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Top 10 Web Application Testing Tools For Automation In 2024

Web Application testing tools
Posted On: 26 June 2024

Web applications are not software; they are the lifeline of business operations. As businesses rely on web applications, quality and functionality are top priorities. Over 23% of software failures are due to inadequate testing. Failure to conduct detailed testing can lead to glitches, causing application malfunction. Inadequate testing can also result in losing customers' trust and revenue. In such a case, automation testing tools can perform testing tasks with less human effort. These tools save time and ensure thorough testing. The blog lists the top ten web application automation testing tools in 2024.

10 Best Web Application Testing Tools


ACCELQ is the most powerful test automation tool for web testing. It can automate test design to maximize coverage and reusability. Using ACCELQ, developing products is simple and fast yet flexible for web application testing needs. This tool offers seamless integration in a unified view of your Quality Lifecycle.


  • ACCELQ enables in-sprint automation with an industry-first virtualized abstraction for functional testing. It helps manual testers and business analysts to automate testing without programming.
  • This tool ensures a design-first approach with built-in modularity, so custom frameworks are unnecessary.
  • An AI-powered natural language automation is coupled with a next-gen recorder. It enables your team to automate fast.
  • ACCELQ offers a powerful & intelligent element capture technology to create robust automation.
  • Self-healing automation reduces maintenance and speeds up ROI.
  • This tool can easily support new technologies and custom controls without coding difficulties.
  • An app universe and analytic-based algorithms drive automated test planning to ensure coverage. It offers automated change impact analysis and alert management.
  • ACCELQ can perform cross browser and platform executions on cloud and on-premise labs. The parallel executions are supported for fast turnarounds.
  • Test runs can be scheduled by CI workflow.
  • Dynamic live results view with actionable reports to trigger reruns. ACCELQ gives you email notifications and more to enable quick decision-making.

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2. TestRigor

testRigor Logo

TestRigor is an executable specification engine that writes and executes tests in English. This tool checks web applications for accessibility to people with vision impairments. TestRigor can automate tasks, such as enlarging the font size. It lets testers determine if a website complies with accessibility rules.


  • TestRigor’s Generative AI automates test creation for non-technical users using plain English commands.
  • This tool ensures thorough cross browser testing for broad compatibility and coverage.
  • TestRigor includes accessibility testing to ensure applications are useful for people with disabilities.
  • It integrates with most CI/CD tools to improve workflow automation.
  • TestRigor offers reports and captures screenshots at every test step.

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3. Eggplant

Eggplant Logo

Eggplant is an object-based automated testing tool for web applications via Eggplant Functional's WebDriver interface. Eggplant Functional performs WebDriver testing or combines WebDriver testing with imaged-based testing using VNC or RDP connections to achieve a hybrid approach. This tool utilizes image-based automation, allowing testers to interact with applications using visual elements.


  • Eggplant uses artificial intelligence to improve test creation and execution. Simulates user interactions with applications without accessing source code.
  • This tool implements a digital twin model. The model predicts application behavior under different conditions to improve reliability and coverage.
  • Eggplant tests all devices, platforms, and OS for consistent user experience.
  • Maintenance costs are less by employing low-code testing methods to manage and update.

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4. TestComplete

TestComplete Logo

TestComplete supports web testing. This tool creates reusable tests for web apps, including JS frameworks on browsers. It integrates with the tools to provide a complete testing lifecycle.


  • TestComplete automates web tests for traditional, dynamic apps and Chromium frameworks.
  • This tool uses name mapping to locate objects for web applications where controls frequently change.
  • TestComplete audits websites pre-launch to ensure cross device compatibility.
  • This tool simplifies web dialog handling for HTML5 elements and saves time on test maintenance.
  • Integrate existing Selenium scripts with this tool to speed up testing across many browsers.

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5. Katalon Studio

Katalon Logo

Katalon Studio is a web testing tool for developing software and testing purposes. This tool helps teams by providing actionable analytics to improve testing workflows. With Katalon Studio, one can create and execute automated tests efficiently.


  • Wait until the under engine fully loads the web app. No timing code is needed.
  • Efficiently locates, detects, and stores test objects to speed up your scripting process.
  • Effortlessly generate tests. Automatically store all user interface elements to maximize reusability.
  • Run tests at any step on many browsers and devices locally or with cloud services.
  • Various native plugins are supported for integration with CI tools.
  • Diversified reports are available to detect issues and control performance.

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6. Mabl

Mabl Logo

Mabl is a unified test automation platform built on the cloud. Its AI and low-code capabilities deliver an approach to ensure quality software across the user journey. Mabl allows teams to scale functional and non-functional testing across web apps for a good digital experience.


  • An intuitive low-code interface enables users to create and manage tests.
  • Mabl’s AI capabilities adjust tests to match website changes, reducing maintenance.
  • This tool speeds up tests by waiting for the page to load before starting.
  • Seamless integrations with CI/CD and defect-tracking tools streamline the testing workflow.

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7. UiPath

UI Path Logo

UiPath is a web testing tool. This tool enables users to build and automate tests across platforms for online business apps and services.


  • UiPath Integration Service enables the creation of custom online integrations.
  • The HTTP webhook connector triggers the workflow to capture and subscribe to real-time events from external systems.
  • A visual workflow designer uses a drag-and-drop interface to simplify automation creation for users with varying technical skills.
  • UiPath offers built-in analytics and monitoring tools to track performance metrics, identify bottlenecks, and optimize automation efforts.

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8. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis Tosca optimizes and accelerates testing of the entire digital landscape. Its codeless, AI-powered approach across enterprises eliminates testing bottlenecks.


  • Tricentis Tosca utilizes advanced AI to interact with web apps dynamically.
  • Risk-based test optimization prioritizes critical business functionalities, reduces costs, and facilitates release decisions.
  • Service virtualization tests responses from inaccessible or non-existing systems.
  • Tricentis Tosca integrates and automates with every part of the DevOps toolchain.

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9. Testsigma

Testsigma Logo

Testsigma is a test automation ecosystem. This web application software testing tool plans, designs, develops, executes, analyzes, and reports for continuous testing.


  • Testsigma automates web app testing with an intelligent recorder and plain English statements.
  • This tool tests web apps locally on real browsers/OS combinations or in the cloud.
  • Testsigma uses pre-built dashboards to overview test trends. It can drill down reports, screenshots, and videos for better observability and debugging.
  • Test maintenance is made easy with stable, automated tests.
  • Testsigma integrates with CI/CD to provide quick feedback for builds.
  • Run iterative tests by adding different parameter values for improved test coverage.

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10. Leapwork

Leapwork Logo

Leapwork is an AI-powered visual test platform to build, maintain, and scale automation. It offers web test automation that works across your user journey and technologies.


  • A smart recorder automates web-based tests without writing a line of code.
  • Dynamic web interfaces complicate test stability. Intelligent field recognition adapts to changes and reduces manual updates.
  • This tool automates seamlessly using smart building blocks across all tech applications.
  • Find failed tests from video recordings, data insights, and activity logs.
  • Leapwork is compatible with DevOps tools in your CI/CD pipeline.

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AI-powered codeless automation and continuous testing ensure bug-free web apps. Enhance productivity and deliver bug-free web apps with platforms like ACCELQ Web Automate. This codeless testing platform identifies webpage controls using locator-free and smart locators. It ensures test stability despite web code changes. Get in touch with us today for your web application testing needs.

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