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Another Giant stride: ACCELQ Health & Life Science's vertical posts massive growth numbers

ACCELQ expanded its healthcare presence by a staggering 175%, enabling organizations globally to achieve Continuous Testing

Dallas, Apr 2, 2023/businesswire/ — ACCELQ’s AI-powered no-code test automation platform forges ahead into the expanded realm of health care and pharmaceuticals. The development unfolds after successful implementations of test automation for leading health care enterprises, bringing many business benefits to the table. Each of these projects have stood out in terms of reduced hours of automated regression testing, implementing re-usable business workflows embracing easy automation of newer business processes to name a few. 

ACCELQ constantly endeavors to reinvent its AI codeless continuous testing platform making itself agile while aligning itself to various unique business and market demands. This leap into the health care services and life sciences domain domain comes as no surprise after joining hands with renown names in the industry. ACCELQ has catered to the diverse testing requirements of the application stack of health care behemoths. This list includes biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers like   Pfizer, medical device manufacturers like Boston Scientific, health care and well-being firms like UnitedHealth Group etc.

Senior QE Manager from UnitedHealth Group adds "Our journey with ACCELQ has brought significant maturity to our Test Automation objectives and alignment with CI/CD to enable faster releases at higher quality while keeping costs in check. ACCELQ's ability to handle our complex tech stack while staying true to its No-Code approach has made the difference in helping us scale up Automation across our app portfolio."

Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief of product and strategy at ACCELQ enthusiastically adds: "Our expansion and specialization in the Health and Life Sciences vertical has been instrumental. The depth of the ACCELQ platform, coupled with solution alignment, is powering the largest healthcare organization globally to speed up Quality and achieve significant efficiency in their DevOps process."

ACCELQ is ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC2 certified, ensures utmost security of sensitive data, protected health information and complies with all health care security standards and mandated data protection regulations. 

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