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Leadership Solidified

Ranked Leaders in 2022 Forrester Wave Report,
Second Time in a Row


ACCELQ holds its position among the top-tier CAT platforms

ACCELQ’s powerful Universe visual environment provides a modular description approach for testers to create scenarios that directly relate to the components of an application and business processes.

AI in ACCELQ’s strategy enhances the optimization of both tests to be created and tests to be executed, all based on change or user requirements. Another relevant differentiation for ACCELQ is its impressive logo list of customer brands with important names on the advisory board.

ACCELQ’s AI-infused vision powered by pseudo natural language understanding is differentiating. Many reference clients recognized the infusion of AI and ML in testing as one of the most valuable parts of the platform.

While the Universe visual graphic model can present the behavior flow of applications and tests and their components easily, it is not so easy to graphically identify and visualize a business process to test without further pointing and clicking. ACCELQ’s offering has been cloud-native since its inception, providing a strong SaaS experience, varied omnichannel and its own mobile testing, strong third-party record and replay that can be combined with other types of testing, and superior testing of SaaS business apps with strong success in Salesforce. The Universe environment enables collaboration and a consistent test experience.

ACCELQ is a strong enterprise testing choice, especially for Salesforce customers.


A True Platform to achieve Continuous Test Automation

Continuous Integration-ACCELQ

End to End Business

Business Process focused
Automation integrated across
tech stack

Zero Coding

Powerful to handle real world
complexities yet no-code,
intuitive and scalable

Packaged Apps

Transformational Technology for
Cloud & Packaged App Testing &

Quality Lifecycle

Unified approach for Test Design
thru Change Management for
Accelerated Quality


One Platform that seamlessly
connects to all your testing needs

Works across your application portfolio of Web, Mobile, API, Desktop

The most powerful test automation tool for Web, Desktop, Packages Apps, mainframes and more

Industry first No-code, No-setup, cloud-based Mobile Automation platform across Mobile OS and Devices

The most comprehensive automation tool for API, Microservices, SSH, Backend, MQ, ESB and more

Next-generation manual testing tool with tracking, traceability & integrations

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