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The weekend of 1st and 2nd May 2021 started on a high note with ACCELQ first-ever Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe. The hackathon witnessed around 200 registrations from 9 countries and roughly 130 organizations.

It was a weekend filled with learning and networking where Automation professionals battled it out to solve interesting challenges.

Behind the Scenes

ACCELQ Team worked hard to craft the best five challenges which would showcase the true power and breadth of our platform challenging the traditional ways of automation. The challenges required the participants to know about data parameterization, cross-linking of parameters, generating random strings, verification using regular expressions, dealing with large DOM pages, making scripts reusable, ensuring proper synchronization, intelligent object handling, working with dynamic elements, and lots more. Be it making the walkthrough videos, adding functional description, resources, and evaluation criteria everything was done with utmost precision for participants to have a seamless experience.

Our Tech team made sure a dedicated Hackathon tenant was created two days before the event which allowed our participants to experience the platform and practice before the event start. This was done seamlessly with a one-time bulk upload capability which auto-generated a welcome email uniquely crafted for the event so participants feel special and valued. Our Tech team also did spin up enough cloud agents to allow for a smooth Test execution experience perfectly load balancing the incoming test run traffic. We also handpicked ACCELQ Ninjas from around the globe to assist round the clock. Careful thought was given on who and how to cater to all time zones, so participants had support throughout the event.

Event Launch

The event was kicked off on Saturday by our wonderful host Azhar Shams. With 152 participants joining live on the Airmeet platform, full of energy and enthusiasm. Participants were buzzing with excitement playing the fastest finger at the gibberish game which was won by Gaurav Khurana. The excitement continued with meet & greet at the Network Table. Anuradha Raman, Rahul Parwal, and Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh had the quickest networking speed where they were able to meet with 20+ fellow testers in a short span of 5 minutes. Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief Product Officer at ACCELQ then introduced the participants to the ACCELQ platform with a demo. Participants were briefed on the event format and rules. Post which the challenges were revealed, and the Battle began. Throughout the event, there was 24/7 support by ACCELQ Ninjas for the participants to answer any queries they might have during the hackathon.

Event Wrap

At the closure of the event on Sunday, around 75+ projects were submitted for evaluation in a quest for the Top 3 positions. Participants were informed of the evaluation process and result date. We received a lot of good feedback from the participants about the platform. Some of the participants even shared their experiences about using the platform during the event wrap-up. Participants admired the ease of use of the platform, no-code approach, plug and play setup, the depth of functionality it had to offer, and the exhaustive documentation which helped them ace through the challenges. Praises kept coming on the event being well organized and participants were equally happy with the support they received throughout the event. Guljeet Nagpaul, Chief Product Officer at ACCELQ concluded the event wrap-up by thanking all the participants for the zeal they showed throughout.

Winner Announcement Day

Two weeks of the evaluation process was not an easy task for our judging panel. Filtering out the best of the best we finally had our Top 3 Winners. Shriram Krishnan, Area Vice President – Australia & New Zealand revealed the winners – Team Beyond the Horizon, Team Boston Scientific, and Team TTT Believers. Some of the other project submissions were equally fabulous and we were also happy to give them a special mention and a big shout-out. We got some exceptional feedback via the event survey where Komal Jain and Steffy Thomas responses stood out as the winners. We also like to thank George T Jose and Kanwarpreet Singh for their kind words about the hackathon experience on their social channels.

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