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Salesforce Live – The ROI Booster

Posted On: 9 June 2023

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations are in a constant quest for innovative solutions to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Enter Salesforce LIVE, a groundbreaking platform that is redefining digital assurance for both cloud and enterprise applications.

With its cutting-edge features and advanced automation capabilities, Salesforce LIVE empowers businesses to achieve exceptional Return on Investment (ROI).

In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Salesforce Live and shed light on how it outshines its competitors in the market with its compelling features and increases ROI for any business.

Key Distinctions: Salesforce LIVE vs. Competitors

Automation Approach:

Salesforce LIVE takes a comprehensive platform-based approach to automation, covering a wide range of automation processes seamlessly. On the other hand, other solutions often adopt tool-oriented approaches, which limit their ability to achieve end-to-end automation effectively.

Multi-Cloud Automation:

When it comes to multi-cloud automation, Salesforce Live excels by effortlessly automating processes across various cloud environments. Conversely, other solutions are designed specifically for certain SAAS platforms, lacking the versatility and flexibility provided by Salesforce Live.

Extendibility & Innovation:

Salesforce Live fosters extendibility and continuous innovation through its open marketplace approach, which encourages collaboration with partners and software vendors. This ensures a continuous stream of new features and enhancements, thereby boosting the automation capabilities for users. In contrast, other solutions primarily rely on tool vendors for innovation, resulting in slower progress and limited functionality.

Enabling Business Users:

Salesforce Live empowers business users by providing an end-to-end automation experience, encompassing design, development, execution, and analysis. This user-centric approach ensures that automation is accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. Conversely, other solutions often require deep technical knowledge, limiting the involvement of business users.

Release Alignment:

Salesforce Live excels in release alignment by automatically updating test assets with every new vendor release. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures that automation remains compatible with the latest software updates. In contrast, other solutions typically require manual efforts for change management, leading to delays and potential compatibility issues.

Multi-Release Support:

Unlike other solutions, Salesforce Live supports multiple vendor releases simultaneously. Each ACCELQ Project within Salesforce Live can align with different SAAS vendor releases concurrently, providing unparalleled flexibility for organizations operating in diverse environments.

Change Management:

Salesforce Live simplifies change management by offering automated change reconciliation and continuous enhancement of test assets. This ensures that organizations can seamlessly incorporate changes without disrupting ongoing executions. In contrast, other solutions often require vendor-specific tool upgrades to support new changes, resulting in additional costs and complexities.

Underlying Platform:

Salesforce Live builds upon ACCELQ's suite of market-leading automation products, providing a robust and reliable foundation. This underlying platform offers extensive capabilities, enabling complex automation scenarios and catering to diverse enterprise needs. Other solutions often lack this comprehensive platform backing, limiting their potential for advanced automation requirements.

Salesforce LIVE: Boosting ROI


How does Salesforce LIVE achieve this? Let's take a closer look:

  1. Creating complex automation scenarios effortlessly by leveraging flexible automation capabilities that go beyond simple actions.
  2. Jumpstarting automation through a suite of intuitive predefined actions, providing a head start.
  3. Leveraging advanced AI and ML technology for continuously improved step suggestions as you build your scenarios.
  4. Staying up to date with automatic update management, ensuring compatibility with the latest software releases and changes from Salesforce.
  5. Automating confidently across multiple releases using a combination of live and project branching, resulting in consistent and reliable results.

When it comes to ROI, Salesforce Live delivers impressive results:

  1. 85% lower Custom Actions with Salesforce Live: Achieve the same results with just 10 actions using Salesforce Live compared to 63 actions with conventional custom methods.
  2. 90% reduction in Element Maintenance with Salesforce Live: Maintain 22 elements using Salesforce Live instead of 213 conventional element maintenance methods.
  3. 1/10 of reconciliation effort with Salesforce Live: Effortlessly manage SF release updates, drastically reducing reconciliation efforts.
  4. Seamless testing on multiple SF release environments with Salesforce Live: Enjoy a seamless experience when testing on different Salesforce release environments.

Salesforce LIVE: A Transformational Solution

The advantages of Salesforce Live go beyond just ROI. It offers:

  1. 10x Speed Digital Assurance: Accelerate your digital assurance processes tenfold, saving valuable time and resources.
  2. Empowering Business Users: Make test automation accessible to business users, enabling them to actively participate in the automation journey.
  3. Achieving Continuous Delivery: Seamlessly integrate automation into your continuous delivery pipelines, ensuring rapid and reliable software releases.

Salesforce Live makes test automation accessible to business users in the following ways:

Salesforce live test automation-ACCELQ
  • Deep vendor and release alignments: Live release alignment with Cloud and Enterprise Apps, supported by various vendor technologies.
  • Pre-built portable test assets: Codeless automation assets modeled on business processes, readily available through a live link to the cloud.
  • Multi-cloud integrated end-to-end validation: Instant release alignment of live codeless automation assets in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Marketplace aggregator for the industry’s best solutions: Creating a marketplace model where software vendors and service providers can develop and deploy live packages.


Salesforce Live is a game-changer in the realm of digital assurance for cloud and enterprise applications. With its real-time release alignment, codeless test assets, and multi-cloud integrated automation, Salesforce Live empowers organizations to achieve exceptional ROI. The Q-Live Marketplace expands the horizons of possibilities by offering ready-made solutions and promoting collaboration among experts. By embracing Salesforce Live, organizations can unlock the full potential of their automation initiatives and surpass their competitors in the digital landscape.


Geosley Andrades

Director, Product Evangelist at ACCELQ.

Geosley is a Test Automation Evangelist and Community builder at ACCELQ. Being passionate about continuous learning, Geosley helps ACCELQ with innovative solutions to transform test automation to be simpler, more reliable, and sustainable for the real world.

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