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Business Assurance with Continuous Test Automation

Outcome assured, all-inclusive packaged solution

Benefits of Continuous Automation without the need for in-house expertise. Stay focused on your business priorities without distraction.

ACCELQ’S Packaged offering for Salesforce provides hassle-free, end-to-end test automation service including Product subscription, script development, maintenance and on-demand execution for your key Salesforce use cases.

It brings all the benefits of Continuous Automation without the need for in-house expertise and without being distracted from your core business priorities.

  • Automated procedures to validate your key business processes in Salesforce.
  • Validate every major and minor Salesforce release to ensure there is no impact on your business.
  • Support for strategic initiatives such as Lightning migration, by quickly validating business processes as you progress with migration.

What is included in the Service?

  • Initial development of automation Scenarios for selected Salesforce business processes.
  • Enablement and training for your team in the creation of risk-based test suites, test execution and result analysis.
  • Setting up Project taxonomy, data management, test plans and governance model for automated suites.
  • Script maintenance for data changes, Salesforce new releases and changes to element identification.
  • Integrate continuous automation with your existing CI/CD pipeline and establish execution cycles.
  • 24 x 7 Priority Support for any test execution and other issues.

Pricing Model


Outcome assured, fixed cost pricing model.
Costing to be provided after use case walk-through.


Typical delivery within 4 to 8 weeks.


Monthly Retainer that includes maintenance of automation scripts for minor config changes, element identification updates and changes due to Salesforce Releases.


Major functionality changes to be scoped as a Change Order.


ACCELQ is the only Salesforce approved automation tool on the App Exchange.

Support for latest Salesforce Technology stack that including shadow DOM and customizations.

A complete ALM solution with test management capabilities.

Support for both Legacy and Lightning versions of Salesforce.

Business process focused test automation ensures that automation reflects the same language your business is used to.

Embedded best practices from multiple Salesforce implementations ensures sustainable outcome.

YPO ensures error-free membership renewal drive with accelerated & automated test approach on Salesforce integrated platform

It has been amazing to see our transition to true Continuous test automation. ACCELQ has driven this transformation for us by shifting left and enabling in-sprint automation.

ACCELQ fit right into our ecosystem of tools and process to achieve the efficiencies across the lifecycle to align with Continuous delivery.

Sean Magennis

President & Chief Operating Officer, YPO


Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true continous testing automation.

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