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ACCELQ is a cloud-based continuous testing platform that takes care of all your functional and API testing requirements. It is next-generation codeless test automation and test management tool designed for Agile teams. It seamlessly gets integrated into your tools ecosystem, including JIRA, TFS (Team Foundation Server), and CI pipeline.

ACCELQ Application Universe

ACCELQ provides you with an application universe which is a complete blueprint of your application. With the ACCELQ Application Universe, you can visualize your application pages, transitions, and API calls from a business process perspective. While generating an application blueprint, the Universe-driven visual test design keeps business focus into account.

You can easily create the Universe through ACCELQ’s behavior-driven designer, which has the predictive capability to guide you through the formation of the Universe. You can drill down to any page or Scenario in the universe to visualize its mini-universe.

The Universe enlists all the scenarios (end-to-end business process) you want to validate. The test scenarios are developed based on predictive analytics and path analytics.

You can pick a scenario to see all the steps for validation related to that particular scenario and also check the logic behind performing any validation by clicking on the step details. The logic can be in the form of simple English or a scanned view of your application.

In case your app is under development, you can write your scenarios and reconcile once the app is ready. Your automated tests will be ready along with your app code to give you push through to achieve true agile software development. Everything you write is automated, and you can also make all kinds of API calls or databases, SOAP, JMS, etc.

The best part of the Universe is that everything you do on the Universe is reusable including every page, every step logic due to which you don’t have to use any custom frameworks for modularity and reusability. It comes with an embedded framework that brings modularity for faster software development and lower maintenance.

Generate Test Cases

With ACCELQ, you can auto-generate test cases for all permutations and combinations of your test data according to your business rules. It is really as simple as clicking on a single button to generate all permutations and combinations of your test cases.

Smart Handling of App Changes

As app changes are constant, ACCELQ’s Universe handles all the app changes through intelligent dependency analysis. Traceability and automated change impact are built right into the process and the change bots can self heal automation at run time for any unforeseen changes in the UI which enhances the efficiency and maintenance in automation by three times.

Tracking Sprints

With ACCELQ, tracking your upcoming sprint is very easy, simple, and aligned to continuous delivery.

To get a better understanding of ACCELQ’s codeless test automation platform, you can take a test drive to automate your entire quality lifecycle and experience the accelerated way to achieve higher quality in your software at a fraction of your current cost.



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