle applications across various environments.

10 Best Oracle Cloud Testing Tools


ACCELQ is a codeless test automation platform for Oracle applications. It leverages AI and ML to incorporate cutting advancements for smarter, efficient, and unified test automation across Web, API, Mobile, Desktop, and Packaged Apps. ACCELQ offers a deep vendor alignment with a live cloud link that auto-updates automation assets to check all the updates and ensure they take place seamlessly. A visual model-based approach enables super-fast test development and low maintenance. This AI-powered platform is a one-stop approach to test automation across enterprise apps and technology stacks.


  • ACCELQ object library updates with automated Oracle releases.
  • Oracle Live Universe provides a business process representation of test assets. Reusable assets directly relate to Oracle application flow.
  • A simple no-code handles Oracle objects like embedded iframes, trees, etc.
  • A self-healing object identification in this platform provides robust automation.
  • ACCELQ enables in-sprint automation for shift-left and continuous testing.
  • This test automation platform delivers risk-based and defect-based Oracle test planning and test suite tracking.
  • ACCELQ can integrate with the CI pipeline for automated regression executions.
  • An automated change impact across dependencies leads to easy and low maintenance.

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2. Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

Oracle OATS

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) is an integrated and detailed web application testing solution. It provides the tools to ensure the scalability and reliability of your business-critical applications. Oracle load testing is a separate product in the OATS.


  • Trueload technology accurately emulates multi-threaded browser requests and validates server responses for test results that closely correlate with real user testing.
  • An interactive and virtual user display to view the actual pages virtual users see to aid in debugging.
  • Virtual users can be simulated by a single or distributed server among many servers located anywhere on a LAN or WAN.
  • Scenario manager and autopilot enable the creation of custom load scenarios by selecting pre-recorded scripts, setting virtual user counts, and customizing using advanced ramp-up options.
  • Oracle load testing provides detailed reports and exports data to Excel for more analysis.
  • ServerStats monitors server performance for applications, databases, and web servers, displaying real-time stats like CPU, memory usage, and more.

3. Oracle Flow Builder

Oracle Flow Builder

Oracle Flow Builder (OFB) is a keyword-driven testing application that builds test automation flows. The test automation flows can be translated into executable OpenScript scripts. OFB starter kit includes 2100 plus components and 200 flows for testing Oracle E-Business Suite.


  • Components in OFB display the available component tree, offering options to add new components and define the keywords and parameters.
  • Flows in OFB display the available flows tree and allow new flows to be added. These flows define the sequence of components and test data for generating test automation scripts.
  • Notifications show the informational and to-do messages generated while using the OFB application.
  • Reports provide options for searching and viewing reports for components and flows.
  • Administration in OFB enables the setup of release and product structures, email server configuration, management of function libraries, approvals, and product family access.

4. Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts (ATS)

Oracle ATS

Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts (ATS) is a platform that automates testing for Oracle’s 5G core network functions (NFs). ATS is built on a behavior-driven development framework called Behave. It supports tests written in natural language style and supports 900 plus test cases for 5G NFs.


  • ATS provides 4G/5G NFs standalone testing.
  • This testing platform can maintain historical test data/execution results.
  • ATS offers operators flexibility in customizing their own test cases.
  • Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts deliver a complete functionality, regression, and performance testing set.
  • ATS can be integrated with CI/CD and trigger test cases automatically with each new build.

5. Selenium

Selenium Logo

Selenium is a free, open-source framework for Oracle cloud testing. It offers a suite of tools for Oracle applications, including Selenium IDE, a record-and-play test automation tool for the web.


  • Selenium IDE can set up reliable end-to-end tests.
  • This tool can easily debug tests with features like setting breakpoints and pausing on exceptions.
  • Tests can run across browsers and OS combinations in parallel.
  • Selenium IDE records many locators for each element, and alternative ones are used if one fails.
  • One test case can be re-used using run commands with another test case. Example: Re-using login logic in many places throughout a suite.

6. Opkey

Opkey Logo

Opkey is a test automation tool for ERP applications on the cloud and on-premises. It can plug into your ERP applications to discover legacy tests. This tool covers test automation needs like Oracle Cloud HCM and others.


  • A no-code test builder enables your team to create tests without coding.
  • Opkey mines your process logs to discover the tests you’ve been running and identify gaps in coverage.
  • An extensive pre-built test library allows you to onboard an automation program in weeks.
  • An ERP-specific chatbot assistant is powered by a business-specific language model.
  • Opkey provides reporting templates and dashboards to create audit trails.

7. Tricentis

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis streamlines testing across Oracle cloud applications. This tool can stabilize test automation with service virtualization and test data management. Tricentis can streamline test management with centralized testing activities to release updates faster.


  • Tricentis can create, maintain, and scale automated tests at unparalleled speed and scale. It can empower non-technical users to contribute to test automation.
  • Vision AI automates tests using mockup designs and self-healing for evolving applications.
  • This tool ensures that every aspect of the system is tested, even in complex integrations.

8. Worksoft

With AI-driven process intelligence, Worksoft prioritizes Oracle cloud test automation. Process Intelligence provides insights by combining data from test automation and other sources. It also provides a holistic view of processes to determine strategic next steps.


  • Worksoft Testing Cloud for SCM detects defects early and identifies Oracle application breakpoints.
  • This platform provides E2E automation to reduce the risk of cloud migration.
  • Worksoft uses no-code automation to prevent rework and speed up migration efforts.
  • Jenkins test processes after any code change.

9. Leapwork

Leapwork Logo

Leapwork runs test automation across Oracle-based applications with an intuitive visual approach. So, whether web, desktop, or legacy systems, this tool can automate every test. It has built-in integrations to automate across platforms, devices, and browsers.


  • Leapwork’s intelligent text recognition design automation with AI.
  • This tool has built-in compliance for data storage, disaster recovery, and access control.
  • Remove siloes and CI/CD pipeline integration with plugins to Jenkins and more for quick feedback.
  • Leapwork provides video-based reporting and access control with full active directory support.
  • Built-in reusable test cases and advanced analytics for easy automation maintenance.

10. Virtuoso

Virtuoso Logo

Virtuoso is a test automation tool that uses AI, ML, and NLP. It combines low code speed with the power of scripted test steps. This tool can automate the testing for E2E business processes on Oracle applications.


  • Virtuoso allows for rapid test creation without extensive coding.
  • This tool enables your team to author and execute tests.
  • The root cause analysis functionality provides the application’s state and testing progress.
  • Virtuoso provides improved security to mitigate risks as Oracle updates are constantly tested.


ACCELQ stands out from the Oracle cloud testing tools list due to its comprehensive codeless approach and alignment with the entire Oracle E-Business Suite. Leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies, this platform enables you to achieve automation 7.5x faster, reduce maintenance costs by 72%, and cut overall testing costs by 53%. This platform offers a unified test automation solution for Web, API, Mobile, Desktop, and Packaged Apps.

Ready to see how this no-code test automation platform can transform your Oracle Cloud testing? Sign up for a free trial today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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