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ACCELQ-End-to-End testing
Posted On: 11 January 2023

Regardless of how rigorously you carry out the unit, system, functionality, user, performance, load, and other types of testing, the importance of end-to-end (E2E) testing cannot be understated. By testing the application flow from start to end, E2E testing helps simulate real-world scenarios and validate the system under test and its components for functionality, performance, and data integrity.

The Need for End-to-End Testing

The need for End-to-End testing-ACCELQ

As software applications get extremely complex, ensuring the different components of the product work perfectly in isolation – as well as an integrated application – is critical. End-to-end testing is a type of software testing that confirms if applications behave as expected and that data flows properly for user tasks and processes. This testing starts from the end user’s perspective and simulates a real-world scenario. As a result, it enables testers to verify the different actions and ensure they work as users expect.

Bringing developers, testers, managers, and users together, end-to-end testing makes it easier to detect various problems before releasing the software. By identifying the most critical workflow, end-to-end testing helps prioritize tasks in the development backlog while improving the overall user experience.

Unlike other types of testing that focus on testing one aspect of the application, end-to-end testing focuses on the complete user workflow, enabling teams to:

  • Define system dependencies and ensure all integrated pieces work properly together
  • Test every component, workflow, and integration via detailed test case development
  • Run different kinds of tests based on user behavior and ensure the application performs as intended
  • Automate critical user paths to improve testing accuracy and accelerate time to market
  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to test while reducing the overall cost of building and maintaining software
  • Predictably and reliably detect bugs and ensure customers have a seamless, consistent, and bug-free experience
  • Test across multiple applications, devices, operating systems, platforms, and user groups

The Role of a Robust End-to-End Testing Framework

Role of end-to-end testing-ACCELQ

Modern software systems have several internal and external interactions that need to happen properly. Since any failure can cause adverse effects throughout the entire system, conducting end-to-end testing using a robust framework can help avoid far-reaching system risks.

End-to-end testing frameworks are an essential part of any successful automated testing process. They help minimize testing efforts and maintenance costs. Further, they provide a higher return on investment for QA teams looking to optimize their DevOps and agile processes.

Offering a set of guidelines or rules used for creating and designing test cases, end-to-end testing frameworks comprise a combination of practices and tools designed to help testing professionals test more efficiently.

From coding standards to data handling best practices, an organized testing framework offers a single, comprehensive platform for carrying out any type of tests. It can help verify the system flow, ensure broad test coverage, and detect any issues in time. As a result, using an end-to-end testing framework, QA teams can increase test speed and efficiency, boost test accuracy, and lower risks.

Moreover, through minimal manual intervention, maximum test coverage, and reusability of code, an end-to-end test automation framework can:

  • Allow different teams to rely on a single platform to seamlessly meet all their testing needs
  • Enable robust and comprehensive testing across web, desktop, packages, apps, mobile devices, mainframes, and more
  • Offer multichannel test automation across a complex and constantly scaling enterprise tech stack
  • Enable a revolutionary approach to business assurance in any on-premises or multi-cloud packaged app environment
  • Ensure comprehensive quality lifecycle management via continuous testing across the CI/CD pipeline
  • Drive automated business assurance for cloud and packaged apps with real-time release alignment
  • Enable business process-based testing for faster time-to-market and end-to-end integrated automation

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The Capabilities ACCELQ Offers

As an AI-powered, codeless test automation tool on the cloud, ACCELQ offers a robust end-to-end testing framework to test modern applications across the technology stack. This test automation and test management platform brings all the faces of end-to-end testing in a collaborative and codeless cloud environment.

Unlike other automation scripting and execution-only tools in the market, ACCELQ is a complete lifecycle management platform. It offers testing across web, API, database, mobile, mainframe, and more.

Intelligent Test Planning

Leveraging the capabilities of heuristics and analytics, ACCELQ paves the way for intelligent test planning. In essence, this helps teams create requirement-based, change impact-based, or other regression test suites.

Automated Test Design

In the ACCELQ platform, test design is automated through an intelligent universe model that drives the entire testing lifecycle – from beginning to end.

Test-Driven Development

The ACCELQ platform offers functional virtualization that enables test-driven development and removes application development dependencies. It automates complex end-to-end technology workflow and business rule validation.

Seamless Validation Handling

Screen recording and natural language editor provide the right mix of keeping it simple and code-free while easily handling complex validations across technology stacks.

Advanced Version control

Test management is tightly coupled with automation, inbuilt version control, and full-blown change management. As a result, this eliminates the need to handle traditional, file-based version management.

Faster Scaling

ACCELQ’s design-first approach and inbuilt modularity deliver automation that’s faster to scale up – all while keeping a direct visual relationship to application business processes and user stories.

Lower Maintenance

ACCELQ’s end-to-end testing framework needs significantly lower maintenance and aligns exceptionally well in the CI/CD pipeline.

Enable Business Assurance Using an End-to-End Testing Framework

As end-to-end testing becomes increasingly important, relying on manual testing approaches can be devastating. Imagine the time (and effort) it will take for QA teams to understand different test objectives, write the perfect script, customize and implement the solution, and debug the results. Since new products, changes, and updates have to be continuously brought to end users, there is a pressing need for organizations to embrace a modern and robust testing framework. This framework must allow seamless yet comprehensive functionality and performance testing.

Being a DevOps and Agile-ready automation and test management platform, ACCELQ allows for rigorous end-to-end testing. It allows testers to simulate real-world scenarios and validate the system under test – without any coding.

Contact us today to learn how you can build an effective test automation framework from scratch. Or, use ACCELQ as your test automation tool to enable end-to-end business assurance across your growing tech stack.

Yuvarani Elankumaran

Technical Consultant

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