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Sustainable test automation requires a comprehensive strategy to handle ongoing changes to test application, environment, test data etc. Change Management is built into the core accelQ engine with several autonomics based features facilitating smooth adaptation to change.

Here is a summary of various features in accelQ enabling seamless change management.

Inherent Traceability

  • Universe level traceability that naturally connects various entities and reflects relationships.
  • Missing-step alerts in test scenarios for any changes in workflow behavior.
  • Test case life cycle events trigger change analysis and provide step by step instruction on the resolution path.

Element Identification and Self Healing

  • Intelligent neighborhood based element identification eliminates pixel based dependencies and over-reliance on DOM hierarchy.
  • Handling of dynamic UI with pattern based ID, Anchor elements, Repeat elements and run-time element updates.
  • Autonomics based self-healing when element properties change without knowledge. A thorough analysis of the functional nature of UI is applied to guesstimate the change and allow the test flow to continue.

Reconciliation to Change

  • When the application undergoes UI changes, reconciliation engine helps to trace the functional elements without having to change code logic.
  • Reconciliation handles situations where there may even be a concrete change in element nature (e.g. text field changing to dropdown etc.).
  • In built support for App-Environments abstracts out logic specific to the application environments.

Embedded Best Practices

  • Enforced modularity (context, action convention) ensures the impact of change is localized and easy to address.
  • Intelligent abstraction of UI, low level logic, test data and business workflows ensure changes are easy to accommodate.

Changes to Test Data

  • Data Type definition not only carries the semantic structure of data permutations, but also holds representative data for various application environments.
  • Data is managed centrally so test cases don’t need to be touched. Data can be updated in one place or imported from excel.


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