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The Free & Open Selenium comes with huge baggage

Multiple Framework, High Technical Debt and Specialized and costly resources result in Automation that’s high in maintenance and will not scale!


Powered with Selenium, minus the
complexities and overhead

Powered by

Execution engine powered by Selenium runtime

Behavior Driven

Behavior driven designer giving a business-process perspective to Selenium capabilities

Automated Test Case

Automated test design and test case generation to augment Selenium capabilities

No Programming

No programming skills needed; Natural language interface to Selenium API

Automated & Robust
Element Identification

  • Element Explorer

    ACCELQ’s flagship element explorer allows you to visually construct robust ID selector. No need to parse and analyze the DOM

  • Anchoring & Neighborhood Analysis

    Dynamic page content and elements handled with innovative concepts such as Element Family, Anchoring and neighborhood analysis

  • Early Automation

    Kick start your automation without waiting for application front-end

  • Concurrent Progress

    Make concurrent progress along side dev team, with powerful abstraction and reconciliation engine

Embedded Framework to Maximize
the Power of Selenium

No need for Custom Frameworks

Get all the benefits of Selenium without investing in custom frameworks

Reusable & Modular

Reusable and modular business process application components guide the test scenario generation

Data- driven Testing

Data-driven testing, driven by business rules for optimal coverage

Extended Selenium capabilities to latest technologies

  • Extended Selenium capabilities to latest technologies
  • Out-of-the-box support for composite controls in UI frameworks such as Kendo, Bootstrap, Google MD and many others.
  • Achieve execution reliability with autonomics based self-healing and exception handling.
  • Convert Selenium exceptions into actionable and troubleshooting steps.

Get started on your Codeless Test Automation journey

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