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How ACCELQ Accelerates Customer Success After Investing in Salesforce

Thursday, Sept 16th | 9am PST ~ 12pm EST


Do your customers struggle with the complexity and dynamic nature of manually testing the Salesforce application and keeping up with 3 Salesforce releases a year?

ACCELQ is an AI-driven, codeless, continuous testing automation tool for Salesforce.

Join us to learn how ACCELQ makes testing lightning objects, visual force, iframes, integrated applications, and API validations easier, propelling your Salesforce customers towards success faster.

Coffee will be provided for attendees. ( Well a Starbucks gift card for now, while we do these virtually).


  • Demo of ACCELQ for Salesforce
  • Use-Cases for Salesforce Customers
  • How ACCELQ can help Salesforce win
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