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Website testing checklists-ACCELQ
Posted On: 20 January 2023

In today’s digital era, having a strong online presence has become an indispensable element of business success. As the internet becomes an integral part of our lives, having a robust, fully functional, and highly-secure website and ensuring it performs as intended is crucial.

The Need for Website Testing

The need for web testing-ACCELQ

As users across the world make most of their decisions by searching for information on the internet these days, hosting a website is no longer optional but a mandatory requirement for all kinds of businesses. But just having a website is not going to take businesses far. They need to also ensure the website is constantly updated and modified to keep up with evolving trends and needs. This necessitates the need for continuous and robust testing.

In essence, website testing verifies and confirms the overall functioning of a web application and checks for potential bugs before it goes live. It also checks for the usability, security, compatibility, and performance of the web application or website and ensures it meets the business’ needs and users’ expectations.

The Benefits of Website Automated Testing

As websites undergo several modifications throughout their lifecycle, it becomes crucial to test new configurations and operating systems after each release thoroughly. But testing all these changes manually is a complex and time-intensive process.

Website automated testing allows testers to reuse test scripts for repetitive and continuous testing. By running tests in parallel across different browsers, platforms, and devices, website automated testing helps widen test coverage and deliver bug-free websites in a shorter timeframe.

Using automation, teams can generate faster testing results with more effective utilization of time and capital. That said, let’s look at the top benefits of website automated testing:

  • Build and scale complex website testing tasks to deliver a seamless user experience across every browser and device
  • Speed up the testing process for faster releases – without compromising on quality or accuracy
  • Ensure high-performance releases of your website while also accelerating the feedback cycle
  • Quicken the build verification process via parallel execution of your tests, including UI testing, functional testing, and regression testing
  • Identify and resolve potential bugs across your website in time and deliver the best user experience.
  • Meet growing needs with flexibility – without worrying about updating versions, adding devices, managing capacity, or maintaining stability
  • Make the most of the fast and 24/7 available testing infrastructure that supports all testing needs across your CI/CD pipeline
  • Enable and ensure comprehensive and efficient test coverage as compared to manual testing through early discovery and fixing of bugs
  • Reuse test scripts to reduce testing time and enjoy fast, consistent, and accurate test results

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A Checklist You Should Follow for Web Application Testing

When it comes to testing the performance and functionality of any website, website automation testing allows for quality testing at scale. By allowing agile teams to automate mundane and error-prone website testing tasks, website automated testing ensures the confident shipping of every release.

But to ensure the best results from web application testing, it is crucial to have a checklist in place. A checklist lists all the critical elements needed for successful testing. As a result, it helps in easily navigating the complex journey of web application testing while ensuring you get maximum returns on your efforts, time, and ROI.

Here’s a checklist you should follow for robust and successful website automated testing:

1. Functionality Testing

Test the website against all functional requirements and specifications, including mainline functions, internal and external links, forms, interfaces, cookies, HTML, integration APIs, accessibility, error conditions, and more.

2. Usability Testing

Determine how user-friendly your website is and ensure users can easily use and interact with your website. Work towards learning about your users, including their behaviors and preferences, uncovering problems, and discovering opportunities.

3. Performance Testing

Verify the performance of your website and its compliance with defined requirements under a range of load conditions. Eliminate bottlenecks as they are detected and determine the amount of load/stress your website can handle across various internet connection speeds.

4. Compatibility Testing

Test the compatibility of your website across different operating systems, form factors, devices, browsers, databases, and hardware specifications.

5. Database Testing

Perform comprehensive database testing to verify business logic, application flow, and database design. Furthermore, test tables, triggers, store methods, views, cursors, etc.

6. Security Testing

Ensure the website is constantly tested for security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, URL manipulation, etc., and document a list of errors and bugs. Identify weaknesses and gaps in security, resolve security concerns as they emerge, and safeguard the website against hackers, illegal access, and data theft and misuse.

7. Backup Testing

Make sure all testing data is constantly backed up and restored in the event of an outage or calamity. To that end, regularly update the backup strategy to keep up with evolving trends and requirements.

8. Change Management

Build a strong change management strategy and clearly define roles and responsibilities to deal with changes and updates. Ensure all discovered issues go through all stages of the change lifecycle and are effectively solved in time.

Checklist of web application testing-ACCELQ

The Capabilities ACCELQ Offers for Seamless Website Testing

If you want to drive the best results from website automated testing, you need to rely on a modern tool that makes all aspects of website testing a cakewalk. As an AI-powered, codeless test automation tool on the cloud, ACCELQ offers powerful web application testing capabilities and allows for multi-channel automation and end-to-end business assurance.

As a powerful test automation tool for Web, API, Mobile, Desktop, and Mainframe testing, ACCELQ enables:

  • Natural language coding and self-healing capabilities with zero framework overhead
  • Early in-sprint automation that helps in automating all aspects of the quality lifecycle with industry-first virtualized abstraction for functional testing
  • Manual testers and business analysts to automate critical and complex website testing tasks – without writing a single line of code
  • A design-first approach with inbuilt modularity, seamlessly integrating with tools like Jira, TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.
  • Maximum test coverage and reusability while offering support for evolving technologies

Up Your Website Testing Game

An attractive and user-friendly website in place can be extremely beneficial for your growing business. If you want your website to function properly and meet your users' and your business's current and evolving needs, you need to embrace a look like ACCELQ to take your web application testing a notch higher.

Formulating a comprehensive website testing checklist can enable you to thoroughly test every feature of your website and ensure it ticks all the boxes for high performance, functionality, security, availability, and user experience.

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