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Public sector vertical reports in 2023-ACCELQ

ACCELQ platform accelerated Test Automation adoption across key Federal and State governments enabling DevOps with Continuous Testing.

Dallas, Texas - November, 2023 — ACCELQ a prominent AI-driven codeless platform, has elevated its position by expanding its services to a growing number of government and public sector agencies. This significant move comes after years of persistently catering to this niche. ACCELQ has also been featured on top in the fastest-Growing Companies in North America on the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ in addition to the mention in the Q4 of prestigious Forrester Wave report 2022.

As part of ACCELQ’s efforts to expand its offerings to a wider spectrum of domains, it has now exclusively aligned with the state/ local governments, and public sector agencies. ACCELQ is now popular among more public sector organizations like California Public Utilities commission, Michigan State Senate, Virginia State Police, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities etc. and other Federal entities like The US State department and Federal reserve Banks.

Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief of product and strategy at ACCELQ adds: " The strength of our platform lies in security, scalability and quality in test automation. The depth of our platform aligns well with the needs of those in the public sector. Even though we serve some of the biggest establishments in this domain, I feel that we have just scratched the surface in this niche...”

ACCELQ is SOC 2 certified, ensures utmost security of customer data to reinforce the safety and data integrity using thorough security measures and compliance with standard government regulations.

A senior official from a reputed public sector law enforcement agency said: “We needed to upgrade our testing approach and we were vetting a lot of tools in the market. We discovered ACCELQ's AI-powered No-Code platform and identified it to be our best fit. It simplified test automation, ensured faster implementation, and reduced maintenance efforts. We saw remarkable improvements, including faster scenario processing, transition of manual testers to automation engineers, and significant cost savings.”

The ACCELQ Codeless-AI test automation platform is agile, intuitive, and enterprise-ready and can help government and public sector agencies seamlessly achieve scalable Continuous Testing. It leads the market in testing solutions for existing package applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 360, Oracle, SAP, etc., already in use by public sector businesses. Businesses can obtain 7.5x productivity and over 70% savings with this industry-first autonomics-based automation platform.

Access the detailed report here:


ACCELQ offers AI-powered codeless test automation and management built on a cloud-native platform. ACCELQ offers a unified platform for testing web, mobile, API, database, and packaged apps. The automation-first, codeless capabilities of ACCELQ make it easy for testing teams without deep programming expertise to use. Learn more at

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