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ACCELQ Silver Sponsors at the Salesforce Architect Summit 2023

ACCLEQ is delighted to be Silver+ Sponsors at the Salesforce Architect Summit 2023. SAS’23 is the first-ever community-led event designed to share knowledge on architectural patterns, industry best practices, design best practices, and solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem. This one-day event is open to salesforce developers, admins, architects, partners, customers, and everyone else who is interested in learning and growing in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Viman Nagar, Pune, on 1st April 2023, the Salesforce Architect Summit 2023 is a unique opportunity to elevate your skills and knowledge as a Salesforce architect. Interact with leading architects and industry leaders of the Salesforce ecosystem, including Heroku and Mulesoft, and learn about future-focused technology and enterprise architecture, new trends, and patterns from your peers in the industry.

Come and participate in the Salesforce Architect Summit 2023 happening in Pune, Maharashtra. This is an exceptional opportunity to connect with ACCELQ and discover how we add a special flavour to Salesforce. Visit our booth to learn about our offering and grab some cool swag!

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