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Hi friends, when I first came across ACCELQ, I got the vibes of “EXCELQ.” Do you also hear it is similar to excel? Well, why not? When the tool serves all your project requirement purposes, it is obvious to give it kudos and place it on top of the plethora of tools these days.

Meet ACCELQ, The most “complete Test Automation Test Management platform” today, making many customers happy worldwide. In addition, ACCELQ has support for a variety of technology stacks.

For example, web automation, API Testing, Backend and middleware, Mainframe automation and ERP applications, etc. You can perform codeless automation with the help of “ACCELQ,” as it says on the official site as well: “Codeless with a difference.”

Let me tell you a critical aspect of using ACCELQ.

ACCELQ is the only continous testing and automation platform on Salesforce.

Why it makes a top choice for customers?

Friends, if you are wondering why ACCELQ is a top choice for customers. Let me give you some valid reasons to consider ACCELQ for your testing. So, here you go.

  • ACCELQ is best suited for manual and automation testing.
  • API testing and UI end-to-end validation are possible with the help of ACCELQ.
  • You can also automate tests without writing a single line of code.
  • ACCELQ has seamless integration with different tools like Atlassian Jira, Selenium, AWS, TFS, Jenkins, etc.
  • When you write your automation tests, you can visualize them in the ACCELQ universe. You can view how your scenarios will look in ACCELQ Universe Or how different pages will interact with each other. Visualization helps a tester to a greater extent.
  • You can create your test in simple English language.
  • You can run, debug, and track your tests with cross-browsers, execute them on the cloud, and view the live run results.

How ACCELQ differs from Traditional Test Automation tools

I am sure, like me, you would have also used several different test automation tools. So, why ACCELQ? How is ACCELQ different from other test automation tools in the market? I will be honest with you and give you my opinion based upon my experience of exploring this tool. ACCELQ is different from other conventional tools in terms of the following:


The way ACCELQ is designed with App Universe. It gives you to visualize your tests.

Codeless Automation

You can write natural, simple English to make your test work. You can automate several lines of code just by writing simple English language.

Built-In Framework

ACCELQ provides you a built-in framework that you can reuse depending upon your requirement and customize accordingly.

Platform compatibility

ACCELQ supports different browsers and OS. In addition, it provides you local and cloud-based setup for test execution.

Test Requirement

You can map your requirements from Jira/ALM.

Test Management & Planning

ACCELQ provides built-in functionality to develop test plans based upon the requirements.

Automated Test case Generation

You can design test data patterns or behavior on canvas provided by ACCELQ, automatically generating test cases to make your work easy. It also includes risk coverage assurance.


You can visualize your entire test suite in ACCELQ Universe. The operational flow of all different tests in your project.

GUI & API Test Automation

ACCELQ provides the facility to perform UI and API test automation end to end. It has smooth integration with different tools like ALM, JIRA, and TFS, etc.

Flexibility for Manual Testers

ACCELQ allows manual testers to scale up their testing without much of a hassle.

CI/CD support

ACCELQ integrates with tools like Jenkins to ensure test automation is done without any barriers.

Save more

Compared to other commercial tools, ACCELQ provides a 3x faster Test cycle and 70% Lower effort on Test Automation. Therefore, eventually, you save a lot more than you calculated.

Have you got impressed with the solutions given by ACCELQ? If not, keep reading. By the end of this blog, you will surely want to check out the official site: However, there is one more important aspect which I would like to talk about.

Manual Testing with ACCELQ with the power of Automation

Yes, you read it right. My favorite feature, which I have liked and loved so far for agile test management, is ACCELQ with Manual; however, I am exploring all other valuable options provided by this fantastic tool.


ACCELQ with Manual feature provides a dashboard where you can view Test Suites and Scenarios. A test suite is a set of tests that you can view in Dashboard. You can also view the different status of your test along with each test in the Dashboard. For example, how many test cases got passed, how many test cases got failed, etc. In addition, it provides information like what is the name of the test suite, who executed it, and time taken, etc.

Test Execution Summary

It also shows the last execution overview. In addition, it shows the severity of the defect like low, medium, or high under the perspective section. It also keeps track of the entire execution history. For example, if you want to view the test execution history of the last seven days, you can select the option, and it shows you the result immediately. You can view the test execution history by filtering on the date range as well.

Defect Management

This feature of ACCELQ integrates with other tools for requirement traceability and defect tracking. You can select a particular defect to view the detailed explanation about the defect logged by a tester in Jira Software. It will show to which test the defect is related. It offers test coverage with requirements as well. We can see if we have missed any user story/requirement for writing a test case.

Test Team Progress

You can see the progress of the entire team and how the sprint is progressing. There are different ways to write test cases in ACCELQ – Manual. You can import your tests. You can write it directly in the tool or import it from external sources like MS-Excel. You can write test steps in order and view the run accordingly.


You can configure parameters in ACCELQ-Manual. Each test case gives you an option to configure your test by choosing the appropriate option from the provided drop-down. You can choose the environment as per your requirement. You can add tags to scenarios or test cases. You can send notifications to the concerned person by providing their email address. There is much more to the tool.

My Tip

While ACCELQ Manual is Free for Life for Individuals, other products would have a 14 day Free Trial period, after which they have a per-user annual billing. Please refer to for more details on the pricing.

You will notice significant lower maintenance using the ACCELQ tool regardless of using it from a manual testing perspective or automation way.

I hope you are safe & healthy where ever you are! I wish you a great day ahead!

Thank you for reading!


Mukta Sharma | QA Automation Test Engineer | Collinson

QA professional with nearly 10+yrs of testing experience.Expertise in functional, web automation, Mobile API testing, Leader, Learner, and Inspiring QA.


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