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The software Testing process is a crucial phase in the Software Development Life cycle which used to have a specific timeline during the traditional way of working on projects. However, During the evolving time, the testing phase took a shift-left approach and started to have a prominent role right from the initial phase of the project, i.e., requirement gathering. So, the expectation is testing needs to travel throughout all project phases, right from requirement gathering to post-release support.

Software testing process

n this agile trending software world, everything needs to be more productive without compromising the quality. The testing phase should test the existing features at regular time intervals to ensure that they are working together in harmony with the new features. When new features increase, there is a need to test the old features to ensure that everything works as expected. It is generally preferred to concentrate more on the newly deployed feature than the old feature since it is already tested. But there is a need to make sure that nothing got broken and everything is working as expected. Practically speaking, the expectation is to do all this in the desired timeline of the project management. So again, managing timelines will come into the picture. Usually, we as a QA prefer to concentrate more on new features, but at the same time, we feel incomplete if we did not regress test the existing feature. This is where regular smoke testing has a prominent role that needs to be performed whenever a new build /feature got deployed. At the same time, regression is a much-needed unsung QA task that addresses testing of affected features whenever a defect fix or new feature deployment happens.

So, the major challenge in front of us is to address all these issues in a specified timeline. Constantly testing all the features manually might not be possible by keeping the timelines and additional efforts into consideration. Then Test automation comes into the picture. Again, there are plenty of ways to achieve test automation in the market. But at the end of the day, we need to make sure that it is helpful for us. ?

Let me explain! In the market, to perform test automation, there are many open-source tools and premium tools. Still, it again depends on which tool the user can better achieve the project goals without compromising the quality. Then comes the parameters of various test automation tools available in the market from design to achieve automation, execution, test management, reporting, and integration with other tools.

When it comes to my experience, as part of the need to maintain quality in a project, I faced a challenge to perform test automation and maintain a regression suite. There are two challenges in front of me. One is coming from a pure manual testing background, and the other is no good coding knowledge. Many aspiring QA’s are pausing or even wholly halting their aspiration to do test automation because learning coding is a hurdle. That’s the reason where many QA folks are probably not reaching the point where they can experience the magic of test automation and understand the scope of testing.

What it’s for dealing with SFDC ( )applications:

Salesforce applications have a significant impact in today’s world, and many applications are developing using Salesforce. So, of course, it can be an assumption that what makes a difference for a QA engineer is if he is automating either a salesforce application or any other application. So we have to know how to automate so that we can automate everything. But it’s a fact that there is another side of the coin, though.

What it’s for dealing with SFDC applications

Introducing the most happening test automation tool, ACCELQ, into the picture where it first makes people understand the scope of testing and its features, makes the QA, even if he is new to automation to scale up within no time and become productive. Here is why we need to believe that ACCELQ is one of the best potential test automation tools that address our needs. Therefore, I will quote generalized terms only here by considering my working experience with ACCELQ.

Uncomplicated Setup

One of the best hallmarks of the ACCELQ tool is its setup process. It is a cloud-based platform where every ask is in place, and we need a machine with a Java development kit installed and a proper internet connection. And to get started, we can log in directly from the browser with credentials and then set up a local agent for which ACCELQ provides clear instructions for its subscribers. This reduces many dependencies and helps the user to get started quickly upon actually automating the things.

Uncomplicated setup

Pre-configured Centralised Application:

Yes, it is a completely configured Test automation application right from login credentials, scripts, needed resources, and reports. Everything is easy to navigate and requires a little setup process which is pretty simple. This makes QA concentrate more on the feature rather than investing more time in configuring the automation tool.

Universe Feature:

This is one of the most liking features in ACCELQ by me. At any point of time, the corresponding user can view the overall picture of the corresponding project, which is a rare feature, and this is very helpful for businesses even to get the pictorial view of dependencies and related to all entities in ACCELQ like Scenarios, Context as well as Actions and yet, of course, its good ways to initiate the project. And we have easy navigation even which is easy to perform necessary operations.

Universe feature


Unlike traditional open-source automation tools, here we have a security process that controls many aspects and addresses many problems like restricting project access and script modification access. This helps the team be aware of the changes in scripts that are being made.

Salesforce Release Ready:

Salesforce is a complex solution, and it will have regular releases like Winter, Spring, and Summer. Professionals need to identify the affected areas of their corresponding automation flows due to releases, which need to be quick without delay. Achieving this using an open-source tool will a challenging since there will be a more turnaround time to identify the cause and fix the issue. This will affect the turnaround time of regression testing. On the other side, ACCELQ is in alliance with salesforce releases which help QA make rectifications for the respective affected flows quicker and smother.

No Code/Less Coding:

This feature made me like ACCELQ even more as my coming from a noncoding background, I was easily tuned to it. For a start, this is good and much needed, then slowly we can start exploring more things automatically, and of course, this is one of the qualities of QA. So due to this feature, any manual QA or QA with less coding knowledge will be productive from day one itself. However, by the end of the day, the target is to achieve adequate test coverage within desired timelines. So, contributing more time for setting up many applications, configuring them together further quickly learning a coding language won’t be possible in small timelines. At that time, ACCELQ answers all.

No code/Less coding

Cross-Browser and Multiple OS Support:

This makes the life of QA easy as we can reuse the same scripts on multiple browsers, Multiple OS, and multiple test environments. And yes, setting up is very quick, just as simple as switching on your laptop ? This simple navigation made ACCELQ to stood out. People can easily relate to this as the application should work in line with all the browsers. Testing the same scenarios manually for all the browsers will take so much time, leading to unnecessary efforts. ACCELQ supports major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, where we can run the same scripts without invoking the corresponding browser web drivers every time.

Cross-Browser and Multiple OS Support

ACCELQ for Salesforce:

Applications developed through Salesforce have dynamic UI and elements, making the test automation framework development and maintenance challenging. On the other hand, the actual need for automation will go for a toss, and professionals start concentrating on developing and maintaining the automation scripts Then comes ACCELQ into the picture, which is designed to handle salesforce web elements seamlessly, which will reduce time in identifying and maintaining the elements. Salesforce applications usually have long business flows with parameters; using open-source automation tools, we can’t make the automation smoother. Being an AI automation tool, ACCELQ handles salesforce business flows automation with ease by using some outstanding features like Global Properties, Data List, and Data Types.

ACCELQ for Salesforce

Integration Support:

This is a very much-needed feature, and the application’s reach will depend on its ability to work in harmony with other tools to make the job seamless. ACCELQ supports integration with tools like an auto rabbit, Jira, Copado, and many more.

Dealing with multiple Profiles and sandbox environments:

When dealing with salesforce testing, the initial thought is, “Using which profile we are supposed to test?” But, again, there is no need to test the same flows using different profiles, and, in that place, ACCELQ provides a feature called “Global Property,” using which we can log in with various user credentials. So, ask is to create a global property, for example, “User credentials,” and fill it with corresponding login details. In addition, ACCELQ supports testing the functionalities across various sandbox environments, which will help a lot in continuous agile process automation where less effort is involved in running the regression suites.

Dealing with multiple Profiles


And yes, at the end of the day, numbers matter, and yes, again, ACCELQ had something for us in the box. Its automated detailed reports feature will highlight test results and support all the needed reporting formats.

Personally, as a Salesforce QA, we need to take care of all the changes in the sandbox to deliver the bug-free feature. Especially this ACCELQ is making our jobs even more effortless and giving our time back to concentrate more on scope and other important automation building factors rather than setting up multiple tools and writing code with no prior knowledge. And yes, this is one of the most happening test automation tools in the market with AI support, making the test automation better and even more robust today.


ACCELQ can be undoubtedly one of the good choices to perform test automation, and that too if you are dealing with applications developed using Salesforce. Thank you for taking your valuable time and reading this.


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Venkata Raghunandan Raghammudi | QA Engineer | Legato Health Technologies

Passionate Software Tester with 5+ years of experience in Software Testing. Leads and mentors Software Testers implementing quality assurance and quality-control methodologies in multiple products to ensure compliance with QA standards.


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