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accelQ an AI driven codeless test automation and management platform got onboarded on Salesforce AppExchange. This makes accelQ the first and only software platform on Salesforce AppExchange specializing in test automation and agile quality management for Salesforce.

accelQ has been proven to significantly improve Salesforce release quality and speed. accelQ went through a stringent evaluation process to get listed on AppExchange with several enterprise customers vouching for accelQ given the value it brought to optimize their Salesforce release cycles.

Sean Magennis, President and Chief Operating Officer at YPO said

“We have matured in our digital journey bringing automation across various process areas in our business. This has been possible by aligning our development with continuous delivery while adopting an agile software development lifecycle. Customer experience and delivering quality is at the heart of YPO business and accelQ has played a key role by partnering with us to ensure our IT is delivering high quality to the business. accelQ platform has really accelerated our Salesforce releases and quality lifecycle while actually keeping costs down.“

Guljeet Nagpaul, who leads the product strategy and marketing at accelQ said

“Partnering with Salesforce is yet another great milestone in our exciting growth. Salesforce is particularly close to our hearts since we share a lot of commonalities. Similar to what Salesforce did in the CRM space, we at accelQ are challenging traditional tools and approaches that made test automation overly complex and slow. I’m very excited about this partnership, our listing on Salesforce AppExchange, and the value proposition we offer to the global Salesforce customer base.“

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