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Top 10 QA Automation Software Testing Tools In 2024

QA Automation testing tools
Posted On: 8 May 2024

QA automation testing ensures the quality of the software development process and its outcomes. The QA team aims to prevent bugs instead of detecting them only through manual testing. Bugs are code errors that cause software malfunction.

Testers must provide bug-free software applications where QA automation testing tools play a role. The tools can automate manual QA testing tasks, saving months. The QA automation testing tools can develop quality software in a short time. The blog covers the top 10 QA automation software testing tools and their features in 2024.

Best 10 QA Automation Tools


ACCELQ is a cloud-based QA automation platform that simplifies complex software testing. Its intuitive interface and AI-driven logic speed up testing and boost productivity. This platform can automate Web/API/Mobile/Desktop testing and integrate with CI/CD tools. Thus, ACCELQ is an ideal choice for modern QA teams.


  • ACCELQ allows QA teams to enable seamless automation testing. Automates Web/API/Mobile/Desktop in the same flow for end-to-end business assurance.
  • The self-healing autonomic test automation feature of ACCELQ aligns with fast-release changes. Testers must resolve run-time element identification issues for a seamless application change cycle.
  • Simplify business process validation with visual models to create many test scenarios. Teams can maximize visual test design and build robust application blueprints.
  • CI/CD integration and natural traceability create efficient software development with ACCELQ. The platform can frequently change, provide early feedback, and enhance accountability and transparency.
  • ACCELQ simplifies test case creation with AI-based automation. Advanced AI creates models for changing systems, ensuring complete test coverage.
  • Built-in test management, version control, and governance ensure safe testing for teams.
  • ACCELQ allows fast QA test automation development with low maintenance.

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2. Applitools

Applitools logo

Applitools is revolutionizing the QA process to deliver flawless digital experiences. It is one of the QA tools that transforms businesses' approach to application testing.


  • Applitools uses visual AI to find bugs and defects required for the application user interface.
  • This QA tool can be executed inside the CI/CD process against local browsers and devices. This QA tool integrates with CI/CD tools for tests on pull requests.
  • Visual AI can verify personalized content, dynamic content and data, dashboards, and more. The powerful dashboards highlight every significant change and bug.

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3. Katalon

Katalon Logo

Katalon Studio is an IDE that automates testing using the Selenium framework. It lets teams create and execute tests for various applications. Integrate this tool into the workflow for comprehensive test coverage and testing efficiency.


  • Katalon Studio simplifies scripting with built-in object spying, object refactoring, and context-sensitive suggestions.
  • This automated testing IDE provides fast scripting with keyword-driven testing. A rich set of custom keywords reduces the time to create, execute, and maintain tests.
  • Smart Wait waits for all front-end processes of a page to be completed before further test steps.
  • There are no complex workarounds to connect with the Cl tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.
  • Supports many data sources and databases with effective parameterization to maximize test coverage.
  • Advanced debugger isolates root causes with all information about variables, breakpoints, and expressions.

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4. Eggplant

Eggplant Logo

Eggplant uses a model-based digital twin testing approach with artificial intelligence (AI) to balance the need for faster software releases with uncompromising quality. This tool provides extensive coverage, optimizes user experience, speeds release cycles, and improves quality assurance processes.


  • Optical character and image recognition can automate testing from the users’ perspective.
  • Universal Fusion Engine tests apps across operating systems using AI-driven test modelling.
  • Eggplant any platform testing delivers real-time results and integrated analytics.
  • The model-based approach predicts run-time behavior, enhancing usability and reliability under different conditions.
  • Eggplant uses Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and Git to get app data. It speeds up test development for automated deployment and testing across your stack.

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5. Browserstack

Browserstack Logo

Browserstack is a cross-platform testing tool that allows quality assurance engineers to test products on 3000+ real devices. It allows any web or mobile app to test the compatibility with devices for the same experience.


  • Test native and hybrid apps on devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
  • This tool integrates with testing frameworks with less effort.
  • Browserstack can test native device features like geolocation, network simulation, Google Pay, etc.
  • App Profiling can track app loading time, device resource usage, and metrics.
  • This tool generates performance reports using video logs and correlated metric graphs.

Website Link:

6. LambdaTest

Lambdatest Logo

LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing platform that ships code faster. The online automation testing platform provides QA automation solutions to perform tests efficiently.


  • The testing platform is compatible with frameworks like Selenium and Cypress.
  • Testers can test a range of browsers and operating systems with this platform.
  • Test Analytics suite offers real-time visibility of tests to identify high-impact issues.
  • LambdaTest fits seamlessly into your testing stack with out-of-the-box integrations.

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7. Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis Tosca optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of the entire digital landscape. It is one of the QA testing tools that can cut testing bottlenecks and software release risks.


  • Vision AI uses advanced neural networks to interpret and interact with applications.
  • Streamlines testing costs and informs releases through risk-based optimization of critical business functions.
  • The automation recording assistant records activities and transforms them into automated test cases.
  • Service virtualization facilitates testing of system responses that are difficult to access.
  • Test data management can automatically create and access data for complex scenarios.

Website Link:

8. Functionize

Functionize Logo

Functionize is an enterprise-quality platform that speeds up testing through AI. This platform uses machine learning to adapt tests based on data insights, ensuring tests remain relevant with product updates. Functionize allows fast testing, low costs, and improved quality in CI/CD environments.


  • Uses ML to generate tests for diverse platforms based on user behavior and data.
  • Generative AI analyzes test cases, logic, and workflows to identify issues before production.
  • The intuitive interface can change tests in real-time and add or change steps as needed.

Website Link:

9. SmartBear

Smartbear Logo

SmartBear seamlessly automates testing across many enterprise-packaged applications. This tool allows easy component reuse across modules for an efficient and scalable testing process. Define modules based on functionality and reuse tests for a strong automation framework.


  • Scriptless record and replay easily create automated tests.
  • Run automated tests with different sets of input data to increase coverage.
  • With a built-in keyword-driven testing framework, this tool can separate test steps, objects, actions, and data.
  • Get real-time information on the progress and status of tests from a single interface. Connect with popular defect-tracking tools for instant feedback.

Website Link:

10. OpenText UFT One

Opentext Logo

OpenText UFT One is one of the QA automation software tools designed to speed up the testing process across application types.


  • OpenText UFT One integrates artificial intelligence to simplify test creation and maintenance. Optical character recognition improves object recognition capabilities and automates tests with complex interfaces.
  • This tool supports testing across application environments. It allows the automation of different technologies to meet any user’s needs.
  • OpenText UFT One allows continuous testing and immediate feedback within the CI/CD pipelines. This integration helps identify defects early in the development cycle.
  • This tool simplifies complex multilayer testing with its visual test-driven design.
  • UFT One supports team collaboration and integrates with major test management tools. It provides reports and analytics to track and optimize testing efforts.

Website Link:


Navigating the intersection of AI and testing can be challenging. The QA automation tools like the above can help teams deliver efficient software for different testing needs.

ACCELQ offers unique business benefits that streamline testing processes effectively and is a leader in the “Continuous Test Automation Suites” category in 2022 for an innovative approach to Quality Lifecycle Automation by delivering a definitive ROI at every testing phase. As the industry's first autonomics-based automation platform, ACCELQ improves productivity by 7.5 times and reduces costs by over 72%. To experience the benefits firsthand, try a free demo today .

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