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ACCELQ Release 5.2 brings a suite of new features that further extend the breadth and depth of test automation and test management capabilities.

Project Info sidebar

Significant top-nav changes are brought in with this Release, including the introduction of a Project sidebar. This sidebar streamlines multiple use cases related to how you manage to work with multiple assigned Projects.

  • Quick info on your project and branching path.
  • Your assigned Role for the project.
  • Test Asset View preference, when you are working with both manual and automation assets.
  • Project’s entity update activity snapshot.
  • Quick view to integration setup.
  • Ability to navigate to Project Settings (for Project Admins).
  • View assigned Projects and switch Projects.
Project Info sidebar

Watch the Live Webinar: What’s new in ACCELQ 5.2. Click here to register.

Entity tab enhancements

Entity tabs are enhanced with the following new features:

  • Entity tabs can now be dragged/dropped to position them as per editing requirements.
  • A new tab is introduced, “Search Results” which provides easy tabulation and navigability across search results.
  • The sticky tab (first tab in the list) is named based on the currently active entity or resource grid.
Entity tab enhancements

Enhanced Global Search

Global search is enhanced with a streamlined display of information and the ability to quickly navigate around. A powerful new feature to display the results of Global Search in a separate tab, allows the user to navigate through desired results in an organized fashion.

Search history (in the current login session) is also prominently displayed.

Enhanced Global Search

Ctrl-G (Win) or Cmd-G (Mac) is a quick keyboard shortcut to get to Global Search.

Upcoming Releases bring additional Advanced Search capabilities that make it easy to address change-impact related to logic updates.

Major revamp to Help Center

Help Center is revamped with new functionality as well as much-improved access to various learning resources.

“Tours” functionality is contextual and brings an introductory description for various features available on the currently active page on the ACCELQ application. A new user will quickly get a glimpse of available features, and updates to existing features are communicated much more effectively to existing users.

It is also a lot easier to now browse through the available Action logic commands and find help.

Major revamp to Help Center

ETL Test Automation

ACCELQ 5.2 introduces comprehensive ETL test automation capabilities. Large sets of data can be validated against expected source information. Most leading SQL databases such as Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, etc. are supported. You may also compare the metadata and other structural information across multiple databases. Reporting functionality provides rich navigation and analysis capabilities. Here is an article with detailed help on ETL test automation.

ETL Test Automation

Comprehensive command-line interface for ACCELQ Agent operations

Comprehensive CLI support is now provided for ACCELQ Agent operations and management. This is especially helpful in environments where a desktop interface may not be possible to install the Agent Command Center UI. Here is the complete guide to the CLI.

Support for "Encrypted" Parameter

You can now mark an Action parameter as an “encrypted” type so that all use cases dealing with the Action Parameter consistently present an encrypted input field while setting data. This is most useful when you are parameterizing passwords or other secure information.

Support for "Encrypted" Parameter

Instead of encrypting the text separately and filling the parameter value, you can now directly type the masked text, which gets encrypted automatically.

Edit test case

In addition, when you are trying to parameterize a password field value in the logic editor, the parameter automatically defaults to the “encrypted” type.

Element ID supports extensive operators for attribute values

The element identification module is strengthened to allow an extensive array of operator types when setting up an element’s attribute values. This is extremely helpful when dealing with dynamic content and element identification. The new capability also makes it easy for testers to address the most common patterns of attribute variability without having to resort to Regular Expression syntax.

The following operators are now supported for element attribute value:

  • equals
  • not equals
  • contains
  • not contains
  • starts with
  • not starts with
  • ends with
  • not ends with
  • regex

For example, in the Element described below, the Product Title on the shopping application screen has the “id” attribute that starts with “product-name” followed by a dynamic set of characters. So, you can directly choose “starts with” for the attribute value matching.

Select Attributes

Grid filtering enhancements

Grid filters are a lot easier to set up and manage now. For applicable attributes, you can multi-select the filter values. You can also quickly edit an existing filter item simply by clicking on it in place.


Revamped Element Reconciliation

When your application experiences changes that include a change in the type of element, you can now automatically update statement references. If an input field in your earlier version of the application is now changed to a dropdown field, all statement references to this element are updated as per the requirements of the new element type. For example, “Enter text in input field” automatically translates to “Select item from dropdown” etc.

Simply right-click on the Element in the View and choose to update the element. The rest is taken care of by the tool automatically.

Exploratory View of Test Case Result

Test Case results can be viewed in an exploratory mode which shows the test flow using a screenshot image as the primary anchor. The screenshot image is annotated with the screen event information while other tabs describe additional details of the step. This view is extremely helpful when trying to troubleshoot a specific error in the report.

Exploratory View of Test Case Result

Streamlined Action Applicability

Action Applicability interface is streamlined to allow easy comprehension and to provide guidance during updates. Action Applicability is an important design concept central to the realization of reusability and modularity in automation design.

Streamlined Action Applicability

Manage Command suggestions

When trying to insert a new statement in Action logic, you can now set up application-type preference, so that suggested results are a lot more contextual. This can be accomplished in-line while writing a statement so that it is easy to view and manage these preferences.

Manage Command suggestions

LambdaTest Integration

ACCELQ 5.2 supports integration with LambdaTest for web and mobile execution. LambdaTest integration is seamless with just the basic config requirements on the ACCELQ Agent. Here is a detailed article.

Re-Run modal filters

Test Re-Run modal provides easy filtering based on the test case execution status. In addition, for jobs with a large number of test cases, you can perform a free-form search to help with the test case selection for the re-run.

Re-Run modal filters

New Commands

Verify sort order of repeat elements

You can just mark a screen element as a Repeat element and with a single command, verify the sort order of all the matching Repeat elements. For example, you may save product price as a Repeat element, and verify that the page has presented the prices in the expected sort. You may exercise textual, numeric, or date-based (of any preferred format) sort comparisons.

Verify column headers

You can verify that the HTML table has expected columns that you can pass as a List.

Verify Column Sort in Table

Verifies the sort order of a given column in an HTML table. You may compare the contents against the expected sort order as text, number, or date type of content.

Comprehensive overhaul of Date library

Date commands library is comprehensively overhauled with a new set of commands, and enhancements to existing commands. Now, all the date commands consistently support a large set of predefined formats in addition to the ability to supply custom formats. Here is an article with some examples.

Mobile enhancements

  • Ability to tap special keys such as “Home”, “Recent” etc. on mobile devices using Send Special Keys command.
  • Device page enhancement to press backspace on the device.


Full-size screenshots

Multi scroll, full-size screenshots are now captured much more efficiently. Log statements inserted with the screenshot option make use of this feature.

Dropdown selections with a large number of items

Dropdown selection with tens of thousands of elements in it could end up with a screen freeze under certain circumstances. This is now enhanced so the size of the dropdown content should not deter smooth selections.

View Hover enhancement for complex CSS transformations

When the application-under-test exercises complex CSS transformations in the HTML rendering, View hover could create challenges. With this new enhancement, applications such as Microsoft PowerApps, etc. are a lot smoother to handle for test logic development. Elements are hovered accurately to perform recording operations.

Test logging performance

For long-running, data-intensive test runs, major changes in the DB structure to improve data transfer and loading performance.

New OAuth2 support for mail clients

Starting June 1st, 2022, Gmail and Outlook made it mandatory for OAuth2-based authentication for email access. ACCELQ support for email automation is enhanced to address this stringent requirement. Here is an article with details on the enhanced ACCELQ capability and the required setup on the user’s end.

Self-healing gets contextual intelligence

Based on the type of operation you are trying to perform, certain self-healing parameters such as eagerness, etc. are automatically tweaked. For example, if you are performing a conditional operation based on the existence of an element, the algorithm takes a more conservative route by modifying relevant AI parameters.

Auto fill xpath for mobile elements

New functionality in the Advanced mode of Element explorer allows you to automatically capture the XPath for mobile elements.

Bug fixes

Parameter Overriding

Action Input Parameter reordering had a bug when it is tried right after changing the “Allowed Values” for any other parameter. This is now fixed, and the reordering is reliable.

Test Case filter caching

When a filter is applied in Scenario’s test cases grid, it was incorrectly carried to other Scenarios. This is now fixed.

Job ID display in Email reports

For scheduled jobs, in some situations, a wrong Job ID was printed in the Email reports. This is now fixed.

Bulk statement generation

Bulk statement generation with a very large number of fields created issues with content scrolling. This is now fixed.



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