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Watch Gaurav Khurana share his experience using ACCELQ to perform Test Automation on Odoo CRM, a business management tool. Gaurav showcases the power of the ACCELQ AI-based No-Code Test Automation platform to automate a Create Lead scenario in Odoo CRM from scratch.

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Gaurav Khurana | Test Consultant | Microsoft

Software Tester with 11+ years of experience in IT industry. Worked in 3 MNCs, Currently working for Microsoft. has worked on *nix and windows based apps for telecom and insurance domain. Used SoapUI, Perl, Shell scripting, Postman, TestProject, Selenium, Java, Python for automation along with excel. Also, have experience in Azure Cloud. Believe in #SharingIsCaring. So here to share with you what I have learned. Know more about him here –

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