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APIs are vital for businesses across all industries as they are no longer just limited to integrating applications or allowing two different applications to communicate and exchange data with each other. In a modern app architecture, they host the most critical components of the business, including complex rules and logic.

But considering the current scenario, all the tools and processes around API testing are mostly developer-oriented, driven by white-box testing and the automation is limited to just request-response automation.

ACCELQ has demonstrated its leadership in simplifying test automation as it automates API testing with a simplified end-to-end approach. Unlike other API testing tools, ACCELQ has the ability to design, automate, and execute through the API regression suite from a complete business perspective. With codeless API test automation, it can seamlessly integrate with UI testing.

API automation is not only about automating request-response verifications. It should bring the same level of maturity as a functional regression. ACCELQ brings the same level of maturity as functional black-box testing with full-blown regressions and integrated end-to-end validations across UIs and APIs.

It aims to remove the technical complexity from the test automation to make it easily accessible to the entire testing community without having to make any compromise in scalability and robustness. It helps businesses in not only implementing test automation that provides an immediate return on investment (ROI) but also to enable continuous delivery.

Here are some of the features of ACCELQ for API test automation:

  • ACCELQ’s API Test Designer has a workflow approach for creating request payload and response assertions
  • It provides pre-set libraries to test some of the industry-standard API policies
  • ACCELQ’s assertions have the capability to handle various validation scenarios with ease
  • Offers comprehensive support for SOAP and RESTful services test automation
    Parameterising expected values and validations is taken to the next level with business data model associations
  • ACCELQ generates automated test cases for all permutations and combinations required to test your API optimally
  • Provides regression oriented API automation having a modular and reusable driven API test suite
  • ACCELQ can handle the UI validations in the same flow as API with natural language automation
  • It provides execution tracking with full visibility and defect tracking integrations

ACCELQ is the most agile functional test automation platform available in the market. Its approach produces an easy to maintain API regression testbed that is perfectly aligned to your business processes.

It is fast and very simple to use with no programming, no custom frameworks overhead, and seamless execution with 300-degree reporting. It allows you to combine API and UI testing in a single flow for a true end-to-end validation.
As the tool is available on cloud and completely browser-based, you don’t have to download anything in order to try the platform.

It offers a simple way to get API testing maturity as it is free from programming, custom frameworks, and technical complexities. You can leverage the 14-day trial with no obligations to become a part of our fast-growing customer base and achieve true regression maturity in API test automation.



Chief Product Officer, ACCELQ


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