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As the software quality and testing processes are rapidly making the transition from manual to automated testing, many commercial tools are helping organizations to move towards automation. Selenium is one such open-source test automation platform that has become popular over the last few years and has strongly placed itself as the market leader in test automation.

Selenium has become a paradise for the programmers due to its support for the mainstream programming languages, extensibility, support for a wide range of browsers, and a large open-source community.

Though Selenium has huge potential in bringing the required agility in test automation, there are certain roadblocks in Selenium-based automation such as:

  • Return on investment (ROI) on Selenium-based automation highly depends on the programming skills of the team members
  • Steep learning curve for Selenium and pre-requisite for good coding standards
  • Development of multiple Selenium automation frameworks
  • Lack of in-built traceability across test assets
  • High cost of building and maintaining custom frameworks

Selenium test automation gives you the flexibility which is required to adapt to the modern technology and agile world and keep up with today’s continuous testing needs.

However achieving sustainable results from Selenium requires a lot of solid frameworks including the page object model, data-driven, execution, and reporting frameworks. Even with all these frameworks, you are not sure whether your test plan will give good test coverage and is scalable or not.

You can get all the power of Selenium with all the things you ever wanted to get in your custom framework wishlist with ACCELQ. Let’s discuss how ACCELQ complements the power of Selenium automation to enhance the automation development and maintenance speed by three times.

How ACCELQ Enhances Selenium Power?

ACCELQ is a new generation, cloud-based, codeless test automation platform that comes with a natural language-based interface. With zero coding requirement, this platform allows the non-technical test resources to easily implement stable automation without any need for coding or custom frameworks.
It enhances the power of Selenium by accelerating the test development and reducing the maintenance cost involved in managing the automated test cases.

It helps the organizations in implementing automation to the entire quality lifecycle with a smart cloud-based continuous testing platform powered with advanced autonomics.

Here are several ways in which ACCELQ complements the power of Selenium:

  • Allows you to write automation login in natural English language with self-healing powers
  • Automated test case generation and test designing to enhance capabilities of Selenium
  • Behavior-driven design to give Selenium a business perspective
  • Automated and robust element identification with ACCELQ’s flagship element explorer without the need to parse and analyze the DOM
  • An embedded framework without any need for custom frameworks to maximize the power of Selenium
  • Test creation and planning with smart user story and change-based test plan creation
  • Selenium core extensions with the latest technologies including Angular and React JS
  • Boosts Selenium’s reporting to enterprise level with actionable test reports

You can propel your automation to the next level with ACCELQ and enhance the power of Selenium without the programming complexities and overhead.



Chief Product Officer, ACCELQ


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