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Accelerate Your QA Automation with ACCELQ: A Comprehensive Review

QA Automation with ACCELQ
Posted On: 22 December 2023

QA automation is a crucial part of the software development lifecyle. Yet, most organizations are stuck with QA automation tools that are rigid, old-school, and extremely inflexible.

To drive exceptional quality outcomes, organizations need a codeless QA automation tool like ACCELQ that enables quick, end-to-end automation across the entire tool stack.


Ranked as a leader in the 2022 Forrester Wave report twice in a row, ACCELQ maintains its position as a top-tier test automation platform. ACCELQ's powerful visual environment offers a modular description approach for testers to create test scenarios directly associated with the components of an application and business processes. Its new-age AI capabilities optimize test creation and execution and are touted as the most valuable aspect of the platform.

ACCELQ Features

ACCELQ offers an array of top-notch test automation features that truly transform testing.

  • As a cloud-based, no-code, AI-driven test automation platform, ACCELQ enables manual testers to automate testing without the need for programming. As a result, they can quickly set up test cases, carry out comprehensive end-to-end testing, and reuse test suites for accelerated results.
  • Being cloud-based and codeless, ACCELQ allows fast test automation development with the lowest maintenance. Also, the tool’s intuitive UI allows for the expansion of test cases with minimal time, cost, and effort.
  • ACCELQ allows QA teams to enable quick and seamless automation testing. Since web, API, mobile, and desktop are automated in the same flow, testers can achieve comprehensive and true end-to-end business assurance.
  • ACCELQ’s in-sprint automation aligns with DevOps and Agile to streamline the CI/CD process.
  • ACCELQ’s self-healing autonomic test automation feature aligns with fast-release changes. This enables testers to effectively address run-time element identification issues and bring all facets of the application change lifecycle to work cohesively.
  • Moreover, ACCELQ offers a visual application model for business process validation, allowing testers to develop an array of test scenarios. Teams can make the most of visual test design and build robust application blueprints.
  • ACCELQ’s seamless CI/CD integration and natural traceability create a more efficient software development organization. It encourages frequent change, early feedback, and enhanced accountability and transparency, thus boosting the organization’s ability to keep up with the pace of change.
  • ACCELQ overcomes the trouble of creating test cases for different requirements with its AI-based automated test case generation and data planning. In sum, advanced AI capabilities help automatically create models for fast-changing systems, ensuring comprehensive test coverage with seamless risk-based testing.
  • Built-in test management, version control, and governance capabilities make it simple for teams to carry out safe, secure, and standardized test management.


A wide array of capabilities complement ACCELQ's range of intelligent and intuitive features. For instance, the tool:

  • Provides end-to-end automation, enabling teams to achieve true, business process-focused test automation across web, mobile, desktop, and API.
  • Integrates end-to-end, allowing teams to rely on just a single tool to conduct the testing of their choice.
  • Caters to both manual testers and business analysts via its comprehensive and cutting-edge codeless and AI-enabled features.
  • Is enterprise-ready, meaning teams can begin using the tool out-of-the-box — without any setup, coding, or ongoing maintenance.
  • Adapts a design-first approach, allowing testers to ensure a direct visual relationship with application business processes and user stories.

Top Differentiators

Given the test automation tools available in the market today, what makes ACCELQ unique? Here are the top differentiators:


With ACCELQ, testers can develop complex test logic without worrying about the programming syntax or losing the simplicity of natural language.


In essence, ACCELQ enables a modular approach to testing, enabling the creation of small test cases and scripts. As a result, teams can target specific portions of the system under test and ensure better testing outcomes.


Furthermore, ACCELQ allows testers to write test logic with a natural interface, and this same approach remains applicable to every aspect of test automation. As a result, they can easily handle iframes and other dynamic controls and make the most of logical and business-driven test automation.

Made for the Real World

ACCELQ supports advanced interactions and logic development capabilities. In fact, everything, from dynamic web pages to database validations, API verifications, and middleware automation, is included within the same, simple, and natural interface.


With ACCELQ, testers can create completely natural test assets. Since the tool does not impose any rigid language semantics, anyone with basic functional knowledge can develop and execute complex test automation.

No Vendor Lock-in

ACCELQ's natural language abstraction, industry-standard runtime, and integration support for various tools and add-ons ensure testers never suffer from vendor lock-in issues.

The future of testing is Codeless!

Join the universe of automation testing with our AI-powered platform!

ACCELQ Community

In addition to offering a diverse set of modern capabilities, ACCELQ also has a strong community.

  • Q Academy: At the Q Academy, testers can hone their ACCELQ skills for Agile testing. They can get tips on how to get started with ACCELQ. They can also learn to master the powerful capabilities of the platform – the Q Academy offers all this and more.
  • Q Certification: For testers who constantly want to upgrade their ACCELQ knowledge and skillset, Q Certification offers several certification options. Testers can test their skills and improve their real-world knowledge of the ACCELQ tool. They can also take on expert certification to boost their ability to develop complex automation suites.

Customer Reviews

There are several QA automation tools available in the market. But many users prefer ACCELQ for various reasons.

Ease of Use

ACCELQ scores high on its ease of use.

  • “It is very easy to set up and use. It has so many features, which makes automation of complex flows so easy.”(Source)
  • “Best thing about the platform is you can do automation with no complex coding involved. It has a lot of re-usable functions and statements, which perfectly suits automation of various platforms.”(Source)

Customer Service

Ever since its inception, ACCELQ has been known for its proactive and comprehensive support model.

  • “From the time we adopted the ACCLEQ tool, there have been continuous improvements to the platform. In the initial stage, the team provided us with hands-on training on using the tool effectively and was always available to answer our queries. With the constant improvements of the tool, we feel that the team is more proactive in catering to our ever-increasing test automation requirements.” (Source)
  • “Overall, I have had an outstanding experience with ACCELQ. Their support is top-notch, quick to reply, and help with any issues that arise.”(Source)


ACCELQ's top-notch test automation features make it a much sought-after tool across various use cases.

  • “ACCELQ is one of the most robust tools I have worked with. It gives users multiple access points to create and customize automation scripts based on business needs. It also supports manual and automated test execution, helps track test case progress, and displays progress via dashboards.” (Source)
  • “This is one of those products that has changed the way we used to work with test automation. A truly agile platform that is cloud-based, ACCLEQ helps us scale up easily.” (ACCELQ)

Value for Money

Being codeless and re-usable, ACCELQ is lauded for its cost-effectiveness.

  • “ACCLEQ is one of the most widely used tools to perform automation testing and reduce the efforts taken up by manual testers. The scripts, once built, can be run several times and can also be scheduled for a feature run test suite coverage with test suite readiness and coverage status.”(Source)
  • “The tool is very interesting and engaging. Gives us the satisfaction of achieving a lot in less time.”(Source)


ACCELQ's revolutionary approach to business assurance makes it a viable choice for organizations of all sizes and types. Here's what some organizations have to say about their experience with ACCELQ:

  • “The framework enables us to kick off the automation in no time and offers seamless integration.” – Sr. Manager Quality Assurance in the Services Industry.
  • “Simple to use with an intuitive UI. Expansion of the test cases with minimal effort.” – Chief Information Officer in the Manufacturing Industry.

Wrapping Up

Compatibility testing is integral to software development endeavors It lends confirmation that the application works as intended on the targeted platforms, devices, and browsers. The above outlined best practices hold the key to ensuring that your software is compatible with different environments and delivers a seamless, bug-free user experience.

To ensure that compatibility testing efforts are consistent, scalable, efficient, and accurate, automating them proves viable. This is precisely where a robust, codeless test automation tool like ACCELQ becomes a key enabler of faster, improved, and more accurate compatibility testing. Contact us to learn more about how ACCELQ can help.

Nishan Joseph

VP Sales Engineering

Nishan is a tech strategist with expertise in Test Automation and roles at giants like TCS, Microfocus, and Parasoft. At ACCELQ, he champions Strategic Alliances, cultivating global tech partnerships. Educated at Leeds University and Symbiosis Pune, he also possesses an engineering background from Bangalore.

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