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Qcommunity | Qwebinar - Kushan

Following the wild ride after COVID, economies have begun to recover, and inventions have continued to expand. Every year, the technology trend shifts, and in 2023, we’ll be able to watch as a variety of brand-new innovations gain traction.
The need for qualified experts has remained on the rise. While AI has successfully maintained its position as the most sought buzzword, 5G has become controversial among the general public. The IoT industry has been churning nonstop, whether it’s linking billions of equipment and gadgets or improving business operations with RPA. Let’s look at the top trends for 2023 that will speed up the pace and what that means for software testing in this webinar.

Key Takeaways –

  • Technological trends and their impact on software testing
  • Domains and industries impacted
  • Rise of Low-code/No-code and its market size
  • Skills on demand

Speaker Bio:

Soumya sridharmurthy

Sowmya Sridharamurthy

Sowmya is a seasoned product quality leader working as SDET Manager at Lytho. With 14+ years of experience handling products from inception to delivery, she has worked on diverse solutions- ERP, SAAS, Mobile Apps, and Web applications. She has a proven track record of successfully implementing result-driven test processes, non-disruptive migrations, and upgrades. Sowmya is driven to mentor development teams in building effective strategies and implementations to achieve ROI through test automation. Being an Accessibility advocate, she is keen on driving inclusive software development. Sowmya is an active community builder and runs an “APIans” meet-up group from Amsterdam.”

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Q Community aims to build and serve a community of Test Automation enthusiasts with a primary objective to find and nurture ways to transform test automation to be simpler, more reliable, and sustainable for the real world. Our vision is to drive community initiatives to make Automation easily accessible to the project teams and eliminate traditional skill-based silos within organizations. Keeping in line with the latest trends in the technology space, No-Code is explored as one of the primary means to achieve this objective.

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