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TOP 15 Test Management Tools In 2024

Top Test Management Tools 2024
Posted On: 29 February 2024

Testers and developers can use a test management tool to organize and control the testing process in software development. The tools manage all testing activities, including storing test cases, executing tests, and tracking results. These tools integrate with other software for effective testing lifecycle management. By using the below tools, teams can reduce the risk of defects and streamline the software development cycle. As we explore the list of top 15 test management tools in 2024, consider its entire quality lifecycle, integration with automation frameworks, and various unique features.

Test Management tools Competitor Comparision

15 Best Test Management Tools

1. ACCELQ Manual

ACCELQ Manual is a next-gen test management platform for Agile teams. This tool provides a variety of features, such as test tracking, traceability, integrations, and more. It follows a modular approach to manual testing and is built to integrate seamlessly within your existing ecosystem of tools.


  • ACCELQ is an AI-based test management platform with a wholistic view of quality assurance progress.
  • Uses the power of parameterization and automated test case generation for data-driven testing.
  • Fluid test creation scenario designer.
  • Built-in Asset sharing & version control capabilities.
  • ACCELQ supports automated migration from traditional test management tools.
  • Seamless CI/CD integration with Jenkins, Bambo, Azure DevOps, Team City, and more natural traceability with JIRA.
  • Track test run configurations and run across configurable environments.
  • Dynamic reports with perspectives help you dice it and make further decisions.

Website Link:


JIRA Software Logo

Jira is a project management tool for teams. This tool provides agile planning, customizable boards, and workflows to estimate and report.


  • Make your projects easy to manage with Scrum and Kanban boards.
  • Use a timeline view to sync teamwork and manage dependencies.
  • Stay informed and ready with reports of this tool.
  • Jira, Jenkins, and Github can team up to make work easier and faster.

Website Link:

3. TestRail

Test Rail Logo

TestRail is a web-based test management tool. TestRail helps teams design, organize, execute, and track tests with its user-friendly web interface.


  • Keep track of all your testing in one place for a clear overview.
  • Centralize testing to simplify and standardize the process.
  • Use this tool to create, assign, and execute tests for your team.
  • TestRail automates test result uploads from GitLab and Bitbucket.
  • This tool links defects to Jira for reports to the development team.
  • TestRail tracks testing progress, links items, and makes reports.

Website Link:

4. XRay


XRay is a Jira test management app. It streamlines testing for deployment readiness. This app makes teamwork faster and easier.


  • The app can integrate with other tools to improve team efficiency.
  • Built-in reports check testing progress and requirement status.

Website Link:

5. PractiTest

PractiTest Logo

PractiTest is a centralized test management solution available only on the cloud for software testing efforts. It can bring your entire QA team, process, and tools into one platform.


  • QA artifacts are managed in one place for complete coverage and traceability.
  • PractiTest reports on past tests daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Integrates hassle-free with various tools.

Website Link:

6. QMetry


QMetry offers agile test case management in software testing. Agile and DevOps teams can build, manage, and deploy quality software.


  • Track changes to tests and requirements using version control to monitor their evolution.
  • Version Control lets you create and keep versions of your test assets.
  • QMetry simplifies testing with linked tests and user stories.
  • You can organize the reports in charts with custom dashboards.
  • QMetry speeds up DevOps with continuous testing, Jira, Git, and more.

Website Link:

7. Zephyr

Smart Bear Zephyr Logo

Zephyr Enterprise is for robust test management managed outside the Atlassian ecosystem. This standalone tool can integrate with Jira in real time.


  • Zephyr Enterprise has a global test repository for teams and projects.
  • Track progress and log defects in Jira while executing tests.
  • This tool connects Jira and updates requirements.
  • Track progress and collaborate with your team on Jira.

Website Link:

8. Kualitee

Kualjtee Logo

Kualitee simplifies test case management, enables collaboration, and automates testing. Buy pre-written tests directly from the Test Case Library.


  • Kualitee tests software by creating and managing tests for different parts.
  • This tool supports the manual execution of testing.
  • Customize Kualitee fields to work with integrated data sources easily.
  • This tool can create customized test reports for test coverage and status.

Website Link:

9. OpenText ALM Quality Center

Opentext Logo

OpenText ALM Quality Center, a software test case management tool, provides robust tracking and reporting. This tool manages applications and helps teams avoid missing important tasks.


  • This tool uses requirement and test coverage analysis to ensure requirements are met.
  • Out-of-the-box live analysis graphs and reports to share with stakeholders.
  • Open-source technologies and various application lifecycle tools are utilized for integration.

Website Link:

10. Tricentis qTest

Tricentis Qtest Logo

Tricentis qTest is an agile testing tool to manage tests. This tool simplifies agile development for DevOps and QA teams.


  • qTest manages testing based on project schedules.
  • Annotate, submit, and share defects instantly with Jira.
  • Test reports & heat maps for issue identification.
  • qTest sends test results via Jenkins for constant monitoring.

Website Link:

11. Qase

Qase Logo

Qase is an all-in-one QA management software that orchestrates manual and automated testing. Manage tests and get informative reports with this platform. Qase can be connected with commonly used issue trackers.


  • Group test cases and define properties in Qase.
  • Smart Wizard in Qase creates test plans and checks every case in one go.
  • Test results include success rate, error log, and run time for each case. Dashboards display results visually.
  • Qase can integrate with CI/CD tools for testing and team collaboration.

Website Link:

12. SpiraTest

Spira Test Logo

SpiraTest manages testing bugs and issues in one place. This tool tracks all software testing steps.


  • SpiraTest manages tests by tracking workflow and scheduling in real time.
  • User-friendly wizard grades tests and detects defects.
  • SpiraTest connects with other tools to track work progress easily.
  • Printable reports and charts.

Website Link:

13. RTM

Requirements and Test Management for Jira is an app by Hexygen. RTM streamlines software development in Atlassian suite.


  • Requirements and Test Management has built-in requirements management.
  • RTM provides a detailed test case creation and maintenance mechanism.
  • Organize tests in a tree for easy management.
  • Monitor project progress with execution report. This app has reusable test plan templates.

Website Link:

14. QAComplete

SmarT Bear QAComplete Logo

QAComplete is a software test management tool to manage tests and defects with user stories. Organize tests and track requirements to deliver great software.


  • The test library screen of this tool can create, edit, and organize your tests.
  • Test sets are used to organize tests into groups and run them in the specified sequence.
  • Tests can be run from the library or as part of sets.
  • QAComplete offers report templates for customized reporting.

Website Link:

15. JunoOne

Juno Logo

JunoOne is a tool for managing tests and issues with JIRA integration. This tool simplifies test and incident management.


  • Filter and report selected test executions only.
  • Sort test cases and create PDF or XLS reports.
  • GitLab and JunoOne can run projects simultaneously.

Website Link:


Test management is crucial in software testing, and the right tool accelerates testing efficiency, collaboration, and quality. ACCELQ Manual stands out with its next-gen manual test designer, execution engine, test management, and more. This platform can be your most reliable no-code automation tool due to its specialized features for testing in different environments, and it is the only platform with Manual and Automation testing under the same hood.

Book a free trial and connect with our experts to know more.

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