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Top 10 Cloud Testing Tools and Services Features In 2024

Top 10 cloud testing tools
Posted On: 24 May 2024

Cloud computing has changed software development, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Using cloud based testing infrastructure, teams can run detailed test suites quickly and reliably. Testers can easily configure the cloud infrastructure to meet changing organizational demands, enabling companies to stay ahead and ensure optimal software performance. This blog covers the top 10 cloud testing tools and features.

Best 10 Cloud Testing Tools and Services


ACCELQ is a cloud based, continuous testing platform that helps testers meet all their Web, API, Mobile, Desktop, Database, and Packaged Apps testing needs. This AI-powered codeless platform offers SaaS and on-premise models next-gen aligned test management. It automates packaged applications like Salesforce, Oracle, and MS Dynamics 365, with various capabilities. ACCELQ can address the complexities of testing applications across in-house, cloud, and hybrid environments.


  • ACCELQ offers deep vendor alignment with a live cloud link that auto-updates automation assets.
  • Multi-cloud integrated end-to-end testing framework across all enterprise apps and technology stacks.
  • A visual model-based approach enables super-fast test development and low maintenance.
  • AI-based codeless object interaction. Self-healing test automation prevents object flakiness and automatically updates the test design for the application under test.
  • ACCELQ enables in-sprint automation for shift-left and continuous testing.
  • This codeless testing platform offers risk-based and defect-based test planning and test suite tracking.
  • ACCELQ integrates with your CI pipeline for automated regression executions.

Website Link:

2. BrowserStack

Browserstack Logo

BrowserStack provides developer teams instant access to a cloud platform that allows them to comprehensively test mobile applications for functionality, performance, and visual appeal to release bug-free software faster and at scale. App Automate is one of BrowserStack's products that automate real devices on the cloud.


  • BrowserStack, a cloud based software testing tool, speeds up testing by running tests concurrently across thousands of devices. It can test native device features like push notifications, network simulation, and more.
  • Test the website on internal staging with BrowserStack Local binary for a secure connection to the BrowserStack cloud.
  • This tool can be integrated into testing frameworks and SDK.
  • Debug the apps instantly using text logs, video recordings, and screenshots of the test run.
  • Generate performance reports and pinpoint issues using video logs and correlated metric graphs.

Website Link:

3. SauceLabs

Saucelabs Logo

Sauce Labs is a platform for mobile application testing and error monitoring. It includes a detailed real device testing cloud, extensive device coverage, optimized mobile beta testing, streamlined app distribution and management, and reporting.


  • SauceLabs can test real Android and iOS devices, including the latest models.
  • This platform provides detailed insights into app performance with real-time vitals like CPU and memory usage.
  • Accelerate mobile app releases with efficient beta distribution and enhanced team collaboration.
  • Simulate real-world user interactions with advanced features like GPS simulation and gesture automation.
  • Debugs with detailed crash reports.
  • SAML 2.0 SSO and a private cloud of SauceLabs with a single-tenant database ensure a secure environment.

Website Link:

4. TestGrid

TestGrid Logo

TestGrid offers secure and scalable test infrastructure, hosting devices, and browsers on the cloud or on-premise. The real device cloud combines devices and browsers to help users test mobile apps on the cloud with a real user experience.


  • TestGrid can perform manual and automated testing on mobile devices and browsers.
  • Scriptless, performance, and network-level testing are supported.
  • Auto-healing of test cases.
  • Test data parameterization.
  • Local code execution.

Website Link:

5. CloudTest

Akamai Logo

CloudTest is a cloud based testing tool for mobile and web applications. It performs non-functional testing like load and performance testing by hosting on one or more physical servers or in the cloud.


  • CloudTest sets parameters, variables, and validations or reuses and combines tests without code.
  • This tool drag and drop test cases. Configure virtual users and geographic origins with just a few clicks.
  • CloudTest adjusts loads during testing or simulates promotions and outages with real-time analytics.
  • Custom, single-view dashboards to gain insights and merge analytics with data from third-party monitoring tools.

Website Link:

6. AWS Device Farm

AWS Logo

AWS Device Farm offers application cloud testing services. It can test real Android and iOS devices in the AWS Cloud. AWS Device Farm can run tests parallel on many desktop browsers and real devices to speed up the execution of your test suite.


  • AWS Device Farm runs a built-in test suite that does not script or customize tests by selecting open-source test frameworks.
  • Testers can interact with devices in real time through their web browsers, using gestures and swipes to test functionalities if issues are found.
  • AWS Device Farm provides access to various physical devices, including popular smartphones and tablets. It allows for testing scenarios that closely mimic the end-user environment.
  • Detailed reports include videos, logs, and performance data to identify and address issues quickly.
  • Private device lab offer teams that can ensure a secure environment where devices are allocated solely to one account and can be customized as needed.

Website Link:

7. AppPerfect

App Perfect Logo

AppPerfect supports cloud based web and mobile application services. This tool can perform functional and load testing using real internet traffic from the servers to test software at a macro level.


  • AppPerfect can design, develop, and execute tests on the cloud servers throughout the process with the support of experts.
  • The cloud infrastructure of this tool supports testing from various global locations and accommodates vast fluctuations in web traffic.
  • AppPerfect can design and record functional and load tests. It can develop scripts locally or use hosted services for script creation.
  • Distributed testing across many cloud machines to simulate real-world usage, and the results are integrated into one detailed report for easy analysis.

Website Link:

8. LambdaTest

Lambdatest Logo

LambdaTest is an online test execution platform on the cloud that executes test automation builds. This platform runs test scripts across different devices and browsers, offering a unified testing cloud to deliver a digital experience.


  • LambdaTest runs automated tests on reliable, scalable, and secure cloud based infrastructure.
  • This platform can perform actionability checks powered by the innovative SmartWait algorithm to ensure precise execution and reduce false positives.
  • Test Analytics suite provides real-time visibility into testing efforts to identify high-impact issues quickly.
  • LambdaTest integrates custom headers into tests to tackle network limitations by maintaining network security for detailed software testing.
  • Get detailed insights into automation tests in CI/CD pipelines by integrating with DevOps tools.

Website Link:

9. Jenkins Dev Cloud

Cloud Bees Logo

The Jenkins Dev cloud testing tool is designed for continuous integration and continuous delivery in development environments. It helps streamline code testing and deployment processes of cloud-native apps.


  • A simple YAML editor can design and manage complex software delivery workflows of CI and CD tools like Jenkins and GitHub Actions.
  • Jenkins Dev Cloud scale feature flags usage securely to support continuous deployment, release, and instant disablement of features that are not required.

Website Link:

10. Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin Logo

The Xamarin test cloud is part of the Visual Studio App Centre, a cloud based platform for creating, testing, deploying, and monitoring Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS apps. Xamarin Test Cloud integrates with automated quality services like cloud based builds and app distribution.


  • Xamarin Test Cloud offers a cloud hosted device lab with various real iOS and Android devices.
  • Detailed analytics and crash reporting.
  • Various integrations like GitLab, Bitbucket, VSTS, Jira, etc, are supported by Xamarin Test Cloud.

Website Link:


Cloud based automation testing tools automate and execute repetitive tasks, save time, and reduce errors. They are available in a diverse range that caters to web, mobile, functional, and non-functional testing needs. Strategically integrating the tools can improve the efficiency and quality of the software delivery process.

ACCELQ is a cloud based platform that automates web, API, mobile, and desktop tests without coding. It enables CI-driven regression suite executions, dynamic environment management, and test coverage. ACCELQ, a codeless test automation platform, offers a secure hosting environment that uses Amazon AWS service. Book a free trial to see how ACCELQ can elevate the outcomes of your cloud testing initiatives and help your teams test faster.

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