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Top Software Testing Conferences you must attend in 2024

Software Testing Conferences
Posted On: 6 February 2024

Staying ahead of the competition is required to keep pace with technological updates. Attending conferences helps you to stay up-to-date with industry requirements, find solutions to testing challenges, and network with like-minded people.

With software testing conferences happening across the globe, it isn’t easy to choose which would best suit your needs. Check the 2024 software testing conferences below to stay informed about technology trends and enhance your business.

Software testing Conferences 2024

List of Software Testing Conferences

Automation Guild, February 5 - 9, Online

Automation Guild is an event for testing enthusiasts and offers a chance to learn from the leading E2E automation experts in the industry. Attendees can gain practical insights into functional and non-functional test automation strategies.

What is in it for you?

  • Explore the potential of test automation in driving away flaky testing.
  • Testing anecdotes from experienced testing experts to get a head-start on automation.
  • Deep dive into innovative automation testing strategies for 2024.

ACCELQ team is all set to participate in the Test Guild’s 8th community-driven annual LIVE Online Event - Automation Guild 2024 as a gold sponsor from February 5-9, 2024. Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief Product and Strategy, at ACCELQ, will facilitate a "From Code to Cognition: The Journey of AI and Automation” session. Guljeet will uncover traditional testing challenges and showcase the magic of AI in test automation.

Event Link:

Testing Peers Conference 2024, March 14, Nottingham, UK

Passionate testers came up with Testing Peers via WhatsApp to collaborate, share ideas, and hold each other accountable. The group has daily discussions in their private Slack channel, building strong peer relationships. They have similar views on some topics but challenge each other with opposing opinions, forming stronger views.

The first-ever Testing Peer conference focuses on leadership, quality, and testing. It will be run by the community for the community and welcomes anyone, from people new to testing or wanting to get into the field of development, product, and delivery to CEOs.

Event Link:

StarEast 2024, April 28 - May 3, Orlando, FL & Online

StarEast is one of the largest software testing conferences in the world. With a diverse audience of practitioners and leaders, StarEast participants seek case studies, leading-edge innovations, inspiring success stories, and practical lessons in software testing. Whether you attend in person or online, you'll get great content and experience. Hence, mark the dates – April 28 - May 3 and get ready to witness the best talks on Continuous Testing, AI for testing, Test Automation Tools, and more.

Event Link:

Expo: QA 24, May 28 -30, Madrid, Spain

Expo: QA is Spain's international meeting point for Software Testing and Quality Engineering professionals. You can witness a day of hands-on workshops on the 28th of May and two days of professional talks and master classes. Have fun with good wine and small dishes, and visit famous landmarks for a nice cultural night.

Event Link:

Test Automation Days 2024, May 29 - 30, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Test Automation Days is a unique two-day conference for IT Managers, CIOs, and CTOs; IT Professionals such as Engineers, Analysts, Developers, Test coordinators, and Test managers; Business Management such as Consultants and Project managers. On the first day, you can attend workshops by sharing your experiences, regardless of your level. The second-day highlights talks, presentations, and exchanging ideas through keynote lectures. Test Automation Days was the key meeting place for the test automation community in the last edition.

Event Link:

EuroSTAR 2024, June 11 - 14, Stockholm, Sweden

EuroSTAR is part of QualTech Conferences and is based in Galway, Ireland. QualTech has three decades of expertise in organizing all European IT conferences. The team works year-round to deliver two dynamic software testing conferences - AutomationSTAR, which is focused on test automation, and the flagship EuroSTAR Conference, which covers the wider spectrum of software quality challenges and trends. EuroSTAR is Europe's premier IT conference for software testers.

Over the past 30 years, the European software testing community has gathered together in Europe and different cities yearly. EuroSTAR is all set to warm-heartedly welcome its community from June 11-14, 2024, in Sweden. You can listen to inspiring keynotes and track talks from testing experts. Attendees can connect with other learning enthusiasts.

Event Link:

Romanian Testing Conference, June 12 - 14, Romania

At the Romanian Testing Conference, you can meet the world's Software Testing rockstars. The mission of the Romanian Testing Community has been to unite people through their passions and interests. Romanian testing community is created as a reference point for software testers who want to share ideas and personal experiences related to common interest, testing, or quality assurance.

Event Link:

TribeQonf, July 12 -13, Bangalore, India

TribeQonf brings together India’s Best Testing Minds. Over four hundred-plus testers have registered in the previous edition. The last edition covered automation, career development, leadership, testing in an enterprise, testing basics, testing in high-paced environments, and much more.

Don't miss this conference! It features 20 experts from India's top companies and startups. You can learn from them, network to advance your career, receive mentorship, and ask questions to experienced professionals.

Event Link:

Event Name: Testμ 2024, August 21- 23, Online

Testμ (TestMu) is an online-only conference that puts ‘you’ at the centre. It is by the community, for the community. We keep ' you ' at the center of it all, be it hands-on learning sessions, talks on building the right culture, or sessions on trends. You can expect forty-five plus speakers, thirty-plus sessions, and twenty-thousand-plus attendees for this three-day conference. The conference is for the Test Architect Lead, Automation Lead, Mobile QA Lead, and for people who value quality. Do not miss interesting anecdotes during this conference.

Event Link:

Testing Talks, August 15 / October 17, Sydney & Melbourne

Testing Talks has been created to bring industry-leading testers together to present knowledge that attendees can apply to their work. This conference is for all to share, learn, and reconnect.

Technical workshops conducted by expert speakers will provide attendees with the latest testing technology, helping them understand trends in popular automation technologies. There will be swag, fun games, and prizes for attendees.

Event Link:

TestBash Brighton 2024, September 12 - 13, Brighton, UK

TestBash UK by the Ministry of Testing is coming to Brighton in 2024. The event lasts for two days. On the first day, experts discuss software testing and AI. The second day is all about trending software testing topics.

For TestBash Brighton, you can contribute by applying to one or more of these roles - Facilitator, Ambassador, Speaker, and teacher. The facilitator can create and facilitate a group activity. The ambassador can advocate for TestBash by reviewing sessions and creating community connections during or after the event. The speaker can present a 20-30 minute talk. The teacher can host a 99-minute workshop.

It is an excellent opportunity to learn from fellow community members, network, participate in workshops, and have much fun.

Event Link:

StarWest 2024, September 22 - 27, Anaheim, CA, USA & Online

StarWest is one of the longest-running conferences on software testing and quality assurance. The event week features over 75 learning and networking opportunities. It covers a wide variety of the most in-demand topics like AI/Machine Learning for Testing, Test Automation, Test strategy, planning, and metrics.

Event Link:

Hustef 2024, October 8 - 10, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Software Testing Forum (Hustef) calls for speakers. Meet and interact with the vibrant testing community in Budapest to share your experience, thoughts, and knowledge about software quality and testing. Make new friends, build your network, and, last but not least, be a part of this amazing community by enjoying Hustef's hospitality.

Event Link:

AutomationStar 2024, October 9 - 10, Vienna, Austria

AutomationSTAR is brought to you by the EuroSTAR experienced team in the software testing conferences. It is a two-day test automation conference in Austria on the 9th and 10th of October. With 25 global experts led by Ryan Volker and his team, attendees can submit their keynote to share knowledge, technical expertise, and more. Join the international software testing community space to exchange perspectives and new ideas.

Event Link:

Testflix, October 19 - 20, Online

TestFlix is a global software testing conference aiming to create a global virtual stage for software testers from many countries to share their knowledge through pre-recorded atomic talks. TestFlix 2023 had around 15,000+ people from 110+ countries and 4,000+ companies attend the virtual software testing conference. The upcoming TestFlix 2024 conference promises to be as exciting, with 20k+ signups and 50+ expert speakers covering 15 plus themes, on October 19 & 20. Best of all, the entry pass is free! With a lineup of speakers and themes, this conference is a must-attend for founders, students, test engineers, and those looking to learn from the best in the industry.

Event Link:

Agile Testing Days 2024, November 19 - 22, Potsdam, Germany

Agile Testing Days is a 4-day offline conference for international agile software testers and engineers gathered to learn, share, and network. The conference features more than 140+ sessions, including inspiring keynotes, experience talks, hands-on workshops, and full-day tutorials covering the latest agile software testing insights for you. It is for Agile Testers, Agile Coaches, Software Engineers, Software Testers, and those attending the Agile Testing Days conference. Grab the Super Early Bird Discount and save 15% by purchasing your entry pass by May 10, 2024. Don’t miss the chance to interact with other professionals.

Event Link:


The software testing and automation landscape is constantly evolving. There's no better way to keep pace with these changes than by joining the vibrant community at these top software testing conferences. Each conference promises different insights about the latest trends and innovations in the software industry. Whether you're fresher or expert, attending these conferences is not just an action but a leap forward in your career. They offer an unparalleled stage to learn from industry leaders and connect with peers. Discover new tools and methodologies to revolutionize your software testing and automation approach. Remember, tickets are limited, so secure your spot soon at the above events.

ACCELQ is excited to announce that we will be a gold sponsor for the Test Automation Guild online event in 2024, and we would be happy to see you there! To stay up-to-date with all the events we will participate in this year, visit our events page:

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