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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Testing Tools In 2024

AI Testing tools
Posted On: 30 April 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, changing everyday life, and expanding machines' capabilities. The U.S. AI market, valued at $103.7 billion in 2022, is projected to grow to approximately $594 billion by 2032. AI is an established technology in many sectors, especially software development and testing. AI tools benefit QA professionals, developers, and startup owners by enhancing their workflows. This blog lists Artificial Intelligence testing tools descriptions and features.

Best 10 Artificial Intelligence Testing Tools


ACCELQ is an AI-powered test automation and management platform on the cloud. It's the industry platform offering a codeless automation solution for various enterprise applications. The platform offers Web, Mobile, API, and Desktop automation for the enterprise stack. ACCELQ leverages AI to build sustainable automation for reliable test execution.


  • ACCELQ’s analytic engine enhances test reliability by intelligently adjusting to unforeseen application changes. Its design-first approach ensures Robust element ID based on AI.
  • An AI-powered Mobile Object handling can end test flakiness.
  • ACCELQ supports automated and AI-based reconciliation. This feature enables testing adjustments and updates when the application’s user interface changes.
  • Smart View Analyzer can manage test assets across many revisions of application-under-test.
  • This platform can auto-generate test cases to provide accurate test coverage.
  • Q-Runner can execute tests in a smooth and fast way.
  • Integrated test management of ACCELQ not only brings types of testing together. Also, it integrates with Jira and Jenkins to manage continuous testing delivery consistently.
  • Actionable reports are available with a 360-degree functional perspective.
  • Powerful natural language editor can write test automation logic in plain English. Manual testers can scale the testing processes with a minimal learning curve.
  • ACCELQ is a scalable and secure platform for your enterprise needs.

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2. Tricentis Testim

Testim Logo

Tricentis Testim is an AI-powered testing tool for web and mobile applications. This tool helps to write tests quicker, reduce maintenance, and ship products faster. Testim helps to quickly author well-designed, AI-stabilized tests for reducing maintenance. It is easy to use and can handle tough testing challenges with less time.


  • Monaco editor can share code across tests to improve testing.
  • Testim’s AI uses smart locators to identify web elements. It auto-updates tests to avoid failures caused by layout changes.
  • This tool can diagnose failed tests through highlighted screenshots and network logs.
  • TestOps manages test changes, organizes teams, and focuses on testing activities.

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3. Katalon

Katalon Logo

Katalon is a modern management platform that helps teams deliver quality digital experiences. Truetest by Katalon uses AI for zero-maintenance regression tests, quickly ending coverage blindspots. The best AI is the one to use, so TrueTest can seamlessly be integrated with the rest of the Katalon platform.


  • A true view of what users are doing is possible with Truetest.
  • Instant regression tests for each flow and edge case.
  • Zero test maintenance and automatic updates as the application changes.
  • Total test coverage to match what users are doing.

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4. Eggplant

Eggplant Logo

Eggplant Test employs a model-based digital twin testing method powered by AI. It enhances coverage, user experience, release speed, and quality assurance. Global enterprises trust Eggplant Test to deliver smarter testing at scale. This AI automation software simulates real user behavior in applications without source code. It is suitable for most secure development environments.


  • AI test modeling ensures apps work across all browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • Model-based testing enhances app performance and reliability by predicting behavior in diverse conditions.
  • Optimizing CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, Bamboo, and GitHub integrations boosts test coverage.
  • Eggplant provides real-time analytics for informed decision-making.

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5. TestComplete

TestComplete Logo

TestComplete provides an intelligent object repository and supports over five hundred controls. One of these AI testing tools is scalable, robust, and easy to maintain the tests. TestComplete's tight integration with the tools provides a complete testing lifecycle.


  • AI-driven visual recognition streamlines test creation and maintenance by precisely identifying dynamic elements.
  • Advanced AI with VisualTest detects web application changes apart from functional tests.
  • TestComplete can integrate automated tests into CI tools, speeding up continuous testing in DevOps.
  • Automate test reports for real-time progress and status updates through a unified interface.

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6. Testsigma

Testsigma Logo

Testsigma offers a complete test automation solution for continuous Agile and DevOps testing. It includes planning, development, execution, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Testsigma, one of the AI automation testing tools, can create low-maintenance tests. It can identify changes in application elements and streamline issue debugging. This tool streamlines test automation even for complex testing scenarios. Testsigma allows team members to share projects, test cases, and data sources.


  • Automate tests in plain English easily using natural language processing (NLP).
  • Testsigma’s auto-healing adapts element locators for stable tests amidst element properties during updates.
  • The Suggestions Engine uses AI to diagnose and propose solutions for test failures. It reduces the debugging time.
  • Predictive defect identification prioritizes failed test cases to review, reducing overlooked issues.
  • Testsigma integrates with Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and Bamboo for continuous testing post-code merges.
  • Test reports are in screenshots and videos.

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7. Applitools

Applitools logo

Applitools provides intelligent, cutting-edge application testing solutions. This autonomous testing platform is accessible and delivers unparalleled business value for customers. Applitools can reduce the cost and hassle of testing for quick digital experiences. It is one of the AI tools for software testing that supports every stage of the testing lifecycle.


  • Applitools connects to any test framework with extensive SDKs.
  • An easy-to-use recorder can create complex, end-to-end tests without writing code.
  • This platform speeds testing by adding Visual AI checkpoints to uploaded URLs.
  • Self-healing locators reduce test maintenance and keep test pipelines clean and flowing.
  • Run entire test suites or individual tests with a button click.
  • Integrates with GitHub Actions and CircleCI to start testing and continuously merge.

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8. Mabl

Mabl Logo

Mabl is a modern, secure, cloud-native platform designed for scalability. It delivers a holistic approach to software quality, promoting efficiency and long-term maintainability. The platform uses generative AI to enhance test coverage, reliability, and maintenance efficiency. Mabl software testing tool with artificial intelligence relentlessly focuses on the user experience.


  • Mabl’s AI proactively identifies potential flakiness to improve test stability.
  • Clustering detects test coverage gaps by tracking page load and test run times for regressions.
  • Mabl’s machine learning optimizes test timing for quick, reliable execution in any environment.

Website Link:

9. TestCraft

Test Craft logo

TestCraft by Perfecto offers a robust Selenium-based automated testing solution. Its AI/ML technology reduces maintenance while supporting remote work and collaboration. TestCraft balances speed, scale, and quality to deliver applications. This AI testing tool supports manual and automated testing to deliver web-based software.


  • This tool can test the localization of web apps like geofencing, time zones, and more.
  • Debug software on any platform using a local development environment, saving time and improving efficiency..
  • ML-based algorithms delete false negatives via automated detection.
  • Detailed test reports like screenshots and crash logs are available.

Website Link:

10. Functionize

Functionize Logo

Functionize is the industry’s most advanced enterprise AI-powered testing. It is an intelligent software testing platform for teams of all sizes and skill sets. This platform combines the power of human insights with AI-based technologies.


  • This tool can generate autonomous test cases based on real user journeys.
  • TestAssist is an extension generator tailored to produce custom code for various variables. This gen-AI feature can adjust testing scenarios and streamline test case creation.
  • Finding bugs earlier makes fixing them easier. Integrate with Azure DevOps pipelines to execute tests with every build.
  • Reports get segmented by browser, device, and environment to share via email or links.

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AI is becoming more important in the digital age, primarily in software testing. Consider the above options when choosing Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation testing tools. These tools can reduce errors by automating the tasks. They can speed up testing that traditional tools might fail to offer.

ACCELQ is a codeless test automation and management platform powered by AI built on a cloud. The platform provides unified automation for web, mobile, API, database, and packaged apps. Its automation-first, AI-powered self-healing capabilities make it easy for testing teams without programming skills to use. ACCELQ, an industry-first autonomics-based automation platform, can help businesses achieve 7.5x faster automation, 72% lower maintenance, and 53% cost reduction. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today to explore its in-depth features.

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